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Transcript of Papercrete - Papercrete What? Manufacture Building a Mixer Mass Production Properties Strength...

  • Papercrete What? Manufacture Building a Mixer Mass Production Properties Strength Commercial Acceptance Case Studies

  • What What...Papercrete is a construction material which consists of re-pulped paper �ber with Portland cemend or clay/ and or other soil added

    When...First patented in 1928 and revived during the 1980s

    Why... It has low environmental impact and is very cheap becuase it is made of recy- cled material, and is great for isulation

  • Manufacture Paper...May be old newspapers junk mail, or pretty much anything

    Soak... Soak the paper in water

    Mix... the paper with cement and or mud until you get a consistancy similar to oatmeal

    Pour... into blocks and then use the same mix to glue the blocks together

  • Build a Tow Mixer Tow basically a trailer made from the rear end of a car, with the part that would attach to the drive shaft sticking upward and a lawn mower blade attached to it. The blade is surrounded by a large stock watering tank where the mixing occurs. There is a ba�e on the side of the tank to force the slurry back into the blade as it circulates.

  • Mass Production Mason Greenstar...Only commercially viable paper- crete manufacturer

    Materials...comprised of recycled short-�ber cellulose (news- papers, phonebooks, lottery tickets, and paper mill sludge), cement, and a two part organ- ic ad-mixture

    Greenstar Blox®...are produced in a 10"x14"x4" building block, replicating the traditional adobe size. Can be cast into various shapes, sizes, and forms.

  • Material Properties Good insulator...Paper �bres trap the air , and when the water drains out, leaves tiny air pockets which result in an R-value equal to 2-3 R/inch. (more than insulating materials).

    Lightweight...papercrete blocks are 80% air and thus are less than a third of the weight of a comparably-sized adobe brick

    Sound-proo�ng...can be applied as a sound-proo�ng material

  • Material Properties Works as a Sponge...Cured Papercrete acts like a sponge unless it is coated with some- thing to stop the entry of water.

    Not a Problem...because there is nothing in the wall that would be damaged by water, even if it got past the papercrete layer, which it rarely or never does

    New Concept...a roof: a sponge that welcomes the moisture, and then simply give it back to the atmosphere through evaporation

  • Material Strength Compressive reported to be in the 140-260 psi range. Although a low number it is su�cient for many low height buildings.

    Tensile Strength...a block is equivalent to 100 pages of paper thus tensile strength is fairly good

    Shear Strength...It is hard to pull a piece of paper apart but ripping it is easy and thus shear strenght is poor so it should be reinforced with steel

  • Commercial Acceptance Code...As of 2007, papercrete lacks approval from the Internationl Code Council. This limits the use within city limits of most U.S. cities where building codes apply.

    Application...Cannot be used as a load-bearing wall where codes apply, however its strength in model structures hase been proven.

    Durability...Little evidence of long- term durability yet

  • Case Study Tijuana House Prototype This prototypes incorporates a recycled plastic bottle thermal mass wall system, a low-cost window prototype, low-cost green roof, and papercrete walls

    Climate...Mild-temperatures during the winter ranges from 5 C to 23 C, and in the summer ranges from 18 C to 30 C

    Where.. Lyle Center, CPP

  • Case Study Papercrete... Doors and windows can simply be cut out of a solid wall with a chainsaw. Reinfor- cing rebar can be drilled vertic- ally down into the wall system after it has been erected.

    Breathability...A wall system would typically be �nished with a protective coating of lime plaster. The breathability of the lime allows moisture to pass out of the wall should any accumulate within. A more permanent seal could trap moisture inside and cause structural instability and provide a medium for mold growth.



    lime plaster

  • Case Study Dome... The Freeform Dome is made from �brous adobe, uses bottles to let light through the walls of the entrance corridor (no door), and the skylight is half bottles.

    Where.. Columbus, New Mexico

  • Case Study Cheap Shelter.. A barn- shaped shelter at Mike's place, made from papercrete blocks (walls) and pallets �lled with papercrete (roof ).

    Where.. Columbus, New Mexico

  • References “Implementing Papercrete in a Low Cost Housing Prototype for Tijuana, Mexico” Matthew Jade West

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