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Transcript of PDCTC Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee ( · PDF fileBicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee...

  • Poughkeepsie-Dutchess County Transportation Council Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) Meeting

    October 30, 2014, 3:00-5:00 p.m.

    Dutchess Community College, 122 Bowne Hall (1st Floor), 53 Pendell Road, Poughkeepsie


    1) Introductions Emily Dozier (PDCTC Project Manager) welcomed everyone to the meeting. Attendees introduced themselves [see attached list].

    2) Presentation & Discussion: Bryan Roberts, Winnakee Land Trust Bryan Roberts gave a presentation on his work at Winnakee Land Trust to promote local trail development. He discussed current trail planning efforts in Hyde Park, Rhinebeck, Red Hook, and Pine Plains, and noted that he intends to reach out to other municipalities as well. He emphasized the importance of creating connections to local destinations as well as developing regional trail systems. Winnakee is planning a trail conference for fall 2015 to bring together people from around the county to discuss trail planning efforts and opportunities. Bryan encouraged anyone interested in trail planning to reach out to him at [email protected]

    3) September Ped/Bike Counts Summary Emily thanked everyone who helped count people walking and bicycling during our annual counts in September. She noted that rain on the Saturday count date resulted in some lower numbers, but there were also some increases, particularly in the weekday counts. She asked for feedback on the new 4-6 pm evening count period. The group seemed to agree that it worked well. Committee members emphasized the importance of collecting this data. Emily asked for suggestions for additional volunteers for next year. Members suggested trail organizations, including Winnakee Land Trust, and more outreach to bike clubs and bicycle shops [the count summary is attached and also posted on the WalkBikeDutchess website: www.dutchessny.gov/WalkBikeDutchess].

    4) County-owned Traffic Signals: Bicycle Detection Emily explained that on October 17th, she worked with County Department of Public Works staff to adjust the sensitivity of the traffic signal at CR 43/CR46 (Degarmo Rd/Overlook Rd) to better detect bicycles. This signal was chosen based on feedback from the BPAC and County DPW. Based on tests in the field, the signal initially did not detect a bicycle. The sensors at both the westbound and southbound left turn lanes were raised to high sensitivity, and were then able to detect a bicycle. Emily encouraged BPAC members to test the signal with their bicycles and let her know if it detects them or not. DPW staff will continue to monitor the signal to see if the higher sensitivity results in many false calls. So far, no complaints have been received. If the test is deemed successful, similar adjustments could be implemented on other actuated County-owned signals, and possibly on other signals throughout the county.

    5) Bicycle Parking- Online Map Emily noted that the online bike parking map has been updated and a couple more parking locations have been added. She encouraged the group to continue to send photos, coordinates, and information about existing bike parking, and to help spread the word about the online map. Andy Pecoraro suggested that businesses that have bike parking could be recognized and also help raise awareness about the online map.

    mailto:[email protected]://www.dutchessny.gov/WalkBikeDutchesshttps://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=208960756493361592932.0004fb2c437ef788eccd1&msa=0&ll=41.616982,-73.837395&spn=0.134494,0.252686&dg=featurehttp://www.arcgis.com/apps/SimpleMapViewer/index.html?appid=91b6ddf906564f6eb9430cc884f2563f

  • 6) Dutchess County Tourism- Bicycle Tours Brochure update Emily explained that Mary Kay Vrba, Executive Director of Dutchess County Tourism, held a meeting with a sub-committee of BPAC members in mid-September to get feedback on draft bicycle tours around the county. She intends to finalize the tours and work with her graphics staff to print brochures by mid-December. These will replace the old tours brochure, which can be found on the Dutchess County Tourism website.

    7) Education a. Walk to School Day: Emily asked if attendees were aware of any Walk to School Day events (October 8th).

    She noted that she reached out to teachers at several schools, but was only aware of an event at Forrestal Elementary in Beacon. She asked for suggestions for encouraging more events next year. Bill Johnson noted that some schools prohibit walking or bicycling to school; others noted that many schools lack adequate sidewalks and safe ways for students to walk to school (note: a table summarizing local school district policies is in Chapter 4 of Walk Bike Dutchess; see pages 30-34 of the pdf). Ozie Williams suggested that fun walking activities could be organized on school property during the school day. The BPAC could help promote this for next years Walk to School Day.

    b. Bicycle Traffic Skills 101 course: Emily announced that that the adult bicycle skills course (Traffic Skills 101) was held on October 17-18. There were 10 participants, including Betsy and Kevin from the BPAC. Betsy added that it was a great class and gave her more confidence for riding on the road and trail and leading less experienced riders. Kevin noted that many people who bicycle for transportation would benefit from the class. Emily noted that she would like to hold another class next year, and asked for suggestions for additional outreach. Suggestions included: Coordinate with Walkway Ambassadors to hand out flyers and identify potential participants; recruit people at Dutchess Rail Trail parking lots; work with church groups; and try to reach out to Spanish speakers, particularly in the City of Poughkeepsie.

    Committee members also suggested holding shorter clinics in the spring, such as during weekends or evenings at Dutchess Rail Trail parking lots and/or farmers markets. These clinics could include basic safety skills and maintenance such as how to change a tire. Bill Johnson stated that he could include this concept in the Countys Traffic Safety Board grant proposal for next year. Bill noted that many police agencies auction off recovered bicycles because they dont have a good place to donate them. Committee members discussed the idea of a bicycle rescue or co-op, which could use the recovered bikes to teach basic maintenance and riding skills, and provide the bicycles to those in need.

    8) Implementation: Progress Reports Emily asked all attendees to provide an update on the projects they are working on in their municipality or organization. Updates included the following:

    Brian Griffin, V/Pawling: The Village is installing the bike racks provided by the County. It also applied for a Community Development Block Grant for sidewalks near the Elementary School. A committee is working on a plan for sidewalks along Route 22 to the Middle/High School. Sharrows were installed on Coulter Avenue, for a total of 10-12 sharrows in the Village.

    Betsy Brockway: The Town would like the County DPW to install Share the Road signs on West Dover Road (CR 20); Betsy is waiting for a letter from the Town Supervisor. She asked Bill Trifilo if he had received anything; he was not aware of a request. The Towns Recreation Committee is updating the Recreation Plan. Betsy participated in the Scenic Hudson/Poughkeepsie Journals Farmland Cycling Tour in Red Hook in September and said it was a great event.


  • Lisa Mondello, NYSDOT: The Route 199 repaving is done; the Route 9G paving (shoulders only) is also done. The Route 55 project in LaGrange is almost done.

    Bill Trifilo, County DPW: DPW has completed road paving projects on a number of County roads. Johnny Galbraith: Johnny has transitioned his Facebook group to a page (Poughkeepsie Bicycle

    Advocates); he is also maintaining his blog (pknybiker.wordpress.com) and Twitter feed (@PKNY Biker). He gave a talk on bicycling at Marist College and plans another one in the spring. He will have a booth at the colleges Sustainability Fair. He has participated in the Poughkeepsie Farm Projects drop-in bicycle maintenance (open to the public) on Tuesday afternoons, and will be providing valet bicycle parking and basic bike maintenance at the Poughkeepsie Maker Faire at Poughkeepsie Day School on November 15th.

    Andy Pecoraro: Andy attended a public meeting in October on the Hudson Highlands Fjord Trail which discussed the proposed alignment. The project is estimated to cost $16 million. [Emily distributed a map showing the preferred alignment- see attached]. He is also following the repaving of Spring Rd in the Town of Poughkeepsie; utility work is underway, then shoulders may be added.

    Ross Ritter: Ross has been following the repaving of several County roads, including Titusville Rd, Walker Rd and Red Oaks Mill Rd. He thanked County DPW for their work. He asked if shoulders would be included in the Route 55 project; Lisa stated that 4 foot shoulders were planned.

    Kevin Newman: Kevin noted that there was some confusion related to the City of Poughkeepsies eligibility for a Transit Amenities Contract and County transit amenities. He stated that since the City receives its own federal transit funds, it is not eligible for County transit amenities. [Note: Emily clarified with County Transit Administrator Cynthia Ruiz that the City could receive bus stop shelters or signs from the County for locations along a County bus route, as well as bike racks, if it signed a Transit Amenities Contract].

    Jane Geisler: Jane had no updates; Emily suggested that she pursue her suggestion for a crosswalk on Flint Road at The Fountains at