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Hauser Rockford, Illinois tly live in: Tampa, Florida ment: The ASPI (Applied Science and Performance I

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Paul HauserFrom: Rockford, IllinoisCurrently live in: Tampa, FloridaEmployment: The ASPI (Applied Science and Performance Institute)

At my current place of employment we search consistently for research on a number of different phenomenon's from supplementation effects to training protocols and adaptations.

My last research topic was on that from Bret Contrares, known as the glute god. I was researching different mechanics and movements for the ultimate glute hypertrophy and comparing the typical squat to glute bridges. Surprisingly enough much like any other heavily researched topic, many of it gets overlooked and things such as the best workout to build a bigger butt get lost. A topic that I would love to explore further would be the highly controversial anabolic window

I dont have any other experience talking at events other than that of auditoriums in front of large classes. I typical would speak for my group in projects as I'm an extroverted individual and thrive off of these events. I expect to fine tune my research capabilities and limit any amount of error I may have when looking for topics. One things I find interesting is when two researched phenomena go completely against what each other say, and how I properly go about giving evidence upon which is more properly designed and followed.