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Transcript of Peer feedback factual layout

  • 1. Peer Feedback Ashley Boyne

2. Layout 1 3. Feedback 1 What do you like about the design? The way the columns is set out is very clear and easy to read. I like how the masthead is old fashioned and using a black and white image suits that English traditional theme. The main title is easy to understand and grabs the audience straight away. The font is also good for being bold and a good size. The line between the article and advert looks professional and works well to separate the two articles. The colour scheme is good how you have used green for your name and masthead. Its all aligned really well and neat. What areas of the idea could be developed? Id make the Masthead of the newspaper a bit bigger so that the main title isnt taking to much of the attention. Maybe add more colours so that its more exciting or have different areas to grab your attention e.g. more images. Probably better not to have the sentence under the image in a box, will suit it more if it was on its own. The line separating the two articles is through the masthead as well, be better if it stopped before going through the masthead. 4. Layout 2 5. Feedback 2 What do you like about the design? I like the top banner because it adds colour to the page, the contrasting colours used for the fonts yellow and blue and red and white also work well as it makes it easy to read. I also like the language used such as the play on words used in the headline The Punk Shocker. I think including lots of images on the front page works well as it entices the reader to want to read on and by the newspaper. I also like the font used for the name of the newspaper. What areas of the idea could be developed? I think that the layout of the text could be developed to make it easier to read, for example to make the layout of the page look cleaner the Mcdonalds advert at the bottom could be removed allowing more text about the other two stories. The font used for the main body of the text could also be improved and made more bold or choosing a font that fits better with the font used for the headlines which are more modern. 6. Layout 3 7. Feedback 3 What do you like about the design? I like that it has a continuous theme of black and white, and the fonts fit the purpose very well. The font on the front cover is very easy to read and the picture behind the text looks good. The title is very clear with the contrast of the black and white, it helps it stand out. I think that the key words being enlarged in the article looks good. What areas of the idea could be developed? The fanzine article is very hard to read and the font is not clear. There is too much writing and the small white writing could be improved by being darker, or the background being darker. I think a little bit of colour would have made a difference. The text on the article is very tight for room and there is a lot of it which could be shortened down. 8. Summary of Feedback What do you agree with from your feedback? I agree with the analysis of my broadsheet and it has helped me spot silly mistakes that I had previously missed such as the line separating the columns going through the headline box. What do you disagree with from your feedback? I disagree with the fanzine criticism of the inside page being hard to read. It it purposely designed that way, to give off an amateurish, DIY look maintaining the punk ethic.