Paradise Lost.

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De ja vue De ja vue This presentation is to This presentation is to call upon the Lucian call upon the Lucian people and our elected people and our elected officials to stop the officials to stop the madness madness

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Transcript of Paradise Lost.

  • De ja vueThis presentation is to call upon the Lucian people and our elected officials to stop the madness

  • 2 of the victims of that tragic road accident

  • Cest la vie in St .LuciaDate . April 12, 2009

  • The killing fields of St. Lucia

  • could this be the next visitor to Saint Lucia?

  • Saint Lucia simply beautiful

  • Saint Lucia a hell hole

  • OMG ! What a waste

  • According to my cursory survey the most common causes of accidents areCommon causes of accident

    According to my survey, the increasing number of deaths and injuries caused by vehicular accident are due to:

    Negligence All most 98% of accidents is caused by irresponsible driving behavior like, talking with the passengers, high volume stereo, fatigue from a long day work, improper use of cell phones and rubbernecking. Over speeding Bad weather condition Driving too fast especially in rainy days were the roads are wet may cause the car to lose control causing accident. Improper changing of lanes and signaling is one of the causes of auto accidents in St. Lucia. Driving after drinking liquor This one of the most common causes of death in Saint Lucia We need to jail the bastards for life

  • When will we ever learn?

  • Who is to be blame for this madness?

  • The end results of an inept government

    Victor Norman Bklyn. NY.An individual charged with vehicular homicide may very well be facing possible LIFE IN PRISON or a significant number of years behind bars, This is the sole solution to our wanton behavior in St. Lucia

  • We need to incarcerate them drivers 4 life

    vehicular homicide (also known as vehicular manslaughter) should be considered as a crime in Saint Lucia . In general, it involves death that results from the negligent operation of a vehicle, or that results from driving whilst committing an unlawful act punishable by death or life time incarceration.

  • We need to make vehicular manslaughter a high profile crime

  • Curbing road accidents on our highway .our inept elected official should form a committee that would locate and identify potential accident spots and placing caution signs and speed bumps in the area this would suffice to reduce the amount of accidents

  • How safe are our imported vehicles?

  • Being part of the solutionMy dear friend the fisherwoman accused me of being too insensitive. Dear fisherwoman the nature of this presentation is to sensitize the general public and to demand from our inept government a comprehensive road plan that would suffice to minimize the carnage on our roads.The volume of serious accidents occurring on the road should be a matter of great concern to all of us. Not a day passes when we do not read report of at least 1 or 2 serious road accidents. Almost everyone has been affected by such accidents at one time or the other., because a relative or friend is somehow connected to such accidents. The number of deaths per year per in St. Lucia is escalating. The number of motor vehicle is increasing day by day. Though it is a sign of improving economy of the country. It is a bitter truth that is also adds to accidents on roads. Our inability to persecute offenders ,post road signs, install speed bumps and widen the roads or to construct new roads in proportion to rise in vehicle population also results in perpetuating this state of affairs