People Management in BPO (Rural BPO)

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[Lecture Slides] : Here is the link to Mr Bharat Bongu\'s presentation on "People Management Issues" in BPO\'s,presented as part of Services Management course in BITS-Pilani. The lecture includes sourcing, training and retention methodologies used by Urban BPO\'s and its Rural counterparts :

Transcript of People Management in BPO (Rural BPO)

  • 1. Lecture-2 Managing People in a BPO Empowered Outsourcing Presented By Bharat Bongu
  • 2. Contents 1 People 2 Challenges 3 Tackling Issues 4 Is Rural India any different??
  • 3. Talent Pool?? Problem: Over10 million graduates YOY Of them around 5 lakh are tech graduates 15% of these graduates are employable (it is 20-25% for tech gradates) In three- tier and Rural places the conversion rate varies between 2-5% Solution: English medium education should be promoted Industry oriented training should be part of the curriculum
  • 4. People Manager Roles & Responsibilities Three major Roles The three major roles of the HR department in Sourcing any BPO can be classified into: Consultants, employee referrals, Sourcing Walk-ins,Job Fairs etc.. Process specific training Urban BPO Training Training Foundation Training- Rural BPO Retention Training Retention R&R???
  • 5. Sourcing Job Consultants 50-70% of the hiring process is outsourced to consultants Cost per hire is between 10000-12000 INR PROs - Complete End to End Solution - Reduction in HR workforce CONs - Fraudulent ways of hiring - Loss of organizational culture
  • 6. Sourcing Employee Referral 15-20% of the hiring process is done through Employees get a bonus for referring people, it ranges between 3-5K. PROs - Reduction in Recruitment cost - Organization culture kept in-tact - Eradicating Mediators
  • 7. Sourcing Direct Recruitment 10-15% of the hiring process is done through direct recruitment methods like job fairs, Walk-ins, Job portals etc. CONs - Huge amounts are spent in organizing recruitment drives - Throughput from Job Fairs is sometimes as low as 10-15%
  • 8. Training For Call Centers: (2-3 week module) - Communication or what is called accent training - Voice modulation & floor training - Process Training - Behavior & soft skill training Issues : - Low training throughput (as low as 45% at times) - Costs incurred per candidate are high (65000-80000 INR)
  • 9. Employee Retention Attrition Bug: - The BPO industry has been bit by attrition. It is like Rust - The attrition rates are sometimes as high as 100% - The average attrition rate is between 50-75% Reasons - Lack of job satisfaction - Monotonous life - Low paying jobs (or the other BPO is paying higher)
  • 10. So whats the issue?? (Employee Perspective)
  • 11. Employee Retention Strategy Lot of levels are introduced VP to retain employees GM Continuous R&R?? AVP SDL Group Leader Team Leader Agent
  • 12. People Issues in Rural India A completely different ball game The Medium of education is in Regional Languages The throughput rate in Recruitment drives is as low ,ranges between 10-15% The throughput from training also is very low (sometimes as low as 30%) Lots of time is invested in training as it is a foundation training in English Language (3-4 months followed by process specific training)
  • 13. Sourcing People Biggest challenge Consultants, Portals (this accounts to 70% in Urban India) Town hall sessions (Rozghar Divas ) Employee Referrals
  • 14. Reaching out to People Rural Marketing Channels used Process Reach Pamphlets in Newspapers High Newspaper Article High (very important to have a supporting newspaper article in the same week when the pamphlets are out for credibility) Newspaper Advertisement High(expensive method) Marketing in Educational Institutes Focused Marketing Very High focussed reach Village wise promotion High
  • 15. SourcePilanis Marketing Drive Newspaper Ad for the Rozghar Divas Banners in Pilani for the Rozghar Divas
  • 16. Training The focus of training is mainly on English language skills & computer skills GRAMMAR READING WRITING COMPREHENSION LISTENING SPEAKING WEEK 1 hour 1hour 1/2hour 1/2hour 1/2hour 1/2hour News paper for Sentences, Structure reading aloud in of a sentence, Forms class and About 15 to 20 Listening to of sentences.Subject- recording the lines on topics Reading simple Simple stories on Predicate, parts of same.Reading like Myself, My passages of 10th audio tapes and Speech,Noun, Kinds small story books Village, The class standard and answering of noun, Articles, like Panchtantra nearest town, answering questions questions based ONE Singulars_Plurals. etc silently Capital city based on them on them Self introduction Reading aloud About 20 lines Listening to Asking information from the book they on topics like Reading simple recorded News about himself / Pronouns, Kinds of have read silently My Hobby, passages of from different herself from the pronouns,Verbs, the day before. Favourite Intermediate level news channels person sitting Kinds of Verbs, Reading Sport, Movie, and answering and answering beside him / her. Forms of Verbs, newspapers Book, Holiday questions based on questions based Intrducing the TWO Tenses. silently. Spot etc. it. on them neighbouring Sample English curriculum
  • 17. Organization Structure Finding a motivated Mgmt Management team is the next big challenge for Project Tough to Rural BPOs Manager/Admin find smart manager Team leaders & Team Leader PMs Agent
  • 18. You can find these slides on: Theme by :ThemeGallery