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  • 1. Persuasion For Presales. Stefano Picozzi
  • 2. Decision Making Stefano Picozzi
  • 3. Vulcan Decision Service Facts Decision 01001 01001 01001 01001 01001 01001 01001 01001 Stefano Picozzi
  • 4. Earthling Decision Service Cogni8ve Biases T h i n k i n g S l o w Reec7ve System System 2 Deliberate, eor?ul Thinking Fast Reexive System System 1 Intui7ve, Impulsive Informa8on Inuence Raw Data Context Decision Energy Levels Memory Fallacies Sex & Food Unknown Heuris8cs 01001 01001 01001 Rela8onal Frames Emo8ons Values AHen8on Stefano Picozzi
  • 5. PMO Transform FMO Presales dispari7es in es7mates when an iden7cal problem is presented in a dierent way. Framing Eect Stefano Picozzi
  • 6. Heuris8c Refers to experience-based techniques for problem solving, learning, and discovery. Heuris7c methods are used to speed up the process of nding a sa7sfactory solu7on, where an exhaus7ve search is imprac7cal. Examples of this method include using rule of thumb", an educated guess, an intui7ve judgment, or common sense. In more precise terms, heuris7cs are strategies using readily accessible, though loosely applicable, informa7on to control problem solving Stefano Picozzi
  • 7. Reciproca8on Consistency Social Proof Liking Authority Scarcity Weapons of Inuence Stefano Picozzi
  • 8. Reciproca8on The rule says that we should try to repay, in kind, what another person has provided us. If a woman does us a favor, we should do her one in return. We are obliged to the future repayment of favors, gifts, invitations, and the like. Stefano Picozzi
  • 9. Swapping Christmas Cards with ForgoHen Friends Stefano Picozzi
  • 10. Human Decision Service Coopera7on Bias Informa8on Reciprocity Decision You helped me build the business plan for my ESB project therefore I will help you by delivering a case study at the Power Lunch. Stefano Picozzi
  • 11. Examples Cooperation bias tit-for-tat based on the evolved capacity for reciprocal altruism, which enables the social exchange of favors and goods among unrelated conspecics LinkedIn endorsement Unprompted disclosure of a weakness Stefano Picozzi
  • 12. Consistency It is quite simply our nearly obsessive desire to be (and appear) consistent with what we have already done. Those pressures will cause us to respond in ways that justify our earlier decision. Stefano Picozzi
  • 13. Expecta8on of Victory Improves Once Youve Wagered Stefano Picozzi
  • 14. Human Decision Service Conrma7on Bias Informa8on Consistency Decision I chose your products before therefore I will consider this new product as well. Stefano Picozzi
  • 15. Examples Confirmation bias the bias to seek out opinions and facts that support our own beliefs and hypotheses. Written testimonial Stefano Picozzi
  • 16. Social Proof One means that we use to determine what is correct is to find out what other people think is correct. We view a behavior as more correct in a given situation to the degree that we see others performing it. Stefano Picozzi
  • 17. SiPng During The Standing Ova8on Stefano Picozzi
  • 18. Human Decision Service Groupthink Informa8on Social Valida7on Decision My CIOs colleagues seem to be geXng into this open- source thing, so I will to. Stefano Picozzi
  • 19. Examples Groupthink the pressure to irra7onally agree with others in strong team- based cultures. JBUG Stefano Picozzi
  • 20. Liking As a rule, we most prefer to say yes to the requests of someone we know and like. We automatically assign to good-looking individuals such favorable traits as talent, kindness, honesty, and intelligence. Stefano Picozzi
  • 21. The SoQ Hard Sell of The Tupperware Party Stefano Picozzi
  • 22. Human Decision Service Aect Heuris7c Informa8on Liking Decision You seem like a nice bloke, so, OK, lets do that mee7ng to discuss the new BPM project. Stefano Picozzi
  • 23. Examples Representativeness "like goes with like", the tendency to blindly classify objects based on surface similarity. Affect Heuristic has7ly judging objects or people by an immediate feeling of "goodness" or "badness". F O R D Mimicking Stefano Picozzi
  • 24. Authority A deep-seated sense of duty to authority within us all. A multilayered and widely accepted system of authority confers an immense advantage upon a society. Stefano Picozzi
  • 25. The Millgram Experiment Teacher Sends Fatal Electric Shock Stefano Picozzi
  • 26. Human Decision Service Authority Bias Informa8on Authority Decision You appear to know what you are talking about so I believe what you say about your product. Stefano Picozzi
  • 27. Examples Authority Bias A tendency to give extremely important weight to the opinions of people in authority Appeal to Authority Where something is deeded to be true just because of the person asserting it. Credentials Stefano Picozzi