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Major/Career Changer Resume Workshop April 7 2016By: Thalia Martinez, Rebecca Vicente, Xiwen (Jack) Zheng, Aliou Badara Sidibe

Thalia Martinez () - R/TThalia Martinez () - AThalia Martinez () - JGoals of WorkshopMaster Transferable Skills, Power Verbs, Jargons

Choose the Format: Chronological v.s. Functional

Work On Your Resume: Objectives, Coursework and Bullet Points

References and Resources

Two Types of Major/Career Changers

Changing within Umbrella Field Umbrella Field refering same general career field Changing to a different field Referring to majors across fields or across Baruch departments

Transferable SkillsA transferable skill is a portable skill that you deliberately take with you to other life experiences. Transferable skills are often acquired through coursework (i.e. critical writing skills from an English course) or acquired through experience (i.e. a member of a club committee learns basics of event planning). Transferable skills bulk up a resume and the rounded qualities of an applicant. There are 3 major categories of transferable skillsWorking with people Working with thingsWorking with data/information

Thalia Martinez () - T/RTransferable Skills2. Working with things 3. Working with data/Information.

RepairingMaintaining EquipmentWorking with CADAssembling partsConstructingKeyboardingDesigningSketchingSurveying

CalculatingResearchingGathering dataWorking with spreadsheetsFiling Analyzing dataBudgetingSortingEditing

Many more transferrable skills are also mentioned in these two categories, refer to your Transferable skills worksheet in your folder SellingMotivatingRepresentingTrainingMediatingNegotiatingSupervisingAdvisingTranslatingOrganizingDelegatingEntertaining

Working with people

Thalia Martinez () - T/RHow to Identify Transferable Skills3 Easy Steps:1) Make a list of every job title youve ever held (such as internships, part time, and full time jobs) as well as volunteer work, clubs, and other activities. 2) Using your transcript identify coursework and skills within your coursework that may relate to your employment interests3) For each listing here, write down a few skills you learned or actions which you took within that activity/position. You want to focus on the skills and experiences that can show off what you know to potential employers. Your goal is to come up with a list of skills which can then be tailored and used in your resumes to give the employer an idea of what you know and what base skills you can bring to the position.

Power Verbs + Professional Jargon Power Verbs are action words that you use to write bullet points in your resume. They increase the strength of your bullets.

Ex. Analyzed, Organized, Developed, Observed, Performed, ResearchedProfessional Jargon is the language that is used in a particular context and may not be well understood outside of it. This is usually in a particular occupation (trade, profession or academic field).

Ex. Quickbooks, Bloomberg, Deliverable, Close the loop, HTML5,

Thalia Martinez () - R/TJob Posting Corporate Accounting Associate Full TimeSpire Research Partners

Responsibilities:Daily/weekly analysis of the companys financial statements with analysis of unusual variances;Work on their P&Ls, budgets, forecasts, analysis, reporting and provide insight and perspective;Support managements requests and analysis; Qualifications:Experience with Accounting and Finance background;Strong analytical skills and detail orientated;Excellent communication skills;Advanced PC skills, specifically Excel;Self-starter who can work effectively with minimal supervision at the same time be a team-playerJob Postings Retrieved From Baruch STARR SearchKeywords:

Analytical skills

Financial Statements



Mortgage Loan Associate Full TimeNew York Life Insurance

ResponsibilitiesAssist a senior manager in proactively managing a regional portfolio of conventional commercial mortgage assetsEnsuring compliance with both financial and non-financial loan agreement termsAll loan servicing activities from point of funding through maturity with functions ranging from new loan set-up, lease and rent roll reviews, financial statement analysis with covenant compliance testing and mortgage loan data management.

Qualifications:Self-motivated, eager to learn,and possess a strong work ethicA bachelor's degree, preferably in business, finance or economicsAdvanced Excel skills.Job Posting Job Postings Retrieved From Baruch STARR SearchKeywords:

Analytical skills

Mortgage assets

Financial Statements



Chronological ResumeWhat is it?This type of resume usually contains a chronological listing (from most recent to past) of all your employment history along with related accomplishments. Educational information is included along with certifications and special skills.Who should use it?The chronological resumes are the most popular format used. Its especially suitable for those who are experienced.

Thalia Martinez () - J Chronological Resume FormatEducation is always first.

Time periods/Locations will be put on this side.Most widely used. This type of resume is mostly used to highlight your different experience and achievements over the years. It uses a reverse chronological order - from most recent to oldest. Good for someone who is experienced.

Functional Format ResumeWhat is a Functional Resume?A functional resume is a resume that highlights your abilities, such as hiring, managing or coaching, rather than your chronological work history. Who should use this format?Have gaps in their work history. Are reentering the workforce. Have frequently changed jobs. Are looking to transition into new careers. Don't exactly fit the mold of what recruiters are looking for in the positions they want.

Thalia Martinez () - Resume Format

Maintains general resume information.

However, instead of listing experiences/internships chronologically, it focuses on skills that you have. Those skills are listed in categories to highlight the your abilities. The experiences would then be listed in single line summaries, as seen here.

Sample Chronological Resume

Thalia Martinez () - TSample Functional Resume

Thalia Martinez () - TObjectiveObjectives are an optional part of your resume. It is a statement describing the type of employment you seek. It is recommended that you include an objective if you are applying for a internship/job in a field that is unrelated to what you are majoring in or already have a degree in. General Format of an objective: To obtain a __________ in the field/with the company ___________. Examples:Objective: To obtain a position in the field of marketing Objective: To obtain the summer analyst internship at BlackRock

Thalia Martinez () - TRelevant Coursework Courseworks taken for other majors can still provide useful skills after the switch. You should consider the skills which you learned in your previous coursework to see how it can help you with your current resume. For Example: Communication classes such as Com 1010 and Business Communication (Com 3150) provide public speaking and professional skills which are helpful for any position. Even courses from the liberal arts, such as Art 3282 (Museum Studies) require research and group work which can always be listed on a resume if the skills are useful to you.

Thalia Martinez () - RBullet Point Format

The Bullet Point describes your experience, quantify your achievements, and give the result of your actions.The Bullet Point has to be as precise as possible about the experience you are describing. The information it gives about you should attract the attention of the reader.Formulas for Bullet Point:Power Verb + Industry Jargon + Quantifying + Result = Perfect Bullet Point

How you did itWhy you did itResult of it

What you did

Equation can be shapes (mental note for later)

Thalia Martinez () - AChronological Marketing Resume BulletSierra Nevada Equipment Company, Intern Contribute to relevant blogs, conferences, and events to increase brand awareness

Bullet Point Exercise Chronological Accounting Resume Bullet

Deloitte & Touche, Audit Intern

Verified the clients accounts with the involved parties and confirmed the posting to the documentsCommunicated with client and procured information required for auditChronological Finance Resume Bullet

Deloitte & Touche, Audit Intern

Ensured accuracy of clients accounts with the involved parties and confirmed the posting to the documentsCommunicated with client and procured information required for audit

Functional English Major Resume Bullet RevisionFalls into Working with Data/Information Skills Communication Skills SectionCollaboratively wrote blog posts in order to increase brand awareness

Resources for you! Vault and Focus-2Career Counseling Academic CounselingClubs!Starr Career Development Center Worksheets

Thalia Martinez () - TThank You!Any questions?

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