Performance of The Sunburst N Machine By Bruce DePalma

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PERFORMANCE OF THE (6SUNBURST'' N MACHINE by Bruce E. DePalma 702 Park Lane, Santa Barbara CA 93108 B€giming in thespring of 1979, the author and his assistants in conjunction with the penon- nel and facilities of theSuzDats, spiritual and agricultural ccnmunityconstructed a ptototype N geneBlor fdr'testand evaluation, Aftera one year pcriod of mechanicalevolution and rcfinement, serious testing commenced in August 1980.The important paiameter to be considered is the mechanical dlag associated with theoroduclion of anincrement of electsical poo'et which is extacted from space by the ,machine. TIIE EXPERIMENT -Tffipetit"dilset"P consisted of the N generalor machine, asdiagammcd in Figue I ' driven by a drive motor. SPecifically, the N generalor is Fovided (asshown in the illustra- tion) wi$ twelve brushes on theaxle which con- ract theedge of the disc, 1i The disc brushes arc afl"nged in three gr,oups of four on th€ hio sides andtop of the disc. Theade brushes arcin twogroups of six, placed symmeticallyon the two sides of the front bearing mouitt plate. Thebrushes arE I " x l " rectangular gaPhite cdbon The beadngs arE fitted with an oil lubrication system aod lhe machhe is balanced and wound with fiber glass to run without vibration at 6000r.p.m. The bearing supports and the suroundings of the machine wood andbmss to avoid theppximity of iroo or other magnetic material whichwouldinduce drag into the machine with the withdnwal of current' Thedrive motoris a standard 40 H.P. , 400 v.a.c.,60 c.p.s., tbrce phase unit. Motor speed is rated3485r.p.m., maximum dlaw is raled 50.5 arnperes at full outPut. The motor is coonected to $e N machine by a double drive belt. Themotor pully diameter is 9 7/8" and the g€nemtor pully diameter is 5 3/4". Thisgives a step-up ratio of 1.72x lhe motor speed to rctate the gonerator atthe dosigo speed of 6000 r.p.m. LNPTIT .{ND OUTPUT CALC ULAII9NS widr initial startuD of themachioe, tre iner- tial loadoi,r the drive iotor resulsin a 200 am- peresulge p€r phase of thedrivemotor curent. After attaining operating spe€d dle drivemotor current is 15anperes at 440v.a.c. asrneasuted with a Triplefi model 30 affneter clamped aroundone of the input phase wires of the motor, Calculation of the moor power.input required to overcome windage and brush ftiction losses at 6000 r.p.m.: 15x 440x .7(p.f.) x 1.73 (pwr. corr 30) = 7900 watts = 10.07 H.P. h a number of tdal runstheN generato! is run up !o [email protected] @ 6000 r.p.m. and thebnrshes areheated by contact wi& the discand friction. With thebrushes hot, theirintemal volttge drop and theirseries resistance are much rcduced over the "cold" condition. The output of the N generator is regulated by confol of the elec[omagnet. Maximum magnet current is 20 amperes at 200 v.d.c. as provided by a sepan{e power supply and r€ctifier bridge conEolledwith a variac operating from the200 v.a.c.line. The electical ouFut of tlle N machine is measured by passing the curEnt through two 800 ampere rared shunts in Parallel. Theshunts arcHickokInstumetrts, style920-22 I , mted 50 m.v. for 800 anperes passing through them. Two shunts in parallel, mount€d on the front bearing support plate absorb the output of the machine. The currentis contlolled by a large ENERGY LNUN IED #8, ED€rgy UDlimited, Rt. 4, Box 288,Los Lunas NM 87031 U'S A Page 13
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Transcript of Performance of The Sunburst N Machine By Bruce DePalma

(6SUNBURST'' PERFORMANCEOF THE N MACHINE by Bruce E. DePalma702 Park Lane, Santa Barbara CA 93108 the of Bgimingin thespring 1979, author with in conjunction thepenonandhis assistants nel and facilitiesof theSuzDats,spiritualand a ccnmunityconstructed ptototype agricultural Aftera one N geneBlorfdr'testandevaluation, evolution and year pcriod of mechanical in rcfinement, serious testing commenced paiameter be to August 1980.The important dlag associated is considered the mechanical of of with theoroduclion anincrement electsical poo'et which is extacted from spaceby the ,machine. of consisted the N Figue I ' in generalor as machine, diagammcd the by a drive motor. SPecifically, N driven generalor Fovided (asshownin the illustrais on tion) wi$ twelvebrushes theaxlewhichconract theedgeof the disc, 1i The disc brushesarc afl"nged in three gr,oups four on th hio sidesand top of the of of arc disc. Theade brushes in two groups six, placed symmeticallyon the two sidesof the arE mouittplate.Thebrushes I " x front bearing gaPhitecdbon l " rectangular The beadngs arE fitted with an oil aod lubricationsystem lhe machheis balanced with fiber glass to run without and wound vibration at 6000r.p.m. The bearingsupports of and the suroundings the machine wood to andbmss avoidtheppximity of iroo or other draginto whichwouldinduce material magnetic the machinewith the withdnwal of current' 40 Thedrivemotoris a standard H.P., 400 phase unit.Motorspeed v.a.c.,60 c.p.s.,tbrce is rated3485r.p.m., maximumdlaw is raled at 50.5 arnperes full outPut. The motor is by to coonected $e N machine a doubledrive is pully diameter 9 7/8" andthe belt. Themotor TIIE EXPERIMENT -Tffipetit"dilset"P pully diameter 5 3/4". Thisgivesa is gnemtor to ratio of 1.72x lhe motorspeed rctate step-up of speed 6000r.p.m. at the gonerator the dosigo LNPTIT .{ND OUTPUT CALCULAII9NS tre of widr initial startuD themachioe, inertial loadoi,rthedrive iotor resulsin a 200amof peresulgeprphase thedrivemotorcurent. dle sped drivemotor operating After attaining at currentis 15 anperes 440 v.a.c. asrneasuted model 30 affneter clamped with a Triplefi aroundone of the input phasewires of the motor, of Calculation the moor power.input ftiction and windage brush to required overcome r.p.m.: at losses 6000 15 x 440x .7(p.f.)x 1.73(pwr.corr30) = H.P. watts= 10.07 7900 is of h a number tdal runstheN generato! run up !o [email protected] @ 6000r.p.m. andthebnrshes wi& the discandfriction. by areheated contact hot, With thebrushes theirintemalvolttgedrop over rcduced resistance much are andtheirseries the "cold" condition. is The outputof the N generator regulated of the elec[omagnet.Maximum by confol at magnetcurrentis 20 amperes 200 v.d.c. as power supply and provided by a sepan{e rctifier bridge conEolledwith a variac from operating the200v.a.c.line. is The electical ouFut of tlle N machine passingthe curEnt throughtwo by measured The in shunts Parallel. shunts rared 800 ampere I style920-22, mted50 arcHickokInstumetrts, m.v. for 800 anperespassingthroughthem. Two shuntsin parallel, mountdon the front plate absorb outputof the the bearingsupport machine.The currentis contlolledby a large

U'S A Page13 Rt. UDlimited, 4, Box 288,LosLunasNM 87031 ENERGYLNUN IED #8, EDrgy

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