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  • 1. UNIVERSIDAD EVANGLICA DE EL SALVADOR Licenciatura en traduccin e interpretacin del idioma ingls Name: Dennis Jeancarlo Quijano Guzmn. Teachers name: Lic. Soraya Osorio. Subject: English.

2. Past continuous. 3. I started doing I was doing I finished doing I-II Past Now We usually use the PastContinuous to talk about activities that lasted for some time in the past. The actions can be interrupted by something or can be happening at the same time. 4. Affirmative sentences. Negative Sentences. YES/NO Question. WH- Question. 5. Past Continuous in the affirmative sentences: We form the past continuous tense with the helping verb was/were + present participle (V1 + -ing). You can use the next form for realized a affirmative sentences: 6. Examples: Subject+was/were+verb with ing+complement. We were sitting in the garden when my uncle arrived. I was eating when my boss called. She was playing vide games with her brother. 7. Past Continuous in the negative sentences: We form the negative with the helping verb was/were + not + present participle (V1 + -ing). 8. Examples: Subject + was/were + not + verb + ing + complement. I wasn't having dinner at the hotel. We weren't playing football when the earthquake began. 9. Yes / No Question. 10. Past Continuous in the yes/no question : We form questions by using the helping verb was/were + subject + present participle (V1 + -ing). 11. Examples: Was/were + subject+ verb + ing + complement + ? Was she going to the theater when it started raining? Were you painting your house yesterday at 5 PM? Was Mary shopping when the mall was burning? 12. WH- Question 13. Past Continuous in the WH- Question : In these questions we must change the order of the subject and the auxiliary verb, as we did in the type yes / no, and replace the information we asked for the corresponding interrogative particle. 14. Examples: Wh-question + was/were + subject + verb + ing + complement + ?. What were the defenders doing when Kenneth struck the ball? What were we eating? 15. END