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  • Pedestriansegregation


    Protecting People Property and Profits

  • Pedestrian Segregation and GuidancePedestrian Barriers effectively ensure real physical delineation of peopleand vehicles.

    Fall and Edge HazardProtectionHandrail can also prove vitalaround maintenance pits andin other environments wherethere is a danger of falling.

    Pedestrian safety is vital in busy manufacturing and warehouse environments, as the close proximityof people and vehicles can all too often lead to accidents. Most of these accidents occur in

    situations where people simply wander from defined areas into the path of oncoming vehicles,rather than vice versa.

    A-Safe Barriers are the perfect solution to this problem, providing a durable barriersystem made from a polymer-based material to physically prevent pedestrians

    straying from designated areas in a way that painted white lines simplycannot do. A-Safe Barriers represent a vital long-terminvestment by contributing to that most valuable of all

    commodities staff safety.

    Real segregation of pedestriansfrom traffic, machinery and otherpotential hazards.

    A strong, yet lightweight barrierthat effectively creates safe walkzones by clearly definingpedestrian pathways.

    Black and yellow colours ensurehigh visibility, so people can seeat a glance where they shouldand should not be.

    A highly versatile product rangedesigned to cover everyapplication.

    BenefitsApplications:The A-Safe range has been developedfor a wide number of applications including:

    Take a Major Step to Safer Pedestrian Segregation

    with A-SAFE

    A-Safe can alsosupply a full range ofaccessories such assignboards and gatesto complementthe barriersandenhancesafety.


    Walkway SegregationWalkways are clearly marked out by Pedestrian Barriers for maximum safety.

    Machinery SegregationHandrail is ideally suited for situations where it is vital to protect people fromdangerous machinery.

    Vehicle and PedestrianAccess PointsSlide Gates provide convenientvehicle access, while SwingGates are designed forpedestrian access.

  • A-Safe Pedestrian Barriers and Handrails aremanufactured to a height of 1100mm, as required

    by legislation.

    A-Safe Pedestrian Barrier has been tested and certified to BS6180and can easily withstand a force of 1.5kN (balustrade test).

    A-Safe provides far more than just a comprehensive range of safetyproducts. We also offer a full consultation service, ensuring that you choose the rightproduct for the right application. This is complemented by a full installation andmaintenance package, with a leasing option available if required. If youd like to see foryourself just how effective A-Safe products are, visit our website at

    Technically Speaking

    Before impactPolymer barrier in workplace scenario.

    On impactBarrier bends as vehicle hits it.

    After impactBarrier returns to original shape, thanksto built-in memory.

    Health and safety is a key priority at Toyota UKand vehicle/pedestrian interaction is one of thebiggest concerns in this area and also one ofthe most difficult to control. Whilst weconsidered traditional steel barriers, A-Safe Barrierswere chosen as a more cost-effective, long-term option.A-Safe offer an easy to maintain, flexible solution, withdifferent sizes and types of barrier available to fit ourvaried requirements.

    Stefan Adamski, Senior Specialist Health & Safety, Toyota Manufacturing

    Health & Safety -Did you know? Every year over 5000 accidents

    involving transport in the workplace are

    reported. About 70 of these result in

    death. (Essentials of Health and Safety

    at Work 4th edition)

    By law, every workplace must beorganised so that pedestrians and

    vehicles can circulate safely. (Workplace

    Transport Safety, An Employers Guide)

  • Our flexibility is our strength