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    By DENISE GEBERSProgress Staff Writer

    PAULDING Members of thePaulding County Park Districts boardof commissioners have at least 10months to re-energize the district. This ruling was handed down lastweek by Judge John A. DeMuth ofPaulding County Probate Court. The Court nds that even thoughthe statutory prerequisites are met(regarding the dissolution of the ParkDistrict), that action on the dissolutionshould be stayed for a period of at leastten months so that the Park DistrictBoard of Commissioners, as well as

    interested members of the public, begiven an opportunity to re-energizethe District, said Judge DeMuth in hisruling on Dec. 23. County commissioners and prosecu-tor had asked him to dissolve the boarddue to several years of inactivity. A no-tice from the county auditor stated nonancial activity had taken place in theaccount for more than ve years. A Dec. 15 hearing of the matter waswell-attended by elected and ap-pointed ofcials as well as members ofthe community. All provided input. At that time, Judge DeMuth took thematter under advisement and set a Dec.22 deadline for further, written inputfrom the community before handing

    down his decision. One subject, Kevin Haver, directorof the Johnny Appleseed MetropolitanPark District, Lima, who attended thehearing also followed up his visit witha letter to the Court dated Dec. 17. His correspondence thanked the

    BECCA GUYETTEFormer Resident

    named Woman of the Year2A

    Roman Laker - Part Two 9A

    See FIRE, page 2ASee PARK BOARD, page 15A

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    CountyElection board

    office to close PAULDING The PauldingCounty Election Board ofcewill be closed from noon to-day, Dec. 31, through Jan. 2 forthe New Years holiday. Ofce also will be closedJan. 14-16 for the OAEO con-ference.

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    Sheriffs department plans

    second K9 unit in 2015By DENISE GEBERSProgress Staff Writer

    PAULDING A second canine unitwill be added to the staff of the Pauld-ing County Sheriffs Ofce this comingspring, according to Sheriff Jason Land-ers. The need is there, he said. Itswarranted to add a second canine dueto what I believe to be the benet ofhaving one. And having one has beena blessing, especially in the area of nar-cotics. He went on to say Jano, the currentK9 unit and his handler, Deputy GaryDeitrick, get called in to work frequent-

    ly. Some weeks Gary gets no days off,said the Sheriff. Landers said having a second K9unit will allow the department to haveone K9 unit scheduled at least eighthours every day. He added that mostdays would even allow 16 hours with acanine on duty. It is in the plan to purchase the newdog in March so a second handler-dogteam can train beginning in April withthe Allen County, Ind. class. Selection process for a second handleris currently underway. Sheriff Landersexpects to make a decision about theposition in January or February.

    Fundraising for this second unit isalready under way. Landers estimat-ed startup expenses are $13,700. Thisincludes the $7,000 cost of the dog,$5,200 to convert a current vehicle intoa K9 friendly vehicle, $550 training and$1,000 for miscellaneous expenses likeuniforms, lead lines, leashes, kennel,cooling vest and the like. Unfortunately, no grants are currentlyavailable for this project. A fund has been established withthe Paulding County Area Foundationwhere director Lisa McClure has agreedto funnel donations through their 501C3accounts. Checks may be made payable

    to the foundation with a notation thatthe donation is for the Paulding CountySheriff K9 Unit Fund. These may besent to the ofce at 101 E. Perry St.,Paulding, OH 45879. Folks can still send or bring theirdonations to my ofce, said Landers.However, if they want to or need to usea resource for a taxable donation, theywould need to utilize the Foundation. We will seek requests from them forexpenses and maintenance of the K9

    program, Landers explained. He has been pleased with the workDeitrick and Jano have been doing,Jano is well worth the investment dueto his training and abilities, adding that

    his ofce will work with the same agen-cy to secure their second dog because ofJanos quality. Janos success rate when he alerts toa vehicle has been 94% that his alert issubstantiated. Thats a lot of illegal nar-cotics or paraphernalia deputies wereable to remove from the streets! I canonly speculate that adding another K9team will double those numbers dueto the accessibility of both K9 units,Landers noted. In a rundown of the K9 unit activitiesfor 2014, Landers gave the followingdata: 57 vehicle narcotic sniffs

    7 building searches (narcotic orsuspects) 19 public demonstrations 2 warrant checks during searchwarrants 5 tracking of eeing suspects 10 school searches 3 building checks due to alarms. The benets Ive seen in our con-tinuous battle with narcotics tell ofthe positive advancement for PauldingCounty, said Sheriff Landers. Wewere blessed with such swift nancialsupport on our rst K9 unit that I trulyhope the county sees the benet in thisand chooses to support us as we contin-ue to move forward.

    Jano will be getting some backup this coming spring as Pauld-ing County Sheriff Jason Landers prepares to purchase a secondK9 unit for his ofce.

    Judge gives

    reprieve to

    park board

    Jim Langham/Paulding County Progress

    Four re departments battled a blaze that destroyed a home Sunday evening west of Scott. Eight residents, includingsix children, were unharmed.

    Fire destroys home near ScottBy JIM LANGHAM

    Feature Writer SCOTT A major re completely de-stroyed the residence of the Rich Strunk-enberg family late Sunday afternoon. Scott reghters received a phone

    call at approximately 5:10 p.m. Dec. 28reporting the blaze. Scott Fire Chief JayKlopfenstein said that when his depart-ment arrived on the scene, they foundthe house fully engulfed in ames. Henoted that eight residents, including sixchildren, lived in the home. Klopfenstein said that part of the fam-ily was gone and part were home at the

    time the blaze erupted but nobody wasinjured. Describing the re as a total loss,Klopfenstein noted that the Scott Vol-unteer Fire Department received mutualaid from Payne, Paulding and Grover

    Hill. In addition, the American RedCross immediately began caring for thefamily and delivering food and water tothe site. Approximately 25 remen were onthe scene at the peak of activity, notedKlopfenstein. We were on the scene for approxi-mately seven hours, said Klopfenstein

    of the presiding Scott Department. Wearrived shortly after 5 p.m. and left closeto 12:30 a.m. Klopfenstein noted that the state remarshal examined the scene on Mondayand listed the cause, currently, as unde-

    termined origin. We want to thank everyone that pro-vided assistance, said Klopfenstein.Everyone was a great help. We had lotsof volunteers from the community thatcame to help, and we really appreciatethe assistance from the Red Cross.

  • 8/10/2019 Paulding County Progress Dec. 31, 2014.pdf


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