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  • 1. Patrizia Genovesi PHOTOGRAPHER WORKS

2. Patrizia Genovesi photographer 3. Patrizia GenovesiEXHIBITIONS AND WORKS 4. Patrizia GenovesiPatrizia Genovesi is a signicant presence in the panorama of contemporaryphotography and video art. Her interest in the quality of the image and theequilibrium of the composition, deeply inuenced by the best Italian paintingtradition, together with her fascination with technology and the search forcontamination and expression synergies between different arts, position her workamong the most interesting of this period.Genovesi metabolized a scientic education while at the same time nurturing hereclectic artistic sensibility by restlessly studying photography for which she hadLeonard Freed and Richard Kalvar of the Magnum Photos agency among herteachers, painting and music, plus other abilities like screenwriting, with well-knownItalian director Mario Monicelli and writer Domenico Starnone, and theater direction,with Argentinian theatre specialist Renzo Casali. 5. Her photographs of Nobel Prize laureates, including Rita Levi-Montalcini, John Nash,Richard Ernst, Robert Mundell, and Frank Wilczeck have been published by the NobelPrize Organization. Her portrait of Mrs. Levi-Montalcini was publicly exhibited inKamienna Gora - Poland - during the celebrations for the Nobel Prize laureate VictorHamburger. Her portraits of photographer Leonard Freed have been accepted as part ofthe permanent collection of the Muse de la Photographie in Charleroi - Belgium -.Genovesi is also active in designing, creating and organizing events that leverage andexploit the synergies of photography and other expression languages commonly thoughtof as distant, such as symphonic music often performed onsite with a live orchestra,digital technology, and architecture. Such events, which strongly appeal to a modern andconscientious public, have been successfully performed in a variety of locations in Italyand abroad, including institutional spaces, airports, museums and public libraries. 6. Patrizia Genovesi photo 7. Patrizia Genovesi photo 8. Patrizia Genovesi photo 9. Patrizia Genovesi photo 10. Black and white 11. I imagined a life in color but lived it in black and white, like a sequence of more or less intense graysmodulated by varying amounts of light. This was the perception of the intellectual faculty that discerns,that gathers concepts and experiences into homogeneous categories and ties them back to whatreality is in its core: an eternal conict between life and death.The black and the white recall the essence: the former is the absorption of all colors, the latter theirsynthesis. Thus they contain every color, every vital presence and every failure. 12. Patrizia Genovesi photo 13. Patrizia Genovesi photo 14. Intuition is for a photographer the synthesisthat the mind operates when capturing links,depths, consonances, rhythms, contrasts,and allowing us to merge them into a thoughtor a shot. 15. Patrizia Genovesi photo 16. Life is dense of relationships that can be spotted by looking with the right perspective. Theserelationships however only remain visible for an instant, as movement immediately re-arranges thingsinto a different conguration. !As a result, the visual perception of the situation is changed, and in thatmoment the very sense of reality changes for me as well. 17. Patrizia Genovesi photo 18. Patrizia Genovesi photo 19. Patrizia Genovesi photo 20. Patrizia Genovesi photo 21. Patrizia Genovesi photo 22. Patrizia Genovesi photo 23. Patrizia Genovesi photo 24. Patrizia Genovesi photo 25. Patrizia Genovesi photo 26. Patrizia Genovesi photo 27. Patrizia Genovesi photo 28. Photography and paintingI have been studying painting for years. I have absorbed the strokes of the pencil and brush, the angleof the hand, the strength of the signs. I have been studying the subjects to reproduce, the gazes to x,the weather to evoke, the densities of air. I have gone along with my impulse to make painting withphotography, by exploiting the characteristics of light and the power of the lens, and refusing to workwith effects that would transform a photograph into an image reasoned afterwards, on a computer. 29. Patrizia Genovesi photo 30. Patrizia Genovesi photo 31. Patrizia Genovesi photo 32. Patrizia Genovesi photo 33. Patrizia Genovesi photo 34. Multimedia Projects 35. Art and Science 36. Patrizia Genovesi photo 37. The installation is comprised of a gallery ofSome of the pictures in this project haveoriginal portraits of Nobel Prize laureates andbeen selected and published by the Nobelother personalities that have left a permanent Prize Organization.footprint in the development of mathematicsThe digital steganographic process to addand science. hidden texts and formulas to the photographsA face does not let the thoughts behind it towas realized by Prof. Corrado Giustozzi.emerge. At the same time, however, also theThe photographic gallery includes a portraitopposite is true: That same face is theof orchestra conductor, hiding within it theoutcome not only of a physical development,score of the symphonic concert he wouldbut all as genuinely of an intellectual andconduct during the event.psychological effort. In a sense, a face is alsothe result of thought; and a scientist is hisown work.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!To add this layer of signicance, texts andformulas drawn from the main works of theportrayed scientist have been invisibly addedto each picture by means of a technologictransformation applied to the digital format ofthe pictures. To further emphasize thesymbol, hidden texts and formulas have notbeen uniformly distributed, but have beenrather concentrated on image outlines andshade zones. These more contrasted areasare in fact those which most contribute to thedepth and expression of the subject and aretherefore the most appropriate where to addto the face image a symbolic reference to thework. 38. Patrizia Genovesi photo 39. Coriolan by L. v. Beethoven 40. Patrizia Genovesi photo 41. Patrizia Genovesi photo 42. The project was originated from the willingness to explore the creativity spaces that can be found inthe collaboration of music and photography, such that the modern video-art could encounter thegreatest musical tradition and emphasize its power of expression in a new language, more familiarto contemporary observers. !In putting together such seemingly diverse artistic expressions, the video camera becomes anadditional instrument of the orchestra. Following obediently, it reveals to observers eyes the slowtransguration of Conductor Giorgio Proietti, who while commanding an interpretation from theorchestra, makes himself an instrument of the Music by even physically evoking its ghosts andsuggestions. He makes Coriolan visible. He becomes himself Coriolan.Beethovens genius is so powerful that the feelings inspiring the main character emerge evenphysically. It is then possible that Coriolan, a military leader exiled from his home city, Rome, andexacerbated by a terrible inner laceration, enters into the Conductor-performer, and the latter giveshis identity back to him.The conductors gesture and posture highlight his metamorphosis. By letting the music penetrateinto him, he becomes Coriolan, a commander driving his soldiers to the battle, and at the same timea man exhacerbated by contrasting feelings that will nally lead him to death.The observer faces the physical and emotional intensity of the character, which bursts out in thevideo shoot of the concert and is crystallized within the exhibited frames where some of itssignicant moments are frozen. An expert work on the images removes all the redundant details toemphasize the drama.The camera enters into the melody, accompanies the observer, captures him with image, color, andmovement. He is involved by the energy, seduced by the music and rhythm. Although never forcedor convicted, he is not allowed to remain distant. 43. Orchestra RehearsalsThe Director impresses a view on his orchestra; he communicates it with his body and his gesture.The orchestra, while giving out its sound, is transformed into one single organism. It takes on form andrhythm for desire, for gratitude, for Art. So the magic happens.The project becomes the heart of an event. The images on display tell the musicians listening, waitingand executing. The live concert gives the public the emotion of a great performance. 44. Patrizia Genovesi photo 45. The Marriage of Figaro by W. A. MozartThe project illustrates all the stages of preparation and execution of an opera, including auditions,singers and orchestra rehearsals, and nal performance. Photographs, videos, sound recordings andnally the live performance tell the story of a masterpiece. 46. Patrizia Genovesi photo 47. Patrizia Genovesi photo 48. Giuseppe Verdi multimedia project 49. Patrizia Genovesi photo 50. Patrizia Genovesi photo 51. Patrizia Genovesi photo 52. Patrizia Genovesi photo 53. Patrizia Genovesi photo 54. Patrizia Genovesi photo Le Collaborazioni 55. Corrado Giustozzi Corrado Giustozzi is an information technology specialist,consultant and lecturer in information security, and sciencejournalist with more than twenty-ve year experience in thesector. His main areas of interest include cryptography andinformation protection techniques, information security incomplex organizations, contrast of high-tech crime, relationshipsbetween technology and law (digital identity, privacy,governance and compliance), and socio-cultural risk aspects inthe use of new technologies.He is a member of the Permanent Stakeholders Group of theEuropean Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA);cooperates with the Special Operations Group of the Carabinieri(Italian public security force) in investigation on and contrast ofcybercrime; is a member of the Scientic Committee of theComputer Crime Analysis