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  • Because they are: BORN GROW REPRODUCE DIE

3. Their vital functions are the following: NUTRITION BEHAVIOUR REPRODUCTION 4. NUTRITION:let us get the substances we need to live.We get these substances from food and air. They are distributed throughout the whole body This function has various processes: DIGESTION RESPIRATION CIRCULATION EXCRETION 5. BEHAVIOUR: let us information about the world that surrounds us.It lets us relate to others.It includes too co-ordinating the functions of all the organs in the body. THE SENSES THE MOTOR SYSTEMNERVOUS SYSTEM all take part in this function. 6. REPRODUCTION: lets people have children REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM is responsible for reproduction. 7. All Living creatures are made of CELLS. CELLS are the smallest units in the body. CELLS join to form TISSUES. TISSUES groups into ORGANS. ORGANS groups into SYSTEM. Each system is responsible for a specific FUNCTION 8. CELLS TISSUES ORGANS SYSTEMS LIVING CREATURES 9. HUMAN BEINGS PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS 1.- UPRIGHT POSTURE 2.- SKILLED HANDS 3.- LONG GROWTH STAGE 10. HUMAN BEINGS INTELLECTUAL CHARACTERISTICS 1.- REASONING 2.- LONG LEARNING STAGE 3.- LANGUAGE 4.- ABILITY TO ADAPT 11. HUMAN BEINGS Physical characteristics UPRIGHT POSTURE SKILLED HANDS LONG GROWTH STAGE Intellectual characteristics REASONING LONG LEARNING STAGE LANGUAGE ABILITY TO ADAPT 12. PUT THESE IN ORDER FROM THE SIMPLEST TO THE MOST COMPLEX: BONE, BONE CELL, MOTOR SYSTEM, SKELETON 13. VITAL FUNCTIONS Nutrition Behaviour Reproduction Consists of System that performs it Organs responsible 14.

  • We are: we are different:.
  • . living creatures . from other living creatures...
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  • . animals . from each other....................
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  • . mammals
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