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Slide di supporto al panel sul ruolo dei blogger di viaggi nella comunicazione turistica (formato pdf)

Transcript of Panel Travel Blogging BTO 2011 Firenze

  • 1. Travel Bloggers UniteBlog trip and the role of Travel Bloggers in Destination Marketing

2. Your Moderator todayMichele AggiatoCountry Manager @ Zoover.itSocial Media AddictBloggerFind me 3. Your Moderator today Initiator of 1st Italian Twitter Chatabout Travel and Tourism Co-Owner and Director of Travel Blogger ElevatorFind me 4. Kash 5. Kash Bhattacharya Expert Blogger Easyjet Official Visit Britain Supper Blogger Top 50 Influencers in Travel based on Klout Score Blogtrips #InCostabrava, #DelicoiusEmR, ... 6. Melvin 7. Melvin Bcher World Traveler and Social Media Expert Founder of Travel Blogger Community Initiator of Travel Talk on Tuesday #TTOT Twitter Chat Blogtrips #InCostabrava, #ValenciaF1Blogtrip ... 8. Credits by Tommaso Galli ( FarabegoliBlogger and Web 9. Alessio CarciofiSocial Media Strategist in 10. FashionFood Mom MusicGameBook Education Political Tech 11. TRAVEL 12. Blogtrips & Social Media Events2010/2011 across Europe 13. St. Albans Scottland SwedenTBU Manchester TBEX CopenhagenHollandWalesZurichTBU InnsbruckFrench Atlantic Coast Emilia Romagna Asturias PyreneeUmbria Costa Brava ValenciaTuscany PisaRias Baixas Capoliver (Elba) Antequera 14. Simon 15. Simon Falvo Travel Blogger & Media + PR Consultant Official Visit Britain Supper Blogger Organized Like a Local from Lucca to Pisa Blogtrip in Tuscany 16. 3 (Italian) Case Histories 17. 3 (Italian) Case HistoriesUmbria on the BlogElba Uva 2011 Social Media Event Living like a local in Tuscany Blogtrip 18. Umbria JazzEurochocolate 19. The Buzz around Umbria on the Blog 20. Credits by Tommaso Galli ( Media Event: ElbaUva11 21. Elba uva 11 Social Media TeamWith courtesy of 22. Elba uva 11 Year-to-Year Comparison With courtesy of 23. Tuscany Like a Local: Bloggers 24. Tuscany Like a Local: Sponsors 25. Blogtrip Key FactorsSocial Media Team: Good mix of category / opionion leaderAll inclusive All costs covered, and every participant has theopportunity to share the experience through his favorite mediaExperience Deliver all a great experience from all the destination offering,so that the particpants are motivated to share as much as possible fro their tripTrust This type of initiative is highly credible and wil put the destination on awhole new level of attendance and trust. 26. Thank you! Thank you!See you at