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Transcript of Peer feedback first edit

  • Peer feedbackFirst edit , focus group

  • Do you think that some shots look out of place? The framing of the milk droplet shots dont look right, its too obvious what we are looking at. If the edges of

    the glass wasn't visible it would work allot better. Some shots drag on a little, such as the milk shots, and dont look as professional as other shots like the

    flowing ink ones.

    Milk shot Ink shot

  • Is there too much repetition of shots? I feel that there is too much repetition of effects/similar effects used, more

    shot types and variety of effects could be used to help keep the interest of viewers.

    At the beginning section when there is a kaleidoscope effect it lasts too long and repeats too many times, this makes it seem as though you had a lack of footage for the introduction.

  • Comments:

    The still title like text doesn'tt keep the attention of the audience, think more about typography and movement of the text this might make the lyrics more interesting to read.