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Parent Orientation & Welcome. For Price Parents! . Price Staff. Denee Signorelli: Principal Esther Tokihiro: Vice Principal Tricia Graham: Counselor Denise Lagarde: Psychologist. 6 th Grade Sample Schedule . 7/8 th Grade Sample Schedule. 6 th grade Notes. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Parent Orientation & Welcome

Parent Orientation & WelcomeFor Price Parents!

1Price Staff

Denee Signorelli: PrincipalEsther Tokihiro: Vice PrincipalTricia Graham: Counselor Denise Lagarde: Psychologist26th Grade Sample Schedule Mon.Tues.Wed.Thur.Fri.1stCoreCorePer. 6Per. 7Core2ndCoreCoreCore3rdP.E.P.E.Per. 4Per. 5P.E.4thS. S.S.S.S.S.5thScienceSciencePer. 2Per. 3Science6thMathMathMath7th ExploratoryExploratoryEarly ReleasePer. 1Exploratory37/8th Grade Sample ScheduleMon.Tues.Wed.Thur.Fri.1st CoreCorePer. 6Per. 7Core2ndCoreCoreCore3rdS.S.S.S.Per. 4Per. 5S.S.4thScienceScienceScience5thP.E.P.E.Per. 2Per. 3P.E.6thMathMathMath7thElectiveElectiveEarly ReleasePer. 1Elective46th grade NotesCore (Reading/Language arts)/ Social Studies: Team teacher 1Math/ Science: Team teacher 2 Exploratory for 6th grade- Quest & Computers taught by 6th grade teachersQuest- requiredComputers- requiredArtMusicSpanishBusiness Technology

5Notes for all parents!Cafeteria services: breakfast, brunch, lunch daily (Cost per lunch: $2.75) Debit card program in place of meal tickets. Accepts cash. (6th grade exclusive lunch)6th grade area primarily separated from upper grades. Back to School Night for 6th grade on Wed. 8/28 (No students please.) Evening starts with dinner followed by teachers presentations in the classroom. 7/8th grade BTSN- Thurs., 8/29Homework Center: 3-4 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. (before and after school) Sept. 6- 6th gr. Sept. 13- all.Targeted intervention: Identified students needing extra support.


7Communication Best communication via email. Checked daily. Email: [email protected] Price Parent in the subject line, helps to bypass spam filter!

All parents will receive a user ID/password for PowerSchool access. Price web site. New system- PowerSchool will now provide email, phone and text message communications.8Responsibility Part of being a middle school student is to take more responsibility. We DO NOT accept deliveries of any kind for students. This includes lunch, homework, PE clothes, money, balloons, etc. Provide a quiet place for your child to complete homework. There is homework nightly. We will be sharing our Homework plan soon.9Parent partnership/involvement Be involved! Its what makes Price such a super school for everyone! The more you give the more you get out of the experience as a parent.

If you are interested in helping out in the classroom, please contact your students teacher directly. Help is also needed in the office, for yard duty and during school events.

We have a very active Home & School club, School Site Council and English Language Advisory Council. (See communications for dates.)10STUDENTS

11Communication Let your teachers know if you do not understand the assignment or lesson, have further questions, or if you need to see them after school. Many teachers work with students regularly before or after school. Homework is posted online via teacher websites, or on PowerSchool. Students should write their homework assignments in the agenda, which must be carried daily.12Responsibility Follow all Price rules see Student Handbook. Cell phones are not allowed to be used (includes texting) or powered on while on campus. The phone may not be on your person and must be off and placed in your backpack during the school day. There is an automatic confiscation of the phone and Saturday School for violations. (Some teachers may allow use for educational purposes and field trips.) Be organized. Handbooks must be carried daily. Use it to keep track of homework/projects, activities, special bell schedule, etc. P.E. uniforms must be worn during class-will be available for purchase during the first two weeks of school. Students usually dress out the 2nd week of school.13InvolvementTons of activities, find your interest and you will enjoy middle school more! Clubs, sports, music, MOUSE Squad, spirit activities . . .

14 Prepared Organization Responsibility Effort Respect CaringCooperation Integrity

perate SafelyFlexibilityPerseverance PatienceUnderstand Others Friendship Sense of Humor Common SenseDemonstrate Problem-Solving InitiativeCuriosity & Courage

15P.R.O.U.D2013-2014 School Year

Students are awarded PROUD grams for showing appropriate behavior. 5- 50 cents student store 10- OOPS pass & name on PNN. 15- Hat Pass or Ice cream party 20- Spin the Wheel 30- Pizza party 40- Sash for 8th celebration16Miscellaneous Notes Text books- 2 sets: one for school and one for home No lockers except for P.E. No lock needed. Students need to take responsibility for their backpack & all possessions. Counseling for all grade levels (see Mrs. Graham) Accelerated Classes for identified students. Administration works with elementary to ensure proper placement. Tdap immunization required to start school for 7th graders and new 8th grade students.17

We hope your student will thoroughly ENJOY Price!