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1. FootballSoccerSpeedballFitness Assessment- Spring and FallTumblingAdventure EdFunctional FitnessVolleyballLaCrosseFloor HockeyPaddle TennisDanceBasketballSoftball 2. Tennis InLine Skating Football Adventure Ed Golf LaCrosse Volleyball Badminton Floor Hockey Pickle Ball Fitness Assessment Spring and Fall Basketball Functional Fitness 3. Heart Rate Monitors120-170 bpm 20 minutes in zone and above zoneStraps can be purchased at Krugers True Value inNeenah or from your teacher.Cost is $12.00 4. Dr. Jo says,Eat Smart andMoveMore!!!! 5. Red and White reversible T-Shirt Athletic Shorts 6. Your name here!!! 7. Your namehere!!! 8. Lost locks = $6.00 See your Teacher 9. Always lock your locker After it is locked, recheck your lock again Keep clothes towards the back of thelocker. 10. OJ Boys OJ Girls North Gym Boys North Gym Girls 11. Bring gum, candy food or drinks into the lockerroom Give out your combination Leave locker room early. Your teacher willdismiss you. 12. Be prepared for class No talking while instructor is talking Good sportsmanship at all times Participation- students are required to participatein class on a regular basis, unless excused by adoctor. DO YOUR BEST, HAVE FUN AND BE ACTIVE IF YOU ARE WELL ENOUGH TO BE INSCHOOL, YOU SHOULD BE WELL ENOUGHTO PARTICIPATE IN CLASS 13. See your teacher 14. PROPER SHOES ARE NEEDED FOR PARTICIPATION 15. Daily Activity= 80% of the grade A. Listening and following lecture directions.4 points per day are given for the above Written Work = 10% in class assignments Assessments= 10% quizzes, Personal Profiles, 16. Copyright 2007 17. We as a Physical Education staff want toprepare you for lifetime activities. If thishappens to you, we havent done our jobs!!! 18. More Bloopers Part 2