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    Feel stuck in your current job? Confused about your next steps? Want to do something different? Looking for a new act?

    Need a breakthrough? Whatever the situation, dont dismay! Pat B. Freeman is a solution-driven presenter who has a

    passion for helping women Accelerate, Expand, and MAGNIFY YOUR DREAMS to create the dream job & life you desire.

    Pat engages her audiences with passion and enthusiasm. She is a master at helping women lead with excellence, do the

    work you love, and gain the skills and resources for sustainability. Pats Passion-Powered presentations are based on

    her 7 STEPS TO SUCCESS dream-building philosophy, which provides a framework that will ignite your passion and put

    you on a collision course with clarity and destiny. Get ready to find fulfillment.


    Dream Big 7 Steps to Success!

    Walk in Your Greatness

    What Are You Waiting For? Go Get It!

    TRAINING & COACHING PROGRAMS 3 Steps to Becoming a Confident & Engaging Speaker

    The ABCs to a Professional Image that Sells

    Passion to Profits: The 4Ps to All-Star Entrepreneurship

    Whats Your Story? (Become an Author)


    Customized programs for individuals and groups and offered as

    Inspirational & Keynote presentations

    Leadership Training & Coaching programs

    Workshops, Seminars, and Online Programs


    1. I pledge to my lady leaders to cherish the passions and dreams

    of what comes next for you.

    2. I pledge for the full talents and skills to amplify both.

    3. I pledge to accelerate, expand, and magnify your dreams.

    4. I pledge to make you a light of hope and promise for the world.

    5. I pledge that you will have more clarity and assurance than ever before.

    6. I pledge that your next act will be the greatest act of your lifetime.

    7. I pledge that your life will thrill you.

    Book Pat B. Freeman at: (888) 766-3155 sue@simplysuespeaks.com www.simplysuespeaks.com



    Pat B. Freeman is a John Maxwell certified speaker, trainer, and coach with more than 20 years as a college administrator where she managed over 125 faculty and staff and served up to 3500 students annually. She is an author, serial entrepreneur, educator, and the founder of Pat B. Freeman, LLC a training and coaching business. Pat is passionate about empowering women and others to move from stuck to clarity in areas of leadership and career growth. Her goal is to inspire you to have a successful and fulfilled life by doing what you love and stepping out to achieve your Big Dreams. Pat holds a Masters degree from Campbell University and Bachelors degree from Florida State University. PATS PRESENTATIONS ARE IDEAL FOR

    Professional Women, Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives, Professional Organizations, Colleges, Universities, High Schools, and Young Adult Groups


    God Sets You Up Manifesto is a brief account of Pat B. Freemans experience upon making the decision to step out on faith as an entrepreneur after the loss of her marriage and job as a college administrator, while raising two teenage sons. It was the recognition of being set up that became the inspiration for her first book an eBook.

    Look for her forthcoming book, The Journey. The Journey, a personal growth series -- will chronicle other incredible setup encounters and provide pathways to success, including how to turn your Passion into Profits. Each book will inspire and serve as a call to action for women to stay the course and walk in your greatness.

    Book Pat B. Freeman at: (888) 766-3155 sue@simplysuespeaks.com www.simplysuespeaks.com


    Pat B. Freeman knows how to capture and keep the attention of an audience. Pat leaves you wanting more and asking, Where did the time go? -Dr. Gloria Savage-Early, Higher Ed.

    I felt inspired and motivated by Pat even before she began to speak. Her positive and radiant energy fills the room and sets the tone for her enthusiastic and passionate speaking style. - Lucy Wellmaker, Program Director, Womens Resource Center

    Pat B. Freeman can really influence and inspire any woman or organization. Ive been in business a long time, since 1992. Even for a veteran businesswoman like me, her coaching insight has taught me a lot and brings a fresh perspective that reflects my companys vision. -Clara Carter, Author/Publisher/Entrepreneur

    Your experience with Pat will be life-changing. Her passion and wealth of knowledge will inspire and motivate you to be the Best You you can be! -Dr. Goldie Frinks Wells, Former City Council Member


    "God Sets You Up Manifesto by Pat Freeman, has been a life changing read for me. I have been so inspired to continue with my dreams and live them awake. Thanks and gratitude to Pat for helping me 'see the signs' to my future." -DarLinda Finch, Team Dream Works

    ~ "Encouraging and passionate. I just could not get enough of Patricia Freeman's Manifesto. I will patiently wait for her next book as the "journey continues. -S.L., Educator

    Booking Coordinator for Brand Executive and writer for Ebony and Black Enterprise Magazines

    Inspirational Speaker for ITT Technical Institute Inspirational Speaker for the National Conference Of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO)

    Moderator for Dudley Mastermind Group with Joe Dudley Sr., founder of Dudley Products Inspirational Speaker for Womens Resource Center Moderator & Event Planner for Entrepreneurial Personality Workshop for Joe Dudley, Jr., President of Dudley Direct, Inc. Host & Event Planner of Building Millionaires for a Higher Purpose Seminar