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  • 1. Past Progressive TensePresented by:Sarah,Anusha,Ayesha and Arpitha

2. LEARNING OBJECTIVE TO IDENTIFY PAST PROGRESSIVE TENSE 3. How Can We Identify a PastProgressive Tense ?We can identify a pastprogressive tense by havingwas/were in the sentence andthe verb should be havinging in the end.For exampleWe were having a lot of funat the party yesterday. 4. How do we make the PastContinuous Tense?SUBJECT + AUXILIARY MAIN VERBVERB +CONJUGATED IN PRESENTSIMPLE PAST TENSE PARTICIPLEWAS/WEREBASE + ING 5. NEGATIVE SENTENCES For negative sentences in the pastcontinuous tense, we insert not betweenthe auxiliary verb and main verb. Forquestion sentences, we exchange thesubject and auxiliary verb. Look atthese example sentences with the pastcontinuous tense: 6. NEGATIVE SENTENCESSUBJECT AUXILIARY MAINVERBVERB+ I WAS WATCHING TV+ YOU WEREWORKINGHARD- HE,SHE,IT WAS NOT HELPINGMARY- WEWERENOT JOKING? WEREYOU BEINGSILLY?? WERETHEYPLAYINGFOOTB ALL? 7. PAST CONTINOUS The farmer was working at 6 oclock yesterday evening 8. We use the past continuous to say thatsomebody was in the middle of doingsomething at a certain time. This time yesterday the hairdresser was working 9. The past simple and the past continuous do not mean exactly the same. Compare:When Mary arrived, we were When Mary arrived, we had dinner.having dinner. This means that Mary arrived first andThis means that we already started then we had dinner.dinner before Mary arrived 10. What were Mike and Louise doingyesterday? 11. QuizFill in the blanksIt was _______ (get) darker (pastprogressive) .We were ______(listen) to theradio all evening(past progressive)Make a sentence with the wordLookPlay