Personal Annual Planning Framework

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Here we are sharing some framework from our experience doing personal planning workshop every year-end, leading to the new year's resolutions and their tracking.

Transcript of Personal Annual Planning Framework

  • PersonalAnnual PlanningFrameworkHisun Kim @uxhisunRyan Krems @kremsr
  • Who we are + Caveats We are wife and husband who care deeply about lifes priorities and living them to the fullest So we started looking into ways to remind us what matters most to us and how to achieve them most efficiently & enjoyably Two-MBA household (though also designer & engineer) = planning-obsessive and measurement-driven Start-uppers following Lean Startup (build-measure- learn) paradigm = plan quick & get to action We are still tinkering the framework. Pick only the things that work for you & modify others.
  • Why personal planning? Feeling of ownership with lifes priorities Understand our own desires and aspirations Evaluate current standings Take challenges with our own pace Big bonding experience among family members (shared goals, everyone pitches in)
  • FRAMEWORK: Where we are
  • Warming-up: simple recap Top 10 events of the past year Travels each individual took throughout the year Nominate Good/Bad/Out- of-whack of the year Any celebrations to make toast for
  • Spider map gut check Gut-check current status of life balance for each participant N axes to represent things important to you Rank how you feel about each axis this year 0 10 Any dent = areas you are not balanced well Overlay past years spider maps to see the changes over time
  • Past year plan evaluation
  • Professional recap List out professional achievement of the year Take time to update resume and LinkedIn Gather portfolio material
  • Financial review Assets / debts list out all assets/debts and their values Expenses check expenses of the year (or any big chunks) Investments how they are doing, rebalancing needed? Tools to utilize o o (house market value) o (car market value)
  • FRAMEWORK: Where we want to be
  • Roadmap of the future Future resume / future press release about yourself or your achievement 5 / 10 / 15 year map Yearly markers
  • Personal branding Write down 10 adjectives that you want to be described with, by others One adjective on each sticky note After throwing all on the wall, group them with affinity Summarize the branding in a sentence Compare among participants
  • Whats-in-your-mind map
  • FRAMEWORK: How to get there
  • M.O.S.T. Mission Objective Strategy Tactics
  • New years resolutions Brainstorm whats important next year to bring you closer o to the personal branding o to the road map of future Pick a mission for the year, 5-7 objectives for the mission, strategies and tactics for each objective SMART goals from strategies and tactics o Specific o Measurable o Attainable o Relevant o Time-bound
  • How to keep on track Pre-determined check points Scorecard Checkboxes Measure progress (We are still struggling with how to keep ourselves on track. Please share back what works for you)
  • Wrap-up
  • Tips to make it more enjoyable Make things quantifiable, measure and visualize it seeing it is believing in it Make the workshop special time & put yourself in the different frame of mind o Book a get-away o Make an enjoyable ritual associated with it o Throw in wine/beer/coffee whatever bev of your choice Use lots of colorful sticky notes, color pens, whiteboards, etc make them tangible & fun Involve everyone in the household. Complete buy-in is needed Choose only the methods that work for you & modify
  • Lessons learned True value of planning workshops comes in from the 2nd year o Review of the past years planning o Overlay years accumulation o Changes and how to address them Have to attach actions for each goal and make it measurable Attention span during the planning doesnt go more than 2~2.5 hours for two adults o maybe less for more people or family with kids Follow up with pre-scheduled check points!