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2. PeruCreated byMr. Raponi 3. ObjectivesStudents will be able to discuss culture inPeru. (Foods, Machu Picchu)Students will be able to define the followingNatural ResourcesCash CropsEmpireAqueductStudents will be able to discuss the Inca. 4. Peru lies along the PacificPeru Coast of South America, west of Brazil, and south of Colombia. The _______________ Mountains, a 4,500 miles mountain range, the longest in the world as a matter of fact, forms the spine of Peru. Peru is a Native American word that means ___________________ is 5. Landscape of Peru Many landforms arefound within Peru. Drydeserts, snowcappedmountains, and humidrainforests.East of the Andes, youcome to a flat plains areaof the AmazonRainforest, in which flowsthe worlds____________________longest river, theAmazon.Rainfall is plentiful hereand the rainforest coversalmost the entire plainsarea. 6. a 7. w 8. Amazon Parrot 9. HUGE SNAIL! 10. InterestingMohawk Bird 11. Caiman 12. Caiman 13. Little Baby Caiman 14. Rainforest Walk 15. Perus economy reliesEconomy of Peru on a variety of___________________,which are products ofthe earth that peopleuse to meet theirneeds. Perus largest export iscopper and its secondlargest export is__________________which has been takenout of the PacificOcean. 16. The Rainforests Alarm Clock 17. About 1/3 of PerusMore Economy people are farmers who grow sugar cane, cotton, and coffee as __________________, crops that have been grown specifically to sell to other countries as exports. Most Peruvians work on, ___________________, small plots of land where people grow only enough food to feed their families. 18. Crops The chief crops of Peruare rice, corn, andplantains (a type ofbanana).Native Americans in theAndes Mountains werethe first people to evergrow___________________.Today in Peru, farmersgrow more than 3,500kinds of potatoes inmany different sizesand colors. 19. American During the 1400s, a Native American people called the Group ___________ had a very powerful civilization in the area that is now Peru. Their ____________________, a group of lands under one ruler, stretched for more than 2,500 miles. The Inca were quite advanced. They had courts, roads, bridges, and ___________________________, achannel or pipe used to transportwater from a major water sourceand bringing it to a desired location 20. Incan Aqueducts in Peru 21. The capital city of the IncanThe Inca Empire was ___________________, a city far up in the Andes Mountains. In Peru today, you can still see the remains of fortresses and buildings made over 500 years ago. The most well known Incan ruins are the city of ______________________,which were voted in as oneof the New 7 Wonders ofthe World back in 2007. 22. A Wonder of the World 23. In the early 1500s,End of the Inca conquerors from_________________ arrivedin Peru.They desired gold and silverand defeated the Inca tomake Peru a Spanishterritory.For 300 years, Peruremained a___________________, an overseas area owned by another country, until gaining its independence in 1821. 24. Population and Peru has a population Capital of ________ million people, most of whom live right on the Pacific Coast. The countrys capital and largest city is _________________. The capital, due to overpopulation, has become very crowded, noisy, and polluted. 25. Peruvian Grocery Store! 26. Peruvian Grocery Store! 27. About half of Perus peopleThe People of arePeru______________________. Infact, Peru has one of thelargest Native Americanpopulations in the westernhemisphere.Peruvians also includemany people of mixed or_________________ancestry.Most Peruvians blend their______________________faith, Perus main religion,with the beliefs of theirancestors. 28. ___________________ isCulture Perus official language,but around __________Native Americanlanguages are alsospoken throughout thecountry.You can hear___________________,which was the ancientlanguage spoken by theInca spoken in manycurrent Native Americanvillages. 29. Mmmmmmmm, My Dinner in Peru!