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Transcript of Peer feedback digi and poster

  • 1. Anonymous Peer Feedback for Digipak and Poster/Advert In Class

2. What I have taken from my peer feedback Every feedback said that I stuck to the house style/colours/theme which tied both the digipak and advert/poster. People all agreed that the pictures of both the digipak and the advert/poster worked together both because the lighting, colour and theme were all similar and that one was featured on both. They all agree, with different examples that the digipak and poster/advert fit with the musics genre conventions. Some people were happy with the choice of fonts and some were not.Improvements The main improvements I have done to my digipak and advert/poster are to do with the alignment and the colour of texts and Images. Because a lot of the improvements and problems With texts or images were around it being easy To read the texts on the digipak, I decided to Increase the brightness of the image I used inside The digipak, not change the font colour, because This also lightens up the digipak, which is quite Dark on the outside too. I feel it looks a lot better.I moved the tect to align it with the top titles and then Minimised the size of the QR code to make it look more Balanced.I went over the grammar of the digipak and poster Yet this was due to my teacher reminding me to Check it all. Then noticed I needed to change the Size of the fonts for the 5th.