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2. 3. Background Information

  • Pandas are currently endangered (1600 left in world)
  • Captive breeding is a necessity to help make them not endangered anymore
  • Pandas origins are deep within the Chinese forests and in rocky/snowy mountains
  • Most pandas die early because of habitat destruction, population fragmentation, walking into hunters traps for other animals and bamboo extinction
  • Active for an average of 14 hours a day

4. 5. 6. Baby zhen zhen in the tree 7. Gao Gao sleeping 8. 9. Bai Yun&Zhen Zhens habitat 10. Overall Review

  • Overall, the recreations were proficient
  • Pandas conducted activity that they would normally conduct in the wild
  • Many abiotic/biotic factors present: Trees, rocks, caves, logs
  • Possible recommendations: To link the recreations so there are interactions between the pandas and to add more trees because the pandas enjoy climbing them

11. 12. 13. Exclusive Footage 14. Baby zhen zhen