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  • 8/14/2019 PENDANT,,,Ener-G Pendant Booklet


    enjoy the ancient

    secrets to longevity

  • 8/14/2019 PENDANT,,,Ener-G Pendant Booklet


    Now everyone canenjoy the ancientsecrets to longevity.


    Rafa Ener-G Pendant

  • 8/14/2019 PENDANT,,,Ener-G Pendant Booklet


    IntroductionRaa Ener-G Pendant is produced by combining over 30

    types o 100% natural materials and minerals. It is heated upat 1,600 C utilising Korean high technology ollowed by a

    slow cooling process. The Raa Ener-G Pendant will emit Far

    Inrared Ray (FIR) and contains 2000 Negative Ions per cm3.

    Raa Ener-G Pendants unique internal structures can collect,

    ocus and emit energy to rebalance our physical, mental,

    emotional and spiritual well-being.

    80% FIR (Far Infrared Ray)

    2000 Ion negative per cm3

    32 Type of Minerals

  • 8/14/2019 PENDANT,,,Ener-G Pendant Booklet


    Negative IonsThe Driving Force to Bringing Back Lie and HealthNegative ions is an active invisible particle with a negative electrical

    charge, and its activity (Bio Energy) becomes the driving orce to bring

    back our lives and our health because it reely wanders about in the air.

    Electron is an ion with a negative electrical charge. By colliding with

    oxygen molecules, it turns the oxygen molecules into an ion with a

    negative electric charge; this is called oxygen anion or just anion.

    The ions in the air change according to meteorological conditions.

    When a cold ront and a low pressure pass through, positive ions

    increase. Thereore, there are reports that the possibility o outbreak o

    neuralgia, asthma and apoplexy is high due to the decrease o anions

    and increase o positive ions within the human body.

    We eel rereshed in orests, around alls or beaches with big waves,and the reason derives rom anions. In the stable atmospheric state,

    the ratio o anions and positive ions are about 1:2. In general, positive

    ions are distributed in polluted areas and anions are distributed in clean


    I we breathe in negative ions, it promotes our cells metabolism and

    increases vitality, cleans blood and is eective or stability o nerves,

    exhaustion recovery and improvement o appetite. Thereore, an anionis even called the vitamin o the air.

    Five Major Actions o Anions1. Purifcation o Blood

    Anions increase the top ve actors o blood (nitrogen, oxygen,

    calcium, sodium, and potassium) and make our blood becomeslightly alkaline, and thus puriy our blood.

    2. Restoration o Cells

    Our body consists o about 6 trillion cells, and i our body has blood

    with a great number o negative ions (alkali attributes), the movement

    o cells is active and anions help supply nutrition within our cells

    and discharge waste materials. With these actions, sick cells and

    dead cells are restored, and calcium increases, and the increasedcalcium makes the movement o muscles more active, especially

    cardiac muscles, resulting in a strong heart.

  • 8/14/2019 PENDANT,,,Ener-G Pendant Booklet



    o Blood


    Ability o



    o Cells

    Increase o



    Pain Relie

    o Blood

    3. Increase o Resisting Power

    Gamma globulin is a kind o protein contained in serum, and is an

    immunising antibody. When negative ions increase within the humanbody, the amount o gamma globulin in the blood also increases.

    Thereore, it helps maintain a healthul body by increasing the

    resistance power against inection o viruses with an increase o


    4. Adjustment Ability o Autonomic Nerves

    Autonomic nerves control all the organs automatically, regardless o

    a persons will. The quantity o negative ions controls theautonomous nervous system, such as blood and organs in which

    the state or eeling o humans body are avourable. Hence, negative

    ions vitalise the nervous system, blood and lymph, and play a critical

    role to strengthen weakened unctions and provide vitality.

    5. Pain Relie

    Negative ions increase ionised calcium, generate endorphins and

    enkephalins and thus help recovery rom atigue and strengthenphysical strength, as well as make the cells in the human body with

    severe pain healthy again, circulate blood well, and relieve pain.

  • 8/14/2019 PENDANT,,,Ener-G Pendant Booklet


  • 8/14/2019 PENDANT,,,Ener-G Pendant Booklet


    Medical Treatments with Far-Inrared Rays

    1. Prevention o Cancer

    Cancer cells are weak at high heat, extravasated blood is

    conspicuous, and the hematocele amount o tumor tissue is small

    and dicult to emit heat. Also, enzymes that resist hydrogen

    cyanide are insucient. The radiation heat o inrared rays is

    eective, because it acts within the permitted temperature, notdamaging surrounding normal cells. The generation o enzymes

    by inrared rays is promoted, hematocele improves, and you can be

    liberated rom the symptoms o extravasated blood.

    2. Lymph Nodes

    Because lymph tends to have acidity due to lowered hydrogen

    ion concentration, when a person is tired, it stimulates nerves and

    causes various stress accompanied by pain, sharp pain, andparalysis. To combat this, the inrared rays with a wavelength o

    7-30u arrive at the deep hypodermic layer by sympathetic vibration,

    absorption and deep penetration orce. Thereore, when

    temperature rises in the deep hypodermic layer, the expansion o

    capillaries, and promotion o blood circulation are promoted.

    3. Gastritis, Enlarged Prostate and Hemorrhoids

    For treatment o hemorrhoids, an examination is conducted or 30minutes at the anus and pelvis by using doughnut-type cushion

    with an inrared therapy device.

    4. Menopausal Disorder

    When the ovary unctions decrease, the production o estrogen

    diminishes and readjustment occurs in the equilibrium o hormones

    between the endocrine glands that control sexual unction. When

    the discharge o estrogen diminishes, abnormality is generatedin the nerves and blood unctioning in the hypothalamus; and

    thus, a hindrance o blood movement is caused. The pituitary

    glands metabolism unction changes and the amount o ollicle

    -stimulating hormones in the blood or urine increases.

  • 8/14/2019 PENDANT,,,Ener-G Pendant Booklet


  • 8/14/2019 PENDANT,,,Ener-G Pendant Booklet


    Change in Brain Waves ater Wearing Raa Ener-G Pendant

    As a result o measurement, anions have been conrmed to be

    eective in increasing the activity o alpha waves, enhancing the bodys

    condition, and improving concentration ability! I we breathe in negative

    ions, it promotes our cells metabolism and increases vitality, cleans

    blood and is eective or stability o nerves, exhaustion recovery and

    improvement o appetite. Thereore, a negative ions is even called thevitamin o the air.

    Alpha brain waves are emitted while the body is in a peaceul and stable

    condition, at the moment o ocus and concentration or while engaging

    in athletic activity showing an increase in alpha brain waves activity.

    Seta brain wave activity will increase when the body is in a light sleep

    condition and when the seta brain waves increase, thus the mind will

    have reduced concentration.

    Beta brain waves increase when the body awakens rom sleep


    Body Temperature Changes ater Wearing

    Raa Ener-G Pendant

    The heat generated rom a humans body is indicated by blood passing

    under the skin. When the rate o blood fow increases, temperature

    goes up, and when the rate o blood fow decreases, the bodys

    temperature goes down.

    Eects o Raa Ener-G Pendant

    Green Alpha - Blue Seta - Red Beta

  • 8/14/2019 PENDANT,,,Ener-G Pendant Booklet


    The increase o the rate o blood fow means that blood circulation

    becomes relatively better. In this case, we can see blood circulation is

    evenly carried out.

    Ater wearing Raa Ener-G Pendant, the area surrounding the neck has

    increased activity (View the dierence rom the top and bottom picture)

    The bottom picture shows an increase in blood fow and an increase in

    body temperature.

    Changes in Red Blood Cells ater Wearing

    Raa Ener-G Pendant

    The two pictures above show an example o red blood cells. The

    picture on the let shows blood cells that are grouped together; thecauses are smoking, alcohol, and other dietary eects.

    The picture on the right shows the condition o red blood cells ater

    wearing the Raa Ener-G Pendant, the negative ions assist in separating

    the blood cells and increases the blood circulation all over the body.

  • 8/14/2019 PENDANT,,,Ener-G Pendant Booklet



    area arehigh innegative


  • 8/14/2019 PENDANT,,,Ener-G Pendant Booklet


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