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  • 1. LeadershipCommunication Personality Development Resume Writing and Job InterviewsGrammar and Spoken English LeadershipCommunication Personality Development Grammar and Spoken

2. PERSONALITY MEANSLeadershipCommunicationThe totality of an INDIVIDUALSattitudes, interests, behavioralpatterns, emotional responses, socialroles.Personality 3. IT IS ALL ABOUTLeadershipPublic Speaking Food habit.CommunicationBody language Friends making Skills.BehaviorRelationship Skills.Anger ManagementLearning Skills.Personality Development Physical Fitness Dealing with problems. 4. WHY DO YOU NEEDLeadershipIt is the most sought for quality Sometimes it is alsoknown as PERSONAL MAGNETISM.CommunicationThe First Stepis to examine and evaluatePersonality Developmentyour presence to daily 5. Leadership Communication Personality DevelopmentREALITYPERCEPTION 6. NEGATIVE EMOTIONSLeadershipSuperiority and InferioritycomplexCommunication FearPersonality Development Stress 7. OVERCOMING NEGATIVEEMOTIONSLeadership SUPERIORITY COMPLEXINFERIORITY COMPLEX1. Acknowledged achievements Stop associating with all those whoCommunicationmake you feel small, inadequate or2. Accept and recognize feelings insecure. as valid and never contradicts them Know your limitations and the extentof your abilities3. Do not belittles positivePersonality Development characteristics and points out Refuse to serve as a mat for others flaws in othersto walk upon.4. Be willing to compromise onFind out what you do best, work opinions and views diligently at it until you excel at 8. OVERCOMING NEGATIVEEMOTIONS ContdLeadershipFEAR STRESS1. Take small steps1. One thing at a timeCommunication2. Getting some positive motivation2. Simple schedule3. Seeing failure and rejection in a new light3. Do something calmingPersonality Development4. The power of NOW4. Get creative (no other way)5. FALSE EVEIDENCE5. De-clutter. APPEARING REAL 9. POSITIVE ATTITUDELeadershipCommunicationPersonality Development HOW MUCH DO YOU SEEOF AN ICEBERG? 10. LeadershipONLY 10% OFCommunicationANY ICEBERG ISVISIBLE. THEREMAINING 90%IS BELOW SEAPersonality DevelopmentLEVEL. 11. LeadershipThe Iceberg phenomena is also applicable on human beings CommunicationPersonality Development 12. MAKE YOUR LIFE 100%Leadership Let each letter of the alphabetic has a value equals to it sequence of the alphabetical order:A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U VWX Y ZCommunication1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1011121314151617181920212223242526S K I L L S 8219 11 9 12 12 19=Personality DevelopmentK N O W L E D G E9611 14 15 23 12 5 4 7 5= H A R D W O R K 8 1 18 423 15 18 11=98 A T T I T U D E 1 20 20 9 20 21 4 13. THE CAN DO ATTITUDELeadership You CAN DO everything, but not all at once. You CAN DO everything, if its important enoughCommunicationfor you to do. You CAN DO everything, but you may not be thebest at everything.Personality Development You CAN DO everything, but there will belimitations. You CAN DO everything, but youll need 14. Leadership Communication Personality 15. Do butterfliesLeadershipattack yourstomach wheneveryoure asked toCommunicationspeak before agroup? Can youPersonality Developmentconfidentlyexpress yourthoughts andideas? 16. LeadershipSELF CONFIDENCE:It is about having a positive perception ofCommunicationourselves and our abilities. A LACK OF SELF-CONFIDENCE:it is characterized by self-Personality Developmentdoubt, submissiveness, isolation, sensitivityto criticism, distrust, depression, and feelingsof inferiority and being unloved. 17. HOW TO INCREASE SELFCONFIDENCELeadershipThink positively about yourself.Set realistic goalsCommunicationReward/praise yourself when you DO well.Be aware of your thoughts.Think logically about the situation, DONT reactDwell on your strengths.Personality DevelopmentDo not attribute your achievement and accomplishmentsonly to luck. Give yourself credit for your own personalachievement.Learn to be 18. ASSERTIVENESSLeadershipCommunicationIs the ability to communicate yourneeds, feelings, opinions, andbeliefs in an open and honestPersonality Developmentmanner without violating the rightsof others 19. ASSERTIVENESSLeadership IS NOT SAMEASCommunicationPersonality Development Assertiveness producesAggressive acts result in negative outcomes. positive 20. WHAT WILL IT DOLeadership 1. HELPS YOU BECOME SELF-CONFIDENTCommunication 2. INCREASES SELF-ESTEEM 3. GAIN RESPECT OF OTHERSPersonality Development 4. IMPROVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS 5. IMPROVE DECISION-MAKING ABILITY4/10/2012(C) 21. HOW TO BE ASSERTIVELeadershipBE HONEST AND DIRECT BE AWARE OF BODY ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS,POSTURE/LANGUAGE NEEDS, BELIEFS.MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT.CommunicationEXPRESS YOURSELF FIRMLY AND DIRECTLY TO USE I STATEMENTS TO SPECIFIC INDIVIDUALS. EXPRESS SELFBE REASONABLE IN YOURDONT LET OTHERS IMPOSEPersonality Development REQUESTSTHEIR VALUES/IDEAS ON YOUREGOGNIZE ANDENCOURAGE OTHERS TO BE RESPECT THE RIGHTS OF CLEAR AND DIRECT THOSE AROUND YOU.TAKE OWNERSHIP 22. ASSERTIVENESSLeadership1. DOESNT JUST HAPPEN.2. DOES NOT GUARANTEECommunication YOU HAPPINESS OR FAIR TREATMENT.3. WILL NOT SOLVE ALLPersonality Development YOUR PROBLEMS4. DOES NOT GUARANTEEE YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT.4/10/2012(C) 23. Leadership Communication Personality 24. How to maintain goodinterpersonalrelationships?LeadershipCommunicationPersonality Development 25. Nine Ways to Bring Peoplearound?LeadershipCommunicationPersonality 26. SWOT ANALYSISLeadershipCommunicationINTERNALPersonality Development 27. LeadershipA Strength is your A Weakness iscore capability. An others having coreadvantage over thatCommunication capability over have othersAn Opportunity is an A Threat is aPersonality Developmentenvironmentalforecast of conditioncondition that can that is out of yourimprove your control and has theposition to that ofpotential to harmothers.your growth 28. Time Managementfor personal Sense of AchievementLeadershipCommunicationPersonality 29. Where are You?Leadership20% people feel they are shortof time. They feel so concerned thatCommunication they self find answers to Time Mgmt10% people feel they are shortof time. They realise this and are keen to get help and seePersonality Development how they can improve Time Mgmt70% people feel they are not short of time. Though they dont mindlistening to someone. And then tell him why all that is 30. Leadership Balance in Life is important Recognize each aspect of lifeCommunication I am not getting enough timefor family/personal lifebecause of WorkPersonality Development 80% of day is spent atwork/school/college 31. What is it?Leadership Doing the Right things and not setting Things rightCommunication In control of Life, not driven by circumstances Enjoying JOURNEY of life: every day of it, notPersonality Developmentwaiting for a perfect day in future Having right balance in wheel of life 32. Managing your TimeLeadershipThings to do listCommunicationIdentify PriorityMaking it happenPersonality DevelopmentEvaluate 33. LeadershipCommunicationThe surest way to be late is to have plenty of time.Never ProcrastinatePersonality Development