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  • 1. BUZZ and WOODY have a problem
    I like homework.
    I think its good for lots of reasons. Our teacher shouldgive us more!
    I dont like homework.
    Our teacher should stop giving us homework.
  • 2. Should we have homework at ISM?
    Its PROS and CONS time!
  • 3. Woodys PROS
  • 4. Buzz Cons
  • 5. Pros and Cons of Homework
  • 6. Thinking skills: Choose a pro and con page to work on at home/in school e.g.
  • 7. PRO ?
    or Cons ?
    Its expensive!
    Should Elementary students be allowed to use the canteen at lunch time?
    You have more food to choose from.
    I dont like to line up!
    Its not safe to be with HS!