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  • 1. Pre-Qualification Document
  • 2. PGISystems Contents 1.0 Company Information 2.0 Affiliations 3.0 Certificates 4.0 Project List 2|Page February 2010
  • 3. PGISystems 1.0 Company Information Pan Gulf Holdings is a company that strategically diversified into independent subsidiaries and operating affiliate companies, employing professional staff throughout the Middle East. PGI Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pan Gulf Holdings which has been leading the business world in the Middle East for over 30 years and is listed in the top 50 Saudi Companies. Pan Gulf Group trading figures for 2003 to 2008 Notes: All amounts are in US $ millions. Year ends at 31st March Financial results do not include affiliates. Financial year April to March Independent Financial Verification Dun & Bradstreet Number 55-765-4928 PGI Systems PGI Systems is able to design, supply, install and commission state- of-the-art technological solutions required for the modern day projects. The international companies we partner with and represent are world leaders in the manufacture of fire, security and instrumentation equipment and systems. PGI Systems is proud to be associated with them. 3|Page February 2010
  • 4. PGISystems Company Head Office Commercial Registration Number Pan Gulf Industrial Systems CR 2051037272 P.O.Box 2473 Al Khobar 31952 Membership Saudi Arabia Client Approvals Aramco Vendor number 10013830 Aramco Contractor number 10032328 Sabic Vendor number 100476 Sabic Contractor 201 Sabic Shared Services 504289 SEC Vendor number S4480 SEC Contractor number 10572 SWCC Contractor number 0350 Marafiq Vendor number 2900 Siemens Vendor number 50111298 Saipem Spa vendor number 62103 Yokogawa Vendor number 000439 Royal Commission (Yanbu) 12614 Royal Commission (Jubail) 12614 ADWEA Contractor number 001167 ADGAS Vendor number 100659 TAKREER Contractor number 000855 GASCO Contractor number 000855 ADNOC Vendor number 000855 Geographic Coverage PGI Systems is able and has the capability to Design, Supply and Commission systems for projects on a worldwide basis. We have facilities strategically located around the globe that are tasked with either sales, client liaison Project Management, Engineering, Fabrication and any or all of these aspects for a complete solution. Aberdeen Purchasing and Sales Norfolk - Purchasing and Bangkok Sales, Project Sales Management, Engineering Al-Khobar Head Office Mumbai - Singapore - Sales Jubail - Fabrication Engineering Bahrain - Sales Perth - Sales and Project Abu Dhabi - Sales Liaison 4|Page February 2010
  • 5. PGISystems 2.0 Affiliations PGI Systems are affiliated with some of the world leaders in the fields of excellence. Our technology partners pride themselves in leading the way in many of the new innovative technological advances made in the field of electronics and software in their particular area of refinement. Our partners span a wide spectrum of technologies and have a synergy with each other. The technology partners can be grouped into various clusters which compliment their individual attributes and when combined together PGI Systems can provide a Total Solution for On or Off Shore projects. Hazardous Fire and Gas Equipment Detection Total Solution Safety Communication CCTV DCS Systems Systems Surveillance Access Gaseous and Control Control ESD Foam Deluge Fire Protection Detection systems Command and Control Halon Replacement Mist/Sprinkler Environmental Pledge PGI Systems are committed to become a world leader in the removal of Halon and other ODS from the environment by 2011. 5|Page February 2010
  • 6. PGISystems Fire and Gas Detection/Protection Communications Instrumentation/Automation GE IntelligentPlatforms 6|Page February 2010
  • 7. PGISystems Security/Surveillance/Incident Management Halon Replacement First Point Assessment (FPAL) F PAL Supp lie r nu mb er 10051820 7|Page February 2010
  • 8. PGISystems 3.0 Certification PGI Systems prides itself on continually endeavouring to improve the quality of our management systems and the aspirations of our staff. PGI Systems is ISO9001 certified (see below) and being a global player we carry many other certificates and licences from countries around the world please see below. A complete copy of our quality procedures, current certifications and licences are available on our web site 8|Page February 2010
  • 9. PGISystems Zakat (Tax) Certificate 1 Zakat (Tax) Certificate 2 9|Page February 2010
  • 10. PGISystems Commercial Registration (PGI Systems) Commercial Registration (Security) Saudi Arabia Ministry of Interior Approval (Security) 10 | P a g e February 2010
  • 11. PGISystems Company Formation Certificate (Thailand) Company Formation Certificate (Singapore) 11 | P a g e February 2010
  • 12. PGISystems Company Formation Certificate (Australia) 12 | P a g e Fe