Pentecostal Reality Construction. An Inseparable Trinity Modernization where secular replaces sacred...

download Pentecostal Reality Construction. An Inseparable Trinity Modernization where secular replaces sacred lenses Secularization provides alternative prime.

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Transcript of Pentecostal Reality Construction. An Inseparable Trinity Modernization where secular replaces sacred...

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Pentecostal Reality Construction Slide 2 An Inseparable Trinity Modernization where secular replaces sacred lenses Secularization provides alternative prime movers. Reason is the queen and science her handmaiden Slide 3 The Dilemma of Modernity The inseparable trinity creates an iron cage in capable of providing individuals with meaningful social confirmation of their sense of reality Slide 4 An Anthropological Protest Against Modernity A celebration in our generation that God has not forgotten His promises, that he is, in fact and deed, a loving God, totally committed to work in evidential ways through the lives of those committed to him. Richard Quebedeaux Slide 5 The Construction of Charismatic Reality Affective action replaces rational action Encounter of reality is the initial framework or builder for constructing a worldview. Left brain rationality is countered with right brain affections Once I was blind, but now I see is central not peripheral. Slide 6 Affective Action Yields a Worldview Where it is central (normal) to experience the sacred in the midst of a profane world Where it is central (normal) to expect divine guidance for personal and institutional guidance Adaptive structures that refuse to immortalize tradition and the past Personal participation by a majority of adherents in the charismatacatalyzing force of the movement. Slide 7 Polomas Charex Index Pentecostal-Charismatic Reality Construction as seen: Frequency of praying in tongues Receiving definite answers to prayer requests Divine inspiration to perform specific actions Giving prophecies at church services Giving prophecies privately to another person Being slain in the Spirit Receiving personal confirmation of Scriptural truth An anomaly that is helpful (p. 29) Positive relationship between education and the Charex Index Slide 8 The Crossroads Transcendency depravation vs. the iron cage Pentecostal identity is linked to what shapes the framework of its worldview The world views mantra: It is not by might Ye shall receive power Slide 9 The Assumptions in Conflict Secularization is inevitable Vibrant religious experience is inevitably routinized by secular (non-divine) explanations of life But re-sacralization is just as inevitable As religious vibrancy dims spiritual hunger naturally arises Slide 10 Charisma and Institutional Dilemmas Thomas ODea Institutional Dilemmas The tendency for religious groups to move from a prophetic to priestly stance From a free flow of charismata to its routinization Slide 11 The Dilemma of Mixed Motivation From empowered call to professional career Original motivation loses out to needs for prestige, drive for power and control Drive for respectability and order Case Study of professionalization of clergy and the role of women Slide 12 The Dilemma of Administrative Order The tendency of a structure to over- elaborate itself and make the organization an unwieldy machine Case Studythe role of pastors navigating denominational structure and local church autonomy Slide 13 Dilemma of Power A temptation to compromise the potential for influence A subtle temptation for religious leaders to avail themselves of close relation between religion and general cultural values in order to reinforce the position of religion itself Accommodation and acculturation results Slide 14 Case Study When a religious organization becomes institutionalized and accommodates itself to the society and its values, faith is supplemented by public opinion and current ideas of respectability. Slide 15 The Dilemma of Delimitation There is a pit on either side of the charismatic road. One waters down the original message and the other has a rigid position that kills the Spirit. Case Studyis the pastors struggle to embody the tension between charisma and institutionalization? Slide 16 The Dilemma of Symbols The problem of trying to objectify the original charismatic moment in stable forms and procedures without routinization Case Studies Praise and worship Glossolalia in corporate worship Prophecy in corporate worship Preachers as prophets Altar services Testimony and witness Slide 17 A Prognosis by Poloma Social Functions of Conflict Positive if it does not question the basis of relationship Negative if it attacks a core value Question: Does the rapid growth of a movement and its institutionally unconverted converts create a threat or a new infusion of life? Slide 18 Charisma and Dogma A danger that the rigidity of fundamentalism will overpower the empowerment of charisma The lack of theological critique of foundation which acknowledges the way Pentecostal identity has been shaped. The creation of a this is that theology Slide 19 Charisma Vs. Pragmatism Does the success of growth, left uncritiqued, inevitably lead to institutional processes that can guarantee success in a less messy way? Slide 20 The Ideal Real Gap Accommodation wears away at the ideal, shifting Pentecostal ideology closer to modernity The religious rhetoric of the ideal remains, but its context is diminished. Slide 21 Wheat and Tares An ambiguity difficult to navigate as the dilemmas become more obvious But to abandon dogmatism for relativism, the supernatural for the natural, the ideal for real, or ambiguity for rigidity would destroy the distinctive identity of Pentecostal ideology Slide 22 The Key Player The guardians of charisma are not so much the upper-echelon leaders of a denomination as local congregations headed by charismatic pastors. Slide 23 Look to Pentecost as an Historical Event for Biblical Insight into Pentecostal Identity Slide 24 Pentecost Serves as a Compass: Theologicallyit orients us to the inner logic of Gods incarnational manifestation in the world through Jesus Christ Experientiallyit orients us to the eschatological vision of redemption for the world through Christs presence and coming Slide 25 Theologicallythe Holy Spirit reveals to us the inner life of God the Father of Jesus and Jesus as the Son of the Father To receive the Spirit is to receive the mind of Christ (1 Cor. 1:10, 16) ExperientiallyPentecost is the beginning point for our own relationship with God through Christ, for apart from the Spirit, we are alienated from the life of God (Rom. 8:9) Pentecost Serves as a Compass: Slide 26 Harry BoerReformed Theologian Pentecost not the Great Commission was a conscious ingredient in the mission thinking of the Early Church The mission imperative of the church is not centered on obedience to the Great Commission but on the empowerment of Pentecost. Slide 27 The nature of the church is a continuation of the mission of Christ through the power of the Spirit. The Great Commission becomes a command that is heard by the church already empowered by the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Slide 28 Pentecost Determines the Nature of the Church When the Spirit poured out at Pentecost is directly related to the Spirit of the resurrected Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, Pentecost forms the basis for the nature of the Church.