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Pemex Global is a leading pioneer recruitment agency help to find out suitable candidate as per requirement job profile. With years of experience, we serve innumerable firms with maintaining a balance between human resources and modern technology. We strive to provide greatest value to clientele that can bring them success in this competitive business world.

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About usPemexglobal has positioned itself amongst the topmost recruitment service providers, since 2006. We are the primary job consultancy service providers in various domains including medical, oil, refinery, petrochemical, hospitality, marine and many others. With our extensive and consistent endeavors, our company reputed itself at global level by rendering human resource & management services and overseas manpower recruitment in Gulf/Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and American markets, making us one of the leading HR firms.

Pemexglobal is focused about delivering recruitment services for almost all the industries. Since 2006, we have developed large database of candidates having dissimilar skills and qualifications. Our firm has taken up sophisticated information technology to ensure easy accessibility and flexibility in repossessing the information within the minutes. We have an experienced and dexterous team of professionals, which make the most of head hunting, body shopping, online data bank, existing international network and network advertisement on websites for sourcing acute candidates for divergent industries.

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Site EngineeringSite engineers perform a technical, organisational and supervisory role on construction projects, setting out and determining the location for above and underground infrastructural installations involved in construction operations.

Site engineers apply designs and plans to mark out the site and can be involved in projects ranging from small scale to multi-million pound ventures. This may include civil, road, rail and other infrastructure projects.

A site engineer works as part of the site management team liaising with and working alongside architects, engineers, construction managers, supervisors, planners, surveyors and subcontractors. They share responsibility for site security, health and safety, and the organisation and supervision of material and human resources.

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Refractory Engineer Develop a master plan for refractory maintenance to ensure optimum reliability taking into

account the production capacity and constraints of the anode baking furnaces Review the bill of materials, drawings, specifications and lining procedures for the anode baking furnaces

Ensure the efficient and cost effective maintenance of the refractory to achieve quality production and minimize bake anode rejections

Ensure that all safety rules, policies and operational procedures are adhered to in order to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.

Ensure appropriate coordination with Warehouse, Purchasing and maintenance to facilitate timely availability of refractory materials

Ensure training of the staff to achieve a high- level of competency

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