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  • 1. Social Media: I know I should bedoing it but....... Paula Bray Manager, Visual & Digitisation services Twitter @paulabrayby Dan_H

2. Digital, social & emerging technologies 3. make a lot of stuff 4. multi + for social mediaby angelsk 5. need to be relevantcontinue to engage new audiencesMuseums are experiencing change in the fast pace of changing technologies 6. how do we provide deeper engagement?so how do we use social media? what is the right platform? 7. platforms we use 8. platforms we use 9. 5 availablendableit is where I am and where I look online/web onsite/galleriesandoffsite/communitymeaningfulI can understand itusable/shareable I can pass it on and share responsiveto my interests, moods, location by Seb Chan fresh+new(er) 10. How do we apply these? 11. How do we apply these?Know your audience 12. Some rights reserved by 13. photography by Fanboy30what experience does our audience want? 14. not US or THEMbitzi took his umbrella and left 15. aim to go deepJean-Francois Lanzarone 16. our audience seeks personal connectionsby tapiolillerno shouting 17. starting conversations is crucialMarinco Kojdanovski 18. these shouldnt be one wayby eternaltedium 19. dont be slow to respond snail by Lastaii 20. risks need to be takenPhotography by Jean-Francois Lanzarone 21. if projects fail + evaluate = learn by Cornell University Library No known copyright restrictions 22. Be an openMuseum open to rich engagement, to new conversations by ilmungo 23. new ways to engage with audiencesthat may challenge, involveexperimentation by wader 24. dissolveboundariesbetweenexhibitions, programs, publications and webby Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) 25. Enable new interactions with visitors within ourspaces and online 26. Increase the level of collection informationaccessible throughopen access 27. 2007 wanted to share our photographic content to a broader audience 28. 2007 wanted to share our photographic content to a broader audience 29. Flickr screen grab 30. LikeText 31. co-create 32. Really signicant initiativefor photography collections 33. 200 images from Tyrrell collection 34. high valuesydney centricsold copies rarely exhibited no major publicationnot known for photographic content no measures? 35. to....make these collections even richer.Flickr screen grab 36. &get to know our community.... Flickr screen grab 37. in the rst 4 weeks40,000 views230 contacts2500 + tagspull back to our website 38. 3 millionFlickr screen grab over views 39. views are extremely high 4 fold compared to our website 40. its NOT just about the viewspracticalowl 41. participation is keyby moirabot 42. citizen curators 43. innovation taggingcomments citizen curators location then and nowidentication remix 44. our audience wants to engage 45. our audience wants to engage with us and with our content 46. Flickr screen grab Flickr screen grab citizen location identication? 47. geo-location 48. innovation using our contentPaul Hagon incredible 49. examples or reusethen and now photography 50. AR mobiletechnology 51. experiment our images + community comments 52. expected 500 entries in 8 weeks 53. over 2000 expected 500 entriesin 8 weeks 54. 12 Flickr photographers came to opening 55. co-creation 56. their 80s toostart conversations meet the audienceparticipationplace to share stories 57. we shared back to audience 58. Revitalisation 59. Revitalisation 13,643 views on Flickr set 60. Common Ground 2009global ickr meet-up 61. Community curated slideshow 62. projected onto each institution 63. a chance to get to KNOW and say to the communityvernhart 64. dedicated Flickr fans turned up 65. several locations around the world 66. Community presentations 67. comments on blogs 68. we ate the collection 69. face to face we ate the collection 70. 12 millionusers 71. mobile + social is changing in-galleryexperiences 72. Visitor Cyclerevisitation pre duringpostweb in gallery/handheld out/mobile/web didactichighly socialhighly socialcontrolledvisitor-led visitor-led 10%1% by Seb Chan fresh+new(er) 73. QR codes 74. QR code links to YouTube 75. heat map evaluation 76. Social mediaby Seb Chan fresh+new(er) 77. ndableSocial mediaby Seb Chan fresh+new(er) 78. ndablemeaningfulSocial mediaby Seb Chan fresh+new(er) 79. ndablemeaningfulSocial mediaresponsiveby Seb Chan fresh+new(er) 80. ndablemeaningfulSocial mediausable/shareable responsive by Seb Chan fresh+new(er) 81. ndable available meaningfulSocial mediausable/shareable responsive by Seb Chan fresh+new(er) 82. thank youPowerhouse Museum photographersall Flickr members using Creative Commons licensespaula braymanager, visual & digitisation