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Transcript of Partial Turnkey Process Case1

SAP Component: Project System Version: ECC 6.0 R/3EHP 5.0

Partial Turn Key ScenarioDocument on proposed Partial Turn Key Project as per the new guidance from MSEDCL

Table of Contents1.Case 1. New process/stock available Division /Circle31.1Create project with partial turnkey profile.31.2Maintain material in T-code ZPS_HO_POMAT51.3Maintain material in ZPS_MR_REQ51.4Maintain centages amount and extra tax amount to project61.5Budget allocation.71.5.1Copy total plan cost to TOP WBS t-code IM52.71.5.2Distribute Budget to each WBS.t-code CJ30.71.5.3Released budget t-code CJ32.81.6Project released. T-code CJ20N.91.7Material procurement process101.7.1Materials provided by MSEDCL. in division /circle101. material requisition for MSEDCL materials T-code-ZMM_PROJECT_MR101. MR T-code ZMM_PROJECT_MR_APPV121. transfer transfer material from plant storage to project storage location i.e vendor storage location T-code - ZMM_PR_STKTRF131. pass T-code - ZMM_PROJ_GATEPASS.141.7.2Materials provided by vendor T-code ZPS_PO161.7.3Good Receipt - MRHO181.7.4Stock view MBBS181.8Creation of JMC181.9Creation of RABILL191.10Invoice creation T-code ZPS_INV201.11Invoice parking zfi_project_invoice211.11.1Material parking211.11.2Centages service service sheet211.11.3Centages invoice parking22

1. Case 1. New process/stock available Division /Circle1.1 Create project with partial turnkey profile. Here we have created three WBS, in which following are data maintains- In WBS IF-15-124.01Materials are supply by Vendor as well as MSEDCL. In WBS IF-15-124.02Materials are supply by MSEDCL In WBS IF-15-124.03Materials are supply by vendor only.

Note : those materials which are supply by MSEDCL, only reservation are created i.e in procurement assignment WE is selected. Maintain activity and item no for MSEDCL materials activity.Note: if activity and item no is not maintain by user, then MSEDCL materials will be not shown while doing JMC

1.2 Maintain material in T-code ZPS_HO_POMATMaintain project in ZPS_HO_POMAT.

Here we can edit unit price of materials which is provided by MSEDCL.

1.3 Maintain material in ZPS_MR_REQHere we maintain those materials which need to be generate material request.Click on all materials as in this case, all materials need to generate material request.

If MR is require, do check (tick)

1.4 Maintain centages amount and extra tax amount to project T-code- CJ40Maintain centages amount to each WBS for those materials which are provide by MSEDCL.

1.5 Budget allocation.1.5.1 Copy total plan cost to TOP WBS t-code IM52. 1.5.2 Distribute Budget to each WBS.t-code CJ30.Distribute budget to each wbs using select all, copy view, plan total.

1.5.3 Released budget t-code CJ32.

1.6 Project released. T-code CJ20N. Released the project. Note : PR will be created for Vendor procure materials.

1.7 Material procurement processIn Partial turnkey process, there are two type of materials procure a) Materials provide by MSEDCLb) Materials provide by vendor

1.7.1 Materials provided by MSEDCL.Note: In this case materials are in division/circle stock. Stock in division /circle Create material requisition for MSEDCL materials T-code-ZMM_PROJECT_MRNote: Prior generating MR, user should check whether materials are in stock.If materials are in respective circle stock, then user should transfer circle stock to respective division.

T-code MB52 for stock view with respective materials.

MR creation t-code ZMM_PROJECT_MR.

Enter supplying plant and supplying store.

Click on save & print. Approved MR T-code ZMM_PROJECT_MR_APPVEnter MR number.

Click on process Stock transfer transfer material from plant storage to project storage location i.e vendor storage location T-code - ZMM_PR_STKTRF Gate pass T-code - ZMM_PROJ_GATEPASS.

Print preview

Stock view T-CODE MBBS

1.7.2 Materials provided by vendor T-code ZPS_PONote: Before PO creation, system will check, if ZPS_PO_HOMAT and ZPS_MR_REQ is maintained for MSEDCL materials.

Materials PO-4630000571

Centages PO 4630000572

Note: this amount is calculated from materials provided by msedcl which is maintain ZPS_PO_HOMAT

1.7.3 Good Receipt - MRHO

1.7.4 Stock view MBBS

1.8 Creation of JMCJMC Created with JMC number : IF-15-124-MJ0001

Note: Here last two line item are material provided by MSEDCL.1.9 Creation of RABILL RABill Created with RABill number : IF-15-124-RA0001

Here last two materials are provided by MSEDCL which is not editable field.Note: RAbill amount is sum of materials provided by vendor only.1.10 Invoice creation T-code ZPS_INV Note :Here centages amount of those material which provided by MSEDCL is also included.Invoice has been Created with Invoice number : IF-15-124-IV00011.11 Invoice parking zfi_project_invoice1.11.1 Material parking

Document 5105601552 Has Been Parked.1.11.2 Centages service service sheetNote: here service sheet will be created for both line item i.e for MSEDCL and vendor materials.

1.11.3 Centages invoice parking

Document 5105601554 Has Been Parked