PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Nergis Uyan Akbay Director, School of English Language...

PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Nergis Uyan Akbay Director, School of English Language Instruction 2011, 28 th May

Transcript of PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Nergis Uyan Akbay Director, School of English Language...



Nergis Uyan Akbay Director, School of English Language Instruction 2011, 28th May

1.DEVELOPMENT & TRAINING •Professional & Personal Development & Growth-WHY? •Developing as a teacher & as a person-WHY? •What is Training? •What is Development?

IKU-Roundtable Meeting

IKU-Roundtable Meeting


IKU-Roundtable Meeting

HOW TO DEVELOP PROFESSIONALLY?Opportunities Alternatives  THE NEXT STEP Where to go from here  QUESTIONS & COMMENTS

What is Professional Development?

“activities to enhance professional career growth” (Educational Resources Information Center –ERIC)

“ every day is a professional development day” ( Tienken & Stonaker; 2007)

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Professional Development

“the sum total of formal and informal learning experiences throughout one’s career from pre-service teacher education to retirement” (Fullan;1991)

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Professional Professional Development Development

“ goes beyond the term “training” with its implications of learning skills, and encompasses a definition that includes formal and informal means of helping teachers not only learn new skills but also develop new insights into pedagogy and their own practice, and explore new or advanced understandings of content and resources. This definition includes support for teachers as they encounter the technology to support inquiry-based learning...Current technologies offer resources to meet these challenges and provide teachers with a cluster of supports that help them continue to grow in their professional skills, understandings, and interests. ”(Grant; n.d.)

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IKU-Roundtable Meeting

TRAINING TRAINING Formal Courses Trainer TraineesAchievement -Success & failure Input & Observable Outcome More short-term A means to an end

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DEVELOPMENT DEVELOPMENT Personal Process Journey of self-discovery Individualized Teacher /Institutional needs Teacher growth Looks beyond today, a more long-term focus

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IKU-Roundtable Meeting


•no destructive competition•a positive environment for peer counselling & support•experienced teachers with degrees in ELT, •Master’s or PhD degrees, or other certificates in ELT•low rate of staff turnover-a very strong organisational culture


•No in-service training •No opportunity to have a professional counselling body (i.e. an expert in dealing with demotivated students in ELT)•No funding specifically for professional development


•In-service training-tailored to the needs of Ts & Ss•Employing a full-time professional to assist us in dealing with demotivated students•Financial & academic support by the university to encourage us to develop ourselves both personally and professionally

Professional DevelopmentProfessional DevelopmentCreating and enriching a climate of development opportunities Committed to staff development at different levels (individual teacher, whole school, etc.) Guarantee all teachers the right to development opportunities Support & guidance in teaching & career planning“What am I going to do to develop?” & “What can the school do to help you develop?”

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Professional DevelopmentProfessional DevelopmentMust be tied back to student achievement Should be ongoing & long-term activities that enhance classroom instruction All must relate to the school improvement plan Evaluation of the professional development activities must be conducted

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PD OpportunitiesPD Opportunities Training (in service-a series of sessions) Formal training courses & programmes (CELTA-ICELT-DELTA-MA,etc) Workshops & Swapshops & Presentations Readings &Discussion & Reflection hours & tasks Exchange of ideas (different forums) Mentoring & Coaching Conferences Action Research Classroom Observations-Peer Observations Team-teaching One-to-one support Symposium Conference

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The Next Step The Next Step PDP for your school/for you ? Vision, mission ? Official Training Courses/ Programmes In-service Training Programme? Committee ? Event Organisers ? Other??

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