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Gumpert Apollo Top Speed:224 0-60:3.0 Price:160,000 Bhp:650 Country: Germany Bugatti Veyron Top Speed:253 0-60:2.4 Price:910,000 Bhp:987 Country: Germany Lamborghini Gallardo Top Speed:196 0-60:3.7 Price:145,000 Bhp:522 Country: Italy Aston Martin DBS Top Speed:200 0-60:4.4 Price:160,000 Bhp:500 Country: UK Ascari A10 Top Speed:215 0-60:2.8 Price:350,000 Bhp:625 Country: UK Maserati MC12 Top Speed:205 0-60:3.7 Price:400,000 Bhp:622 Country: Italy Koenigsegg CCX Top Speed:242 0-60:3.1 Price:415,000 Bhp:806 Country: Germany Audi R8 Top Speed:187 0-60:4.4 Price:76,000 Bhp:414 Country: Germany Nissan GT-R Top Speed:195 0-60:3.4 Price: Concept Bhp:480 Country: Japan Ferrari F430 Top Speed:196 0-60:3.7 Price:118,500 Bhp:483 Country: Italy Pagani Zonda S Top Speed:197 0-60:3.7 Price:285,000 Bhp:555 Country: Italy Ford GT Top Speed:2100-60:3.6Price:120,900Bhp:550Country: USA Peugeot 907 Top Speed:182 0-60:4.5 Price: Concept Bhp:500 Country: France Mercedes Benz Brabus Top Speed:207 0-60:3.7 Price:313,565 Bhp:625 Country: Germany Lotus Exige S2 Top Speed:148 0-60:5.0 Price:29,995 Bhp:189 Country: UK Bentley Azure Top Speed:164 0-60:5.8 Price:223,000 Bhp:450 Country: UK Morgan Aero-Max Top Speed:165 0-60:4.4 Price:110,000 Bhp:333 Country: UK Porsche GT3 Top Speed:203 0-60:3.7 Price:321,093 Bhp:604 Country: Germany Spyker C8 Spyder Top Speed:186 0-60:4.3 Price:188,000 Bhp:400Country: France TVR Sagaris Top Speed:185 0-60:3.9 Price:550,000 Bhp:406 Country: UK Jaguar XKR Top Speed:155 0-60:5.0 Price:67,495 Bhp:420 Country: UK Mazda Furai Top Speed:187 0-60:3.8 Price: Concept Bhp:444 Country: Japan Mitsubishi Evo VIII Top Speed:145 0-60:3.6 Price:27,000 Bhp:276 Country: Japan Subaru Impreza WRX Top Speed:155 0-60:4.5 Price:18,000 Bhp:316 Country: Japan Alfa Romeo Spyder 8C Top Speed:190 0-60:4.4 Price:108,000 Bhp:444 Country: Italy Ariel Atom 2 300 Top Speed:150 0-60:3.2 Price:29,205 Bhp:300 Country: UK Chevrolet Corvette C6 Top Speed:186 0-60:4.5 Price:45,850 Bhp:400 Country: USA BMW Z4 Top Speed:155 0-60:4.9 Price:42,750 Bhp: 338 Country: Germany Caterham 7 Top Speed:142 0-60:4.4 Price:24,999 Bhp:270 Country: UK Chrysler Crossfire SRT Top Speed:178 0-60:3.8 Price:87,000 Bhp:489 Country: USA Lexus LS460SE Top Speed:155 0-60:5.5 Price:63,800 Bhp:375 Country: Japan Rolls Royce Phantom Top Speed:150 0-60:5.9 Price:256,600 Bhp:453 Country: UK