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  • 1. PERIODIC TABLE OF ELEMENTSMarissa Dodd Period 4 October 25, 2012Sunday, October 28, 12

2. How was itdeveloped?Mendeleev arranged theelements by atomic mass. Where was itdeveloped?The periodic table of elements was Who developeddeveloped in Russia. it?It was developed by a 35-year-old DmitriMendeleev.Sunday, October 28, 12 3. HOW IS THE TABLE ORGANIZED?The periodic table is organized by atomic mass.From the top left it has the least atomic mass, butwhen you move farther to the bottom righteverything gets heavier.Sunday, October 28, 12 4. WHAT IS THE RELATIONSHIP? Chemical elements in the same group tend to have similar chemical properties. Those in the same row have propertiesthat change slowly from one end of the row to the other.Sunday, October 28, 12 5. ELEMENT #1 Carbon 6 C 12.011 Ex: Pyrolytic graphite, diamond, coal.Sunday, October 28, 12 6. ELEMENT #2 Strontium 38 Sr87.62Ex: Sensodyne Mint toothpaste, bone-building supplements, glow-in-the-dark paint.Sunday, October 28, 12 7. ELEMENT #3Chromium24Cr51.996Ex: Cheap stainless steel, vapor deposited crystals,phonograph needles.Sunday, October 28, 12 8. SOURCES CITED Table.html#bSunday, October 28, 12