Passion Quotient

Passion Quotient

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Passion Quotient

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Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling….

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Ever wanted to know about your passion quotient (PQ)?

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Well if not, go for it as even as 20 per cent increase in PQ can act like virtual

energy and work wonders for corporates, students and professionals


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Friedman's proposed formula is Curiosity quotient plus Passion

quotient is greater than Intelligent Quotient.

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IQ still matters, but CQ and PQ ... matter even more

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Passion quotient is part of a formula put forth by more than

one author as a way to demonstrate acquisition of knowledge.

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IQ comes more like a hard wired DNA bonanza which you cannot really

improve upon, whereas you can raise your PQ threshold and become more creative by making some conscious


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The fire in the belly ie., passion contributed more to Albert Einstein's success than his

high IQ…

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Human emotions cannot be measured accurately. PQ cannot be assigned a

number or figure as in the case of IQ. PQ is notional, indicative and representative in nature.

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Passion generates creativity and creativity needs passion. Passion can fire up that creative genius which all of us to some degree


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People like A R Rahman, Shah Rukh Khan, Narayana Murthy, Elvis Presley and

Muhammad Ali -- are the ones who got involved in their work because they liked

their work. This is the mantra to their success.

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Passion is a very strong expression. It resides in your heart and in the pit of your stomach, maybe in the rest of

your vibrant body -- but certainly not in your head. And many a times it

doesn't see reason.

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It is an emotion and therefore, is part of emotional competence. Human emotions

unfortunately cannot be singled out or compartmentalised as they are interlinked.

At best you can make clusters of closly related emotions. It finds its direct

connectivity with enthusiasm, excitement, drive, arousal, grit, motivation and even

obsession to name a few.

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Big Companies follow this…

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Create a Passion Rank

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Don’t feel depressed about work, start enjoying it….

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