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Nitin Shekapure


Aim Promotion of the strategies for the personality development of the participants.

Objective Personality development with regard to the different behavioral dimensions that have significance in the direction of organizational effectiveness.


Personality Personality is a build up of Thoughts, Action and Behavior.Attributes of a person with good personality

Good physique Pleasing manners Personal and professional integrity Trustworthiness and reliability Good control over mind and body


Types of PersonalityThe PerfectionistThe HelperThe AchieverThe RomanticThe ObserverThe QuestionerThe AdventurerThe AsserterThe Peacemaker


Know your Personality As per modern management concept,

Personality is the brand image of an individual.

It is made up of three broad aspects namely:

Character Behavioral traits Attitude

The person who wants to improve his personality has to have Desire, Determination and Direction.


Communication Reading makes a full man, writing an exact man and conference a ready man. Improving communication skills :

Receiver orientation Attention to the ABCs Appropriateness Use of humor Use of right appeals Repetition Effective timing Simplifying language Effective listening


Body Language Eye Contact Facial Expression Position of head Position of arms The angle of your body Posture Hands Legs Distance


Beauty tips by Audrey Hepburn

For attractive lips, Speak words of kindness.

For lovely eyes, Seek out the good in people.

For a slim figure, Share your food with the hungry.

For beautiful hair, Let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day.

For poise, Walk with the knowledge you'll never walk alone.

Remember, If you ever need a helping hand,you'll find one at the end of your arm.


Time Management Man who postpones todays work for tomorrow never meets either today or tomorrow.Tools for Time Management :



Being prepared

Delegating and allocating resources

Following up


Anger Management Anger can lead to physical and psychological problems. Learn how to control anger by using some anger management techniques. Anger is not worth it. Tools for Anger Management

Meditation Forgive others Place yourself in someone else's shoes Think of doing some innovative things Talk to close friends Eliminate the cause Keep your Ego aside


Leadership Skills Have a clear vision of yourself, others, and the world . Know and utilize your strengths and gifts . Live in accordance with your morals and values . Lead others with inclusiveness and compassion . Set definitive goals and follow concrete action plans. Maintain a positive attitude. Improve communication skills. Motivate others to greatness. Be willing to admit and learn from failures & weaknesses. Continue to educate and improve yourself.


Positive Thinking Negative thinking causes problems, positive thinking causes solutions.The power of positive thinking

Draw a picture of successful person. Cancel your negative thoughts. Identify your obstacles. Do not copy others blindly. Get a competent counselor to help you. Practice the sentence, I can do it . Make the true estimate of your ability. God is your creator. He is for you. Put yourself in Gods hand.


Work for Society Remember that society is ours. We need it.

Live not only for you but for the society.

Intelligent and responsible persons look at their contribution towards society.

Whatever you want to do, do it with full awareness.

Delay in decisions will bring failures for you.

Enroll yourself as a member of institutions engaged for the betterment of society.

Dont be greedy, be generous. Dont be accumulative - be sharing.


Good Behavior We are always dependent on each other.

Inculcate the feeling of friendship and togetherness.

Character can not be developed in isolation.

We can develop our qualities and capabilities when we live in society and meet other people.

People often face failures just because they are unable to adjust with other people.

Good behavior and co-operation makes a man popular.

You should behave with others as you expect others to behave with you.


Judge People Correctly Many times we face failures in life because we are unable to judge people correctly.

You should not open the reservoir of your heart on your friend or someone else.

Keep important secrets of life to your own self.

It is useless to believe and hope that everything that happens will be good.

Dont blame fate, others and circumstances.

Dont change your words, live up to your promises and try to complete your work in given span of time.

Believe in justice for all, avoid favoritism.


How to get well on your job? Always be punctual Dont waste materials Dont waste time Best of your ability Improve yourself on every way Take an interest in your work Be willing Be cheerful Acquire relevant skills Look ahead too


Ask some questions to yourself Do you behave with your family members in the same manner as you behave with your master or your boss?

Would you like to joke even in such a situation when you know that it would hurt the sentiments of other.

Do you take care of this that no one is hurt by you?

Do you take care of the feelings of those who are younger than you?


Few personality development tipsIf you want to progress in life then honestly analyze the traits of your character. 2. Do not laugh at people when they are in difficulty or trouble. 3. Listen to everyone politely, even if their ideas are baseless or not of your interest. 4. During conversation do not keep talking yourself too much. 5. When ever somebody brings any gift for you, dont forget to praise it. 6. Make other feel that you love them. 7. Keep your moral high in case of defeat and be more polite on being victorious. 8. Solve your problems in a creative way.


Few personality development tips

09. Enlist your bad habits and try to get rid of them. We should not uplift our standard of living but also help others to do so. 11. Be careful of what your say about others. Some people often have a favorite sentence which they repeat frequently. We should try and get rid of such a habit. 13. Independence increases qualities & personality. Independent thinking and freedom to work is the only source of progress and welfare. 15. Love is the greatest magic in this world. You can do every thing with help of love. Positive attitude is of great importance in our personality.


Few personality development tips The real beauty of man lies not in his physical appearance but in his work and good qualities. 18. Every individual should develop the ability to adjust with others. 19. A self respecting person does not accept favors from other people even in most difficult time. 20. It is very difficult to understand a foolish or misguided person. 21. Anyone who is fearless and forgives others is the right person. 22. We should not be in the same condition when we go to bed as we were when we woke up. 23. We all know that time in life is limited. Extra time can not be purchased.


Essential components of Personality Development Be polite and speak sweetly.

Keep away from lies and fraud.

Believe in healthy competition.

The importance of positive attitude.

Anger and irritation are your enemies.

Spare time for social service.

Develop your creative power.

Know the value of time.


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