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5th grade lesson on persuasive techniques through advertisements.

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  • 1. Advertisement

2. Testimonial A statement ofsupport by anoteworthy person. 3. Bandwagon The product or activity is said to bepopular with everyone. 4. Emotional Appeal Language and/orimages are used tomake people feelstrong emotions. 5. Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. A name being repeated many times. 6. Slogan A catchy phrase. 7. Advertising is powerful, and it can beused for GOOD or BAD. 8. Advertisement Analysis1. Form groups of 3.2. Consider the ad provided to your group.3. Determine what persuasive techniques are used.4. Discuss observations about the ad.5. Each group will take a turn sharing their ad, and the techniques used in it to the class.