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  • 1. Peer Feedback Savannah Hardwick

2. Layout 1-Broadsheet 3. Feedback 1 What do you like about the design? I like the use of the colour and image that goes along with the masthead as it adds more colour and design to a more formal design. I like the way the images stand out against the smaller headlines as it helps make the smaller headlines stand out from the bigger masthead and main headlines. I think the text telling you who the article was written by is a good element to add as it makes the article look more formal and professional. I like the use of italics to help make the pull quotes and smaller headlines standout on both layouts. I think it makes the overall look of them both more professional. What areas of the idea could be developed? The main headline font and the headline itself is a little too informal for a broadsheet, I think this type of headline would be more suited for the tabloid. I also think that the green stroke around the main image on the second layout is adds a little too much and I dont think it is needed. I think there could have been more content on the second layout too, this could have been improved with some advertisements or more smaller headlines. 4. Layout 2-Tabloid 5. Feedback 2 What do you like about the design? The headline title, in reference to the album works very well and the font used is great, working very effectively, to draw massive attention by being bold and abrasive whilst retaining readability. The holiday adverts font, colour and image all create your stereotypical tabloid holiday advert, making the design look very realistic. What areas of the idea could be developed? Not that it really matters but the headline is using one less asterisk than needed meaning it could be construed as stating bastards rather than bollocks which is obviously why the pun would work. 6. Layout 3-Fanzine 7. Layout 3-Fanzine Continued 8. Feedback 3 What do you like about the design? I like that you have used the same colour scheme for both pages, black and red works really well and you know straight that its punk. The pictures have been cut out well by showing the white mark around them I like how it looks like theyve been cropped from somewhere else. The titles fonts work well with the theme and is easy to read. The collage on the 1st one is really good and interesting to look at and by having all women works with the overall theme as well. The polaroid images are different but old fashioned which goes with pink as well. What areas of the idea could be developed? The font is quite hard to read when its coloured red on a black and white background. Probably making it one colour so that its clear to read. Theres a lot of fonts around so by having maybe less will make it clearer to read. By having different pictures of women might help to make the other article page different. I think your second article page is the best for having a arty page and a article page whilst there is a lot going on on the first article layout because of the pictures, fonts and titles. They both have sections which helps to make it more clear. 9. Summary of Feedback What do you agree and disagree with from your feedback? I think that the majority of my feedback was very useful and correct, I especially agree with comments made about the asterisk and the colours I have chosen throughout the different products. I agree with the fanzine comments, but also disagree, as the person giving me feedback has seen them as two double page ones, instead of four separate fanzines. I think that the comments on the tabloid were very critical and useful at the same time. And I agree with the comments on the broadsheet about the font type, as I also think now looking back on it that the font is to informal for the broadsheet, and would be better on a less formal product.