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Friday, 19 April, 2013 Jamadul Sani 8, 1434 Rs 17.00 Vol III No 292 19 Pages Islamabad Edition High earning groups face lesser food inflation No matter which digit the inflation numbers are hitting, the price hike in the country is breaking the back of those earning the lowest among various income groups. And those living in the federal capital, Islamabad, appeared to be most-affected compared to their countrymen residing in other provincial capitals of Pakistan. page 16 aisam becomes no 1 in asia, 9th in World in doubles Pakistan’s tennis ace Aisam ul Haq has earned yet another laurel for his country by gaining the number one ranking in Asia and world number 9 ranking worldwide. According to the recent released ATP World Ranking List, Aisam with his personal ranking of No. 9 in the World is the top Asian tennis player on ATP World Ranking List of Doubles players. page 15 pML-n’s solo flight may have its consequences With hardly any chance of making alliances or noteworthy seat adjustment in the Punjab and elsewhere in the country, the PML-N is all set to take a solo fight in the upcoming general elections. With the final battle-lines almost drawn between the parties and contestants having almost finalised their candidates, it seems that the PML-N is nowhere near joining hands with any other political party in the Punjab. page 09 Taliban vow revenge over guantanamo shootings The Taliban on Thursday pledged to take revenge on US troops in Afghanistan after guards at Guantanamo prison fired non- lethal rounds at inmates to quell unrest. Guards at the US-run prison in Cuba fired the rounds last Saturday to halt unrest as they relocated inmates into individual cells, US military officials said. Officials met with resistance from some detainees as they moved inmates from communal housing to individual cells. page 07 Malala makes it to Time’s 100 Most influential people STorY on page 04 TV channel taken off air for airing anti-Kayani remarks US general again alleges ISI’s links with Haqqanis LHC allows Pervez Ashraf to contest elections STorY on page 02 STorY on page 04 STorieS on pageS 03 & 04 STorY on page 03 STorY on page 02 ISB 19-04-2013_Layout 1 4/19/2013 6:00 AM Page 1
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PakistanToday E-paper 19th Aapril, 2013

Transcript of PakistanToday E-paper 19th Aapril, 2013

  • Friday,19April,2013JamadulSani8,1434Rs17.00VolIIINo29219Pages IslamabadEdition

    High earninggroups face lesserfood inflation

    No matter which digit the inflationnumbers are hitting, the price hike inthe country is breaking the back ofthose earning the lowest amongvarious income groups. And thoseliving in the federal capital,Islamabad, appeared to be most-affected compared to their countrymen residing in other provincial capitals ofPakistan. pag e 16

    aisam becomes no 1 in asia, 9th inWorld in doubles

    Pakistans tennis ace Aisam ul Haq hasearned yet another laurel for hiscountry by gaining the number oneranking in Asia and world number 9ranking worldwide. According to the recent released ATPWorld Ranking List, Aisam with hispersonal ranking of No. 9 in the Worldis the top Asian tennis player on ATP World Ranking List ofDoubles players. page 15

    pML-ns solo flightmay have its consequences

    With hardly any chance of makingalliances or noteworthy seat adjustmentin the Punjab and elsewhere in thecountry, the PML-N is all set to take a solofight in the upcoming general elections.With the final battle-lines almost drawnbetween the parties and contestantshaving almost finalised their candidates,it seems that the PML-N is nowhere nearjoining hands with any other politicalparty in the Punjab. page 09

    taliban vow revengeover guantanamoshootings

    The Taliban on Thursday pledged to takerevenge on US troops in Afghanistan afterguards at Guantanamo prison fired non-lethal rounds at inmates to quell unrest.Guards at the US-run prison in Cuba firedthe rounds last Saturday to halt unrest asthey relocated inmates into individualcells, US military officials said. Officialsmet with resistance from some detaineesas they moved inmates from communalhousing to individual cells. page 07

    Malala makes it totimes 100 Most influential people

    story on page 04

    tV channel taken o air forairing anti-Kayani remarks

    US general againalleges ISIs linkswith Haqqanis

    LHC allows Pervez Ashraf tocontest elections

    story on page 02story on page 04

    stories on pages 03 & 04

    story on page 03

    story on page 02

    ISB 19-04-2013_Layout 1 4/19/2013 6:00 AM Page 1

  • NFriday, 19 April, 2013



    PML-Ns persistent opposition

    made Musharraf stand before a

    court of law Pervez Rashid

    LHC allows Ashraf tocontest elections


    A full bench of the Lahore High Courton Thursday provisionally allowed for-mer prime minister Raja Pervaiz Ashrafto contest elections from NA-51.The bench, comprising Justice ijazulAhsan, Justice Mansoor Ali Shah andJustice Mazahar Ali Akbar Naqvi, or-dered the Election Commission of Pak-istan (ECP) to include Ashrafs name inthe list of valid candidates. However, itlinked the decision with the final out-come of the petition.The LHC also issued notices to the ECPand objector, irfan Aziz, to appear onApril 22 and also sought replies. The bench passed the orders on a petitionfiled by Ashraf challenging the rejectionof his nomination papers by a returningofficer for NA-51 and dismissal of hisappeal by an election tribunal.

    TV channel taken off air for airing anti-Kayani remarks


    The broadcast of Capital TV, a privateTV channel owned by former FiAdeputy director general Ahmed RiazSheikh, was taken off air across thecountry on Thursday when a guest on alive talk show used abusive languageagainst Chief of Army Staff GeneralAshfaq kayani. Sources told Pakistan Today on condi-tion of anonymity that a guest on a talkshow hosted by senior journalist EjazHaider insulted the Army chief byusing foul language against him on air.The guests on the show were journalistand social activist Marvi Sirmed andAmad khalid, a former personal secre-tary to right-wing activist Zaid Hamid. Taking note of the situation, the de-partment concerned decided to take thechannel off air and cable operatorswere instructed to remove Capital TVfrom their networks for an indefiniteperiod.

    A profile of political parties vote banksISLAMABAD: Gallup Pakistan carried out an Election Day Survey on February 18 across all four provinces of the country. Gallup says the survey is not meant to be an earlyprediction or to monitor the fairness of elections. According to them, its a survey to determine the age, income and education composition of the vote banks of the leading polit-ical parties. STAFF REPORT



    Pakistan Peoples Party has the highest share of poor voters (12%), as wellas the highest share of the voters belonging to the lower middle class(65%). Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz has the highest share of voters be-longing to the middle and higher class (35%), followed by PML-Q (32%).


    Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid has the highest share of female voters (56%) andthe lowest share of male voters (44%). PML-N has the highest share of male voters(50%) compared with the other two parties. The findings were based on a survey of5,338 statistically selected voters from all the four provinces of Pakistan. They wererandomly selected as they stepped out of polling stations after casting their vote.



    The vote bank of all three leading parties was fairly similar in age composition, withall three parties claiming the same percentage of the youth vote (6%).


    The PML-Nawaz vote bank had the highest share of college educated voters (11%), com-pared with PML-Q which had the highest share of voters who are educated up to highschool and intermediate (44%). PPP had the highest share of uneducated voters (43%).


    PAkiSTAN PeoplesPartys (PPP) formerprime ministers YousafRaza Gilani and RajaPervez Ashraf said on

    Thursday that postponement of elec-tions would be dangerous and all polit-ical forces would resist any such move.

    They said this while addressing ajoint press conference at Zardari Housewhere Tehreek-e-islami leaders AllamaArif Wahidi and Allama ShabbirMaisani announced support for PPPcandidates in the upcoming generalelections. Gilani said that the adverselaw and order situation is not a validplea to postpone the elections as iranheld regular elections while it was atwar with iraq.

    Elections took place inAfghanistan during the war on terror,he added. Gilani said elections shouldbe held on time as this was in the inter-est of the country. He said all stepsshould be taken for holding free andtransparent elections.

    He said that the PPP leadership wasfollowing the vision and the policies of

    Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhuttowho had sacrificed their lives for therights of the people and for democracy.

    Gilani said that the 20th Amend-ment introduced by the PPP govern-ment has ensured the credibility of thecaretaker government and independ-ence of Election Commission of Pak-istan. For the first time in the historyof this country, a government has com-pleted its term timely elections arebeing held. Both of these are theachievement of the PPP, he said.

    To a question regarding the law and

    order situation, he said the governmentand ECP should provide adequate secu-rity to the party which is receiving threats.

    Raja Pervez Ashraf said that politi-cal analysts believe that after the up-coming elections, a coalitiongovernment would be set up as no partywould be able to win enough seats toform government on its own.

    To a question regarding allotmentof contracts for two roads in his con-stituency, he said that the NLC was ca-pable of building the road in a shorttime period and this was not a crime.

    Shahbaz startscampaign in NA-129

    LAHORE: Former Punjab chief minister MianShahbaz kicked off his own election campaign inLahore on Thursday. He visited his constituency(NA-129) from where he is contesting for both na-tional and provincial assembly seats.Sharifs are running from this constituency for thefirst time in which mostly the rural areas of the cityfall. This constituency is considered the most neg-lected area of Lahore. Meanwhile, PML-N leaderswho accompanied Shahbaz Sharif were surprised tosee Shahbaz Sharif spending several hours in hisconstituency. During his stay, he made stopovers ataround two dozen places. On each stop, he ad-dressed the people who had gathered, most of whomwere surprised to see Shahbaz. Speaking to the lo-cals, Shahbaz promised to bring the rural area of thecity at par with the urban areas. He also assured thepeople that his government would provide healthand educational facilities. He promised to reduceload shedding in the rural areas. He said that loadshedding was the biggest indicator of misrule andcorruption committed by the PPP government in thelast five years. We will overcome load sheddingwithin two years, he assured. STAFF REPORT

    Parties to resistdelay in polls: PPP

    ISB 19-04-2013_Layout 1 4/19/2013 6:00 AM Page 2


    in compliance with the order ofthe islamabad High Court(iHC), the interim governmenton Thursday decided to put for-mer dictator General (r) PervezMusharraf under house arrestand the same would be con-veyed either by the attorneygeneral or the inspector generalof police to the court today (Fri-day), Pakistan Today has learnton authority.

    Meanwhile, Minister for in-formation Arif Nizami said thatthe courts order regarding thearrest of General Musharrafwould be implemented in letterand spirit.

    No anarchy would befallthe country if Musharraf is ar-rested, he added.

    A well-placed source in thegovernment said that the matterwas taken up by the govern-ments high-ups and it was de-cided that the former army chief,who also served as the countryspresident, would be put underhouse arrest due to securitythreats.

    We have information thatMusharraf is facing securitythreats from several militantoutfits. He has also come underattack twice while many life at-tempts were thwarted in thepast. keeping in view the situa-tion, he could not be kept in anyprison as militants are also keptthere. So the government has de-cided to keep him under housearrest and his residence at Chak

    Shahzad would be declared sub-jail, the source added.

    Meanwhile, another officialsaid President Asif Ali Zardarihosted a working luncheon forthe members of the federal cab-inet at the Presidency.

    The president was given adetailed briefing by Prime Min-ister Mir Hazar khan khoso onthe law and order. The presidentalso gave his input on mainte-nance of security and asked thegovernment to provide levelplaying field to all political par-ties so that impartial, free, fairand transparent elections couldbe held, the source added.

    The official said that thepresident, who is normallyblamed for having a leaning to-wards his own party the Pak-istan Peoples Party, urged thecabinet to conduct itself asstrictly impartial so as no onecould point a finger toward anyminister for being partisan.

    The president conductedhimself as a statesman. Helooked impartial and non-parti-san, the official said.

    The official said matters re-garding the Election Commis-sion of Pakistan also came underdiscussion and it was decidedthat a three-member ministerialdelegation would call on thechief election commissioner(CEC) to take up contentious is-sues. The ministerial delega-tion would include informationMinister Arif Nizami, Law Min-ister Ahmer Bilal Soofi and in-terior Minister Malik Habib,the official added.

    news N03

    Friday, 19 April, 2013

    Musharraf will be lucky if

    gets the luxury of house

    arrest. Aitzaz Ahsan

    nIzAmI SAyS Govt wILL ImPLement CoUrtS order, no AnArCHy If mUSHArrAf IS ArreSted

    Musharraf is notmy enemy, hesan enemy of thestate: Nawaz


    Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Presi-dent Nawaz Sharif has said that he has no personalenmity with former dictator General PervezMusharraf, and all political parties should be pro-vided with a level playing field in the upcominggeneral elections.The law should decide how to deal with the ene-mies of Pakistan, Nawaz said in an interviewwith a private TV channel. He also called for achange in bureaucracy in the Centre and otherprovinces like Punjab.Nawaz said there was no option for delay in theelections and urged the people to cast as muchvotes in favour of any party for it to be able toform a strong government.Commenting on imran khans statement that hewould not take oath from President Asif AliZardari after being elected as the prime minister,Nawaz said the PTi chief was unlikely to take oathfrom Zardari any way.

    Musharrafrefuses tosurrender to police

    ISLAMABAD: The islamabad senior superin-tendent of police (SSP) along with two SHOswent to former president General (r) PervezMusharrafs house to persuade him to offer ar-rest. However, the former commando refused tomeet them. A source in police told PakistanToday that SSP Yaseen Farooq, Shahzad Townand Secretariat SHOs had gone to Musharrafsresidence to urge him to offer arrest, but the lat-ter refused to meet them. Source added that aclose aide of Musharraf tried to persuade the for-mer army chief to hold meeting with police offi-cers, but he rejected their demand straightaway.On this, police officers returned. Later, the in-spector general (iG), the SSP and other seniorofficials held a meeting to prepare a report tosubmit in the iHC as Justice Shaukat Siddiquihad ordered the iG to appear before the court onFriday (today) to inform the court about stepstaken to arrest Musharraf. Source said that dur-ing the meeting they deliberated various options.We are highly confused as if we will arrest theformer military chief then we have to face someresistance from establishment if we will notarrest the accused then we have to face court,the source added. STAFF REPORT



    HEARiNG thejudges house arrestcase, the islamabadHigh Court onThursday rejectedthe interim bail of

    former president Pervez Musharraf,however, the former military dictatorwas escorted away from court premisesby his security staff for fears of his secu-rity.

    The former president appeared in thecourt of Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui toget extension in his interim bail in thejudges house arrest case. But the courtrejected his bail plea. After the rejection,the former president, contrary to his re-cent statement that he was ready to go tojail on courts order, left the court withthe help of Rangers and intelligence ap-paratus detailed for his security. He wasescorted away to his Chak Shahzadfarmhouse.CRIMINAL ACTION

    in its detailed judgment, the courtdeclared the escape of Musharraf fromcourt a criminal act and ordered the in-spector General of islamabad Police toappear in court today (Friday) to explainthe steps taken for arrest of the accused.

    in the six-page detailed verdict, thecourt also directed the police to insert asection of the Anti-Terrorism Act, as put-ting the judges in house arrest was a notan ordinary act but terrorism. The courtalso declared the personal guards of

    Musharraf, who helped him escape, andpolice official who were present at iHC,culprits.

    The personal security guards of pe-titioner Gen (r) Musharraf facilitated andhelped him to escape instead of surren-dering him before officials of SecretariatPolice Station.

    The iGP is directed to explain whyproper police force was not deputed tohandle the situation. The iGP is also di-rected to submit detail report about allpersons who acted in aid of petitioner,and action be taken against those policeofficials who remained napping, insteadof performing their duty with due dili-gence and care, the order said.

    According to law, police is bound toarrest the accused after rejection of hisbail, but in Musharrafs case, islamabadpolice under the supervision of SSP Op-erations Yaseen Farooq did not try to ar-rest the former general. Later, Musharrafrushed to his fortified Mediterranean-styled residence in Shahzad Town, wherehe might be put under house arrest.

    During the hearing of the case,Musharrafs lawyer Qamar Afzal con-tended that his client did not order theconfinement of judges, rather the deci-sion was taken by the federal cabinet,which was chaired by the prime minis-ter.

    in a case registered in Secretariat Po-

    lice Station on August 11, 2009, Mushar-raf was booked under Section 344/34PPC for passing an illegal order of im-posing emergency in 2007 and confiningthe judges of superior courts, includingChief Justice iftikhar MuhammadChaudhry, and stopping them from per-forming duties. The case was registeredon the application of Aslam Ghuman.

    in its judgement, the iHC said con-fining the judges of superior court andstopping them from performing dutieswas an act of terrorism.

    Talking to reporters later, Mushar-rafs lead counsel Ahmed Raza kasurisaid his client did not escape from court.

    He went there escorted by the secu-rity personnel provided by the state andit was in state security that he came backfrom there.

    kasuri said Musharraf was relaxed,confident and happy. We were sippingcoffee and he was smoking a cigar, ka-suri said.

    There were hundreds of Rangers inMusharrafs security escort, he wentwith them and came back with them, itwas not an escape. How can you say hefled from court?

    As for the courts decision, thecourts also make illegal decisions andthey are not sacred cows. That is whythere is an option of review there.

    To a query, he said the high courtcould either accept or reject the bail ap-plication but could not order arrest.

    This is a unique decision in Pak-istans judicial history. Such decisionscould raise doubts about the judiciary,kasuri opined.

    After the verdict high security meas-ures were put in place outside Mushar-rafs residence. Police also blocked themain road leading to Musharrafs resi-dence.

    mUSHArrAf evAdeS ArreSt After formerPreSIdentS bAIL extenSIon PLeA IS denIed InjUdGeS detentIon CASe

    CoUrt termS eSCAPe A CrImInAL ACt, dIreCtS IGP to exPLAIn SItUAtIon

    ISLAMABAD: Former president Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf leaves the

    Islamabad High Court after his bail plea was denied by the judge.

    Musharraf to be putunder house arrest

    ISB 19-04-2013_Layout 1 4/19/2013 6:00 AM Page 3

  • newsN04

    Friday, 19 April, 2013

    Previous governments foreign

    policy focused on promoting

    friendly relations with neighbouring

    countries. Hina Khar


    ACCUSiNG Justice Shaukat Sid-diqui of being a strong supporter ofthe religious political party, Jamaat-e-islami, as well as leading lawyers

    from Rawalpindi in the campaign againstPervez Musharraf during his tenure, the AllPakistan Muslim League (APML) onThursday said an application for the bail ofthe former president would be re-lodged inthe Supreme Court today (Friday).

    Addressing a news conference flanked by APML Additional SecretaryGeneral Chaudhry Shafique, and APML in-formation Secretary Aasia ishaq thepartys islamabad President Dr Amjad crit-icised Justice Siddiqui for his alleged bi-ased decision against Musharraf.

    The islamabad High Court, led by Jus-tice Siddique, on Thursday ordered the ar-rest of the former president, howeverMusharrafs security convoy safely shifted

    him to his farmhouse at Chak Shahzad.Dr Amjad clarified that Musharraf

    never passed any orders for the detention orhouse arrest of the judiciary during histenure and the judges were free to move.

    All allegations in this connectionagainst Musharraf are wrong and a delib-erate attempt to distort the facts and thishas already been proven by our lawyersduring the hearing this morning (onThursday), Dr Amjad added.

    Elaborating, Amjad said despite findingno answer to the arguments presented bylawyers leading the case for Musharraf, thejudge ordered his arrest under the Anti-Terror-ism Act, which itself was not part of the case.

    Accusing Justice Siddiqui of being a sup-porter of the Jamaat-e-islami, Dr Amjad saidthe judge did this because of his loyalty andactive support for the Ji. Siddiqui was alsoleading lawyers from the Rawalpindi Bar As-sociation actively during Musharrafs era tocarry out rallies against the former militarychief and the president of the country, he said.

    Elaborating on his partys strategy, theAPML leader said he would apply for apre-arrest bail for Musharraf on Friday

    (today), and if Musharraf was taken intocustody, he would go for a post-arrest bailplea for the APML chief.


    Lawmakers in the Upper Houseof parliament on Thursday de-manded action against formerpresident Pervez Musharraf forhis crimes against constitution,democracy, political leadershipand the nation.

    They also demanded thecaretaker interior minister informthe House how Musharraf es-caped from court to his residenceand why a former general couldnot be arrested if an electedprime minister of the countrycould be sent to jail.

    Speaking on points of order,the senators claimed that doublestandard existed in the country inviolation of the constitution thatsaid every Pakistani was equalbefore the law. We have beentalking of the rule of law and in-dependence of the judiciary. Buttoday we saw it is easy to send anelected prime minister to jail buta former general and military dic-tator cannot be arrested, re-marked senior PPP Senator Raza

    Rabbani. in Pervez Musharrafscase it is a test of time. When thecourt had ordered his arrest, whywas he not arrested? it is a ques-tion mark, Rabbani added.

    He charged Musharraf of in-volvement in the killing of Be-nazir Bhutto and Nawab AkbarBugti, abrogating the constitution

    and putting judges under housearrest. Musharraf is a usurperwho twice abrogated the consti-tution. He was announced to bearrested but he safely fled in con-nivance with state institutions.The caretaker government wasresponsible to arrest him and the

    interior minister should informthe House why the governmenthad not fulfilled its ob-ligations, Rab-bani said.

    PPPP Senator Farhatullah Babarsaid he did not hold the caretakergovernment responsible for hisescape. i have been looking atthe state apparatus. There are twolaws and double standards in thecountry. if we could not mend itover time, how we can hold the

    caretakers responsible for thesedouble standards?

    The caretaker governmentis as helpless as the civilian

    governments used to be.This country had two

    laws, one for thecivilians andother for the se-curity person-nel no matter ifthey are re-tired, Babarsaid.

    He said thedouble standard

    was not the fault ofthe previous govern-

    ment and the caretakersbut it is collective accumu-

    lation that double standard existsin the country. Had there beenBenazir Bhutto and NawazSharif, they would been arrestedimmediately. He also accusedMusharraf of twice holding theconstitution in abeyance and in-troducing 17th amendment andLFO and demanded the Houseresolve to immediately removeall banners and posters of Pervez

    Musharraf in the capital.PPPs Saeed Ghani de-

    manded action against Musharrafand trial of those who assistedhim in escaping. He also de-manded action against those whoopenly claimed to have abrogatedthe constitution. PML-NsMushahidullah khan said the listof crimes of Musharraf was muchlong as he killed Akbar Bugtiand Balach Marri, trampled theconstitution and democracy,handed over Aafia Siddiqui tothe US, fuelled terrorism result-ing in killing of 50,000 people,ruined the countrys economyand attacked Lal Masjid.

    He feared that if Musharrafescaped the court premises today,he would be flown out of thecountry soon. if justice is notdone in this case, the future ofdemocracy will be doubtful.

    He called for standing withthe court and strengthening thejudiciary. Confining Musharrafto his residence will be againstthe norms of justice. He needs tobe arrested. Let us take this stepfor once and take it now.


    A top American commander hassaid the Afghan Taliban and theHaqqani network had sanctuariesinside Pakistan and there were in-telligence reports about their linkwith the Pakistani spy agency iSi.

    There have been intelligencereports that link the iSi particularlyto the Haqqani network, JosephDunford, Commander of US andNATO forces in Afghanistan, toldmembers of Senate Armed ServicesCommittee during a Congressionalhearing on Afghanistan.

    To a question from SenatorDonnelly, Dunford said he was notclear over what control the PakistanArmy had over the iSi.

    What control does the Pak-istan army have over the iSi, inyour opinion? the Senator asked.

    Senator, i dont know. Nomi-nally, of course, they work for Gen-eral kayani (the Pakistan Army

    chief). General kayani is a formerdirector of the iSi. My sense is thatanything the iSi does is known byGeneral kayani, but i cant confirmthat, the American general said.

    i do think the Afghan Talibanhave sanctuary, particularly theHaqqani Network have sanctuaryinside of Pakistan, and they get sup-port from individuals in Pakistan.But i dont believe anybody con-trols them, he said when askedhow much control Pakistan hadover these terrorist outfits.

    Responding to another questionfrom Senator John McCain, Dun-ford said Pakistan had not been ableto take effective action against theterrorist safe havens inside thecountry. To another question fromSenator Carl Levin, chairman of theSenate armed services committee,the general said of late the rhetoricfrom Pakistan had changed.

    At this point, i could only tellyou that the rhetoric from Pakistanhas changed. General kayani has

    pledged cooperation. We have seen,at the tactical level, increased levelsof cooperation since the fall, hesaid. We have seen increased co-operation on the ground lines ofcommunication as weve tried tomove our equipment back and forththrough Pakistan. General kayanihas pledged i will meet with him ona monthly basis individually, andwe also will have routine meetingsat the trilateral level with Afghanleadership, as well as Generalkayani, Dunford said.

    Levin in his remarks said thegreatest challenge to Afghanistanssecurity was not the Taliban but thePakistan-based sanctuaries for mil-itant extremists launching cross-border attacks into Afghanistan.

    Pakistan has said that it sup-ports a stable and secureAfghanistan, but its actions belie itswords. The US-Pakistan relation-ship will not be normalised so longas those extremist safe havens existon Pakistani territory, Levin said.


    Malala Yousafzai was theonly Pakistani who made itto the annual list of 100 Mostinfluential People in theWorld released by TimeMagazine on Thursday.

    Malala came under in-ternational spotlight afterTaliban attacked her inSwat for campaigning forgirls education. She re-ceived a bullet injury to herhead but successfully re-covered after undergoing asurgery in Britain.

    The Taliban almost madeMalala a martyr; they suc-ceeded in making her a sym-bol, said the Time 100website.

    The memoir she is writ-ing to raise awareness aboutthe 61 million childrenaround the world who are notin school indicates she ac-cepts that unasked-for re-sponsibility as a synonym for

    courage and a champion forgirls everywhere. HoweverMalala concludes her book,her story so far is only justbeginning, it added.

    Malala was named underthe icons category of thelist, with other renowned per-sonalities including Duchessof Cambridge kate Middle-ton, US first lady MichelleObama, singer Beyonc andJustin Timberlake.

    The Leaders categoryincluded US President BarackObama, US Senator RandPaul, Director Central intelli-gence Agency John Brennan,North koreas SupremeLeader kim Jong Un andPope Francis.

    Singer Christina Aguil-era, director Steven Spielbergand talk-show host Jimmykimmel came under theArtists category, while Bol-lywood actor Aamir khanand satirist Bassem Youssefwere named Pioneers.

    SHC rejectsMusharrafs pleaagainst rejectionof nominationpapersKARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC)on Thursday rejected the appeal of formerpresident General (r) Pervez Musharrafagainst the rejection of his nominationpapers for Karachis NA-250. AdvocateKhawaja Naveed appeared on behalf ofMusharraf before the three-memberbench comprising Justice Maqbool Baqar,Justice Abdur Rasool Memon and JusticeFarooq Shah. Naveed contended that hisclient had not been convicted in any caseso far. After hearing the arguments ofboth sides, the bench rejected the appealand upheld the decision of the electiontribunal. APP

    Lawyers boycottcourts inBalochistanQUETTA: Lawyers boycotted the courtproceedings across Balochistan onThursday against attacks on PML-Nleader Sanaullah Zehri and ANP leaderGhulam Ahmed Bilour. According todetails, on the call of Balochistan BarAssociation (BBA) lawyers did notappear in the Balochistan High Court(BHC) and all district courts. Thelitigants had to suffer adversely due tothe boycott. Black flags were hoisted atbar room buildings on the occasion. Thelawyers expressed grave concern overthe attacks on political leaders anddemanded that the authoritiesconcerned ensure security for thecontesting candidates. InP

    SC seeks detailsof funds to mediahouses ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court onThursday sought details of summariesapproved by the federal governmentfor disbursement of funds toadvertising agents/media houses. Atwo-member bench, comprising JusticeJawwad S Khawaja and Justice KhiljiArif Hussain, was hearing identicalpetitions about the formation of amedia accountability commission. Whiledirecting the deputy attorney generalto provide the details, the court alsoasked the representative of mediahouses to provide details of all pendingpayments with the federation. Later,the further hearing of the case wasadjourned until April 23. APP

    us general again allegesisis links with Haqqanis

    senators demand Musharrafs arrest for supremacy of law

    Malala makes it totimes 100 Mostinfluential people list

    LAHORE: Activists of the All Pakistan Muslim League shout slogans outside the pressclub in support of former dictator Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf after his plea for bailextension was denied by the Islamabad High Court on Thursday. OnLInE

    We HaVe been taLKing of tHe ruLe of LaW and

    independence of tHe judiciary.but today We saW it is easy

    to send an eLected priMe Ministerto jaiL but a forMer generaL

    and MiLitary dictator cannot be arrestedSEnAtOR RAzA RABBAnI

    MusHarraf Hints at tensionsbetWeen state piLLarsISLAMABAD: Hours after evadingarrest, former president PervezMusharraf indirectly warned that theIslamabad High Courts decision toreject his bail extension may causeunnecessary tension amongst thevarious pillars of state and possiblydestabilise the country. We expect thisunwarranted judicial activism, seeminglymotivated by personal vendettas sincehis (Musharrafs) return to Pakistan toparticipate in the upcoming elections,will cease and the Supreme Court,without prejudice, will immediatelygrant necessary relief followingprecedence and the Rule of Law; theabsence of which will cause mockery ofthe nation, said the statement alsoposted on his official Facebook page onThursday. STAFF REPORT

    Musharrafs party accuses IHC judge of bias

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  • IslAMAbAd

    IFriday, 19 April, 2013




    FrIdAy SAtUrdAy SUndAy27C I 16C 24C I 15C 25C I 16C



    WeAther UpdAteS


    Fajr Sunrise Zuhr Asr Maghrib Isha

    4:03 5:32 12:07 3:47 6:42 8:11


    Corruption has its own motivations, and one has to thoroughly

    study that phenomenon and eliminate the foundations that

    allow corruption to exist. Eduard Shevardnadze


    AS a capital city policeofficer you certainly donthave to worry about yourtransfer if you happen tohave connections with the

    top command of a former ruling party.Just being the brother of a Sindhipoliticians cook or being a relation of asecurity guard of a Sindhi influentialwould suffice.

    Transfers and postings of the policeofficials in the federal capital has turnedout to be a case of Who dares wins aspolice officials have been allegedly foundusing connections with the countryspolitical elite to not only get themselvesposted in commanding and lucrativepositions in the police department, butalso to delay the implementation of theirtransfer orders.

    in the backdrop of shuffling ofgovernment officials across the provinceto ensure transparent elections, a strangeincident was witnessed on Thursdaywhen just two hours after the issuance of

    a notification seeking transfers of 16SHOs from the capital city policestations, the implementation of the orderwas postponed.

    According to the notification, SHOJamshed has been transferred from i-9Police Station to Tarnol Police Station,SHO Sajjad Bukhari to Shalimar PoliceStation, SHO Qasim Niazi from SabziMandi to Margalla Police Station, SHOMehboob Ahmad from Barah kahooPolice Station to i-9 Police Station, SHOGhulam Baqar from Shalimar PoliceStation to kohsar Police Station, SHOHaakim khan from kohsar Police Stationto Shehzad Town Police Station, andSHO Muhammad Fazal Husain fromTarnol Police Station to Bani Gala PoliceStation while Additional SHO inspectorMubarak Ali has been appointed as SHO

    of Secretariat Police Station.Sources told Pakistan Today that a

    few of the SHOs allegedly used theirconnections with the countrys top orderagainst the transfer orders, pressurisingthe iGP to put a halt to their shifting.

    Sources report that Tarnol SHOMohammad Fazal Husain who has beentransferred to Bani Gala Police Stationused his links with a former ruling partyto delay the implementation of histransfer orders. Sources alleged that Fazalhad been enjoying the command ofTarnol Police Station even though he isjust a sub-inspector, a rank insufficient toassume the said post.

    Sources report that Fazal, by virtue ofhis links, got himself posted at Tarnolbecause it was a lucrative police station.The station being linked to the GT Road

    leading to khyber Pakhtunkhwa was asite best-suited for bribe collection asdrug peddlers were often intercepted bypolice in the area.

    Sources alleged that many inspectorssenior to Fazal were not happy workingin his command because they consideredhim their junior. Sources report that hehad been transferred earlier but hemanaged his way back to Tarnol as otherpolice stations were not promisingenough financially.

    A similar wrongdoing has beenreported of Margala SHO Arshad Abrowho has managed his way out from histransfer to Rescue 15. Sources claim thatArshad was the brother of the cook of aninfluential from a Sindhi political party.Sources claim that Arshad also used hisconnections in delaying theimplementation of the orders issuedyesterday.

    According the police spokesman, thetransfer orders may be implemented intwo to three days. The spokesman saidthat the reason behind the delaying of thesaid orders was not clear, reported anews agency.


    CAPItAL CIty SHos USeLInkS to deLAyImPLementAtIon oftrAnSfer orderS

    PoLICe SPokeSmAn notSUre of tHe reASonbeHInd deLAy

    ISLAMABAD: Information and Broadcasting MinisterArif Nizami said on Thursday that the ministry in thepast used to direct the media but now it has become afacilitator to it. Addressing as the chief guest at theinaugural ceremony of the 30th Special TrainingProgramme of Information Officers, Nizami said thegovernment believes in freedom of expression, whichis a prerequisite to democracy. He said the role ofinformation officers had changed now, which is whythe ministry now needed a large number of officers.He said information officers were needed to presentthe country in the right perspective. Quoting the

    founder of a leading news group, the minister saidthat Hameed Nizami once said that a good journalistshould be educated, hard working and should be inthe habit of reading extensively. These qualities alsoapply to information officers, he added. Earlier,Information Service Academy (ISA) Director GeneralMuhammad Khalid Sarwar in his welcome addresssaid that the academy was established in 1980 andsince then it had trained 29 badges. The ISA directorgeneral also said that the academy had also trained400 journalists from the Federally AdministeredTribal Areas, Gilgit-Baltistan and Balochistan. APP

    Information Ministry is set to facilitate media: Nizami

    ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Justice (r) MirHazar Khoso on Thursday said that theConstitution of Pakistan stipulated freedom ofreligion and guaranteed equality to all citizens,irrespective of their caste, colour or creed. Theprime minister expressed these views whiletalking to the Federal Minister for the NationalHarmony, the National Regulations and Services,the National Heritage and Integration and the

    Religious Affairs Sahibzada Jamal Nazir whocalled on him at the Prime Ministers House.The prime minister told him that the governmenthad to ensure harmony and respect for religiousdiversity. He directed Nazir to promote socialcohesion in the country by promoting interfaithharmony. Nazir apprised the prime minister onthe functioning of all the ministries that wereworking under him. APP

    Constitution guarantees equality, religious freedom: PM

    NAB apprehendsthree for embezzlingrs 86.694 millionISLAMABAD: The National AccountabilityBureau (NAB) on Thursday arrestedDawood Khalid, Nadeem Ayub and RiazKhalid who were partners in running SuzukiChaudhry Motors in Rawalpindi. Theaccused persons were allegedly involved infraudulently receiving hefty amounts from alarge number of people on account ofshowroom pool investment. The accusedcheated on people by offering them profiton monthly basis. NAB has alleged that thethree had looted people of Rs 86.694 millionthrough this financial scam. APP

    BBH contractnurses without payfor three monthsRAWALPINDI: Medical nurses working inBenazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) on contractare without salary for the last three months.The nurses decided to hold a protestdemonstration against this injustice but theylater postponed their decision after theyreceived assurance from the BBH medicalsuperintendent (MS) that their salarieswould soon be disbursed. When contacted,the BBH MS said that the staff nurses wereworking without salary for the last twomonths and the Punjab government hadbeen informed about this delay. InP

    IN DESPAIR: A dejected APML activist sitting outside

    the Islamabad High Court after the escape of former

    president Pervez Musharraf from the court. InP

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  • IslAMAbAdIFriday, 19 April, 2013

    06It is enough that the people know there was an election.

    The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people

    who count the votes decide everything. Joseph Stalin


    The District Election Commission (DEC) on Thursdaystarted a 10-day training programme for about 18,000polling staff who will be deployed at 2,150 pollingstations on the day of elections.

    District Election Commissioner Zahid Subhanitold APP that the training includes presidingofficers, assistant presiding officers and supportstaff so that fair and transparent elections could beensured in the district. He said the training wouldconclude on April 27 and training of the trainershad already been completed.

    Subhani said five percent of those being trainedwould be reserved to meet any emergency on theday of election.

    The DEC will set up 2,150 polling stations outof which 634 are for males, 611 for females and905 are for both. The number of registered votersin the district is 2,645,603.

    TrAINING ProGrAMMe STArTSfor 18,000 PoLLING STAff


    The City District GovernmentRawalpindi (CDGR) has finalised itsplan to set up 2,150 polling stationsacross the city for the upcoming generalelections.

    According to the plan, each sectorwill have 20 polling stations with oneperson in charge of the sector. The in-

    charge will be either the secretary unioncouncils or a person from the LandDepartment. The in-charge will havecontact numbers of higher officials sothat he could inform them in case ofemergency.

    Additional District ControllerGeneral Saif Anwar Jappa alsoconfirmed the finalisation of the plan.He said the assistant commissionersof all the seven tehsils would inform

    on the need of transportation for theday of election.

    He said the plan will be thensent to the Punjab government inthe final phase.

    According to reports, around20,000 people and heavy consignmentsrelated to the polling will be transportedon the day of election. The secretarytransport will make necessaryarrangements in this regard.


    The Anti-Narcotic Force (ANF) on Thursdayclaimed that the force had seized 61kilogrammes of heroin in two separateoperations from the furniture which was beingshipped to Belgium and Malaysia.

    An ANF spokesman said the force hadbeen tipped off that some international drugtraffickers would smuggle heroin to Belgiumand Malaysia from the karachi Sea Port. Hesaid based on the information the force stopped

    two furniture containers at the internationalContainer Terminal, karachi Sea Port, andsearched them. Thirty-eight kilograms ofheroin was concealed in the container forBelgium while 23 kilograms of heroin washidden in the container destined for Malaysia.

    The ANF spokesman said that timelyoperation had foiled the smugglers plan. Hesaid two first information reports (FiRs) hadbeen registered under Control of NarcoticsSubstances Act-1997 while investigation wasunderway, adding that efforts were being madeto arrest the people involved in this crime.

    CDA cancels allotmentof 10 agriculturalfarmhousesISLAMABAD: The Capital DevelopmentAuthority (CDA) on Thursday canceledallotment of 10 agricultural farmhousesafter the owners of these farmhousesfailed to develop them as per theagreed terms and conditions. Theseallotments were made under the CDAsPoultry and Vegetable Schemes. Theauthority had first issued a final showcause notice to all these owners sevendays ago before the cancellation ofallotment. According to a press release,CDA Chairman Syed Tahir Shahbaz haddirected CDA Member Planning andDesign Syed Mustafain Kazmi and CDAMember Estate Ms Shaista Sohail totake indiscriminate action against theagricultural farmhouse owners who hadviolated the CDAs by-laws. Shahbazissued these directives in the light ofSupreme Courts order. The CDAchairman also ordered the CDAMagistrate to expedite recovery of finesfrom the violators. APP

    Sensitive pollingstations to be monitoredthrough rental camerasRAWALPINDI: The City DistrictGovernment Rawalpindi (CDGR) hasplanned to acquire close circuittelevision (CCTV) cameras on rent toinstall them at 93 polling stations thathave been declared sensitive in theupcoming elections.District Coordination Officer (DCO)Arshad Mahmood Langrial said that aletter had been sent to the PunjabHome Department for the issuance of agrant of Rs 2,325,000 so that CCTVcameras could be installed on rent in allseven tehsils of the district to maintainlaw and order on the day of election.The city government will start

    installing CCTV cameras at pollingstations as soon as it gets fundsfrom the Home Department,Langrial said. APP


    ANf foils bid to smuggleheroin abroad

    CHOKED: Traffic jamed due to the

    construction of service road of

    the Sixth Road Flyover. OnLInE

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    newsFriday, 19 April, 2013

    The press is our chief ideological

    weapon. Nikita Khrushchev N


    Amassive explosion at a fertiliserplant near Waco in the US stateof Texas has killed between fiveand 15 people and woundedmore than 100 others, police say.

    The blast on Wednesday night rippedthrough the West Fertilizer Company plantand destroyed numerous buildings includinga school and nursing home, authorities said.

    Authorities have refrained from di-vulging casualty figures, but said the deathtoll was expected to rise as search teamscombed through the rubble of the fertiliserplant and surrounding homes. West MayorTommy Muska told Reuters that five or sixvolunteer firefighters who were among thefirst on the scene in the blast zone were un-accounted for. He added that all the residentshave been evacuated and are in safe locations.

    Dean Wilson, a spokesman for theTexas Department of Public Safety, said50 to 75 houses were damaged by the ex-

    plosion and a fire that followed, and that anearby 50-unit apartment complex hadbeen reduced to "a skeleton standing up".

    He said it would be some time beforeauthorities know the full extent of the lossof life and damage caused by Wednesdaynight's blast at the plant in the town ofWest, about 30km north of Waco.

    The wounded have been taken to hos-pital, and a nearby nursing home had col-lapsed from the explosion and that peoplewere believed trapped inside, Wilson said.Rescue workers are trying to evacuate peo-ple from homes near the plant. Local policesaid the fire was still smoldering, preventingfirefighters from carrying out their work.

    Jason Shelton, 33, a father-of-two wholives less than 2km from the plant, said heheard fire trucks heading towards the fa-cility five minutes before the explosion.

    Lacerations and broken bonesHe said he felt the concussion from the

    blast as he stood on his front porch."My windows started rattling and my

    kids screaming," Shelton told Reuters. The

    screen door hit me in the forehead ... andall the screens blew off my windows."

    The blast was reported at about 8pmlocal time (01:00 GMT on Thursday) inWest, about 130km south of city of Dallas.A dispatcher with Texas Fire Departmentsaid the explosion happened on Wednes-day night. Tommy Muska, West's mayor,said buildings in a five-block radius fromthe plant were severely damaged by theexplosion. Hillcrest Baptist Medical Cen-ter in Waco reported treating 66 patients,including children, for injuries includinglacerations, burns and broken bones.

    "We are seeing a lot of lacerations andorthopaedic-type injuries ... things youwould expect in an explosion," said DavidArgueta, vice president of hospital opera-tions. He said nine people suffering burnshad been transferred to the Parkland Hos-pital in Dallas. A third hospital, ProvidenceHealth Center, reported receiving morethan 30 patients from the disaster.RESIDENCES LEVELLED: A seniorofficial said the nursing home and much

    of the centre of town had been evacuated,and that residences near the explosion hadbeen levelled.

    The air in town remained thick withsmoke more than two hours after the ex-plosion, and the area around the blast sitewas littered with shards of wood, bricksand glass. Governor Rick Perry issued astatement saying his office had "mobilisedstate resources to help local authorities"deal with the incident.

    "We are monitoring developments andgathering information as details continueto emerge about this incident,'' the state-ment said. A White House official said theObama administration was aware of thesituation and monitoring local and state re-sponse through the Federal EmergencyManagement Agency.

    Gayle Scarbrough, a spokeswoman forthe Department of Public Safety in Waco,told television station kWTX that DPStroopers have been transporting the injuredto hospitals in their patrol cars. She saidsix helicopters were also en route.


    The Taliban on Thursday pledged to take revengeon US troops in Afghanistan after guards at Guan-tanamo prison fired non-lethal rounds at inmates toquell unrest.

    Guards at the US-run prison in Cuba fired therounds last Saturday to halt unrest as they relocatedinmates into individual cells, US military officialssaid. Officials met with resistance from some de-tainees as they moved inmates from communal hous-ing to individual cells. No detainees were seriouslyinjured, according to the officials. Dozens of detaineesare in the third month of a hunger strike at the prison.

    Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said his in-surgent group would avenge the incident by attackingAmerican troops in Afghanistan.The Mujahideen ofthe islamic Emirate vow to avenge these wrongedprisoners by targeting the American invaders inAfghanistan with all might at their disposal, Allah will-

    ing, Mujahid said in the statement. The spokesmanalso called on rights groups to condemn such cowardlyactions of America and take a firm stance against itbased upon evident humane principles.

    The jail in Cuba houses scores of prisoners, includ-ing former Taliban members captured when a US-ledinvasion toppled the islamists from power 12 years ago.

    Deadly explosion in Texas fertiliserplant leaves many dead

    taliban vow revenge overguantanamo shootings


    North korea has demanded the withdrawal of UNsanctions and the end of US-South korea military drills asconditions for resuming talks with Seoul and Washington.The list of pre-conditions outlined on Thursday, whichcame from the North's top military body, insisted on ageneral apology for all "provocative acts" taken againstNorth korea. The North's statement said: "Dialogue cannever go with war actions." The conditions will likely berejected by South korea and the US, which havethemselves made any talks conditional on the North takingsteps towards denuclearisation. Dialogue has become thenew focus of a blistering rhetorical battle that has sentmilitary tensions soaring on the korean peninsula eversince the North carried out its third nuclear test inFebruary. Some analysts see the North's engagement in adebate over dialogue as a welcome shift from theapocalyptic threats of nuclear war that have poured out ofPyongyang in recent weeks. "i don't think Pyongyangreally expects these conditions to be met," said Yang Moo-Jin, a professor at the University of North korean Studiesin Seoul. "it's an initial show of strength in a game of tug-of-war that at least shows a desire to have a dialogue downthe line,"Yang said. The first step demanded by the North'sNational Military Commission was the withdrawal of"cooked up" UN sanctions that were imposed after thenuclear test in February. North korea has repeatedly citedthe sanctions as a prime trigger for the current crisis. Theother main bone of contention has been ongoing jointSouth korea-US military drills, which have involved thedeployment of nuclear-capable B-52s and B-2 stealthbombers. Both countries must provide internationalguarantees that such "nuclear war drills" will never berepeated, the commission said. Daniel Pinkston, a Northkorea expert with the international Crisis Group, ruled outany suggestion that the North was softening its positionand said those hoping a dialogue might emerge were beingwilfully naive. South korea's new president, Park Geun-Hye, has made tentative and conditional offers of talks,which received the backing of US Secretary of State Johnkerry during his recent Northeast Asia tour.

    nortH KoreaLists deMandsfor taLKs

    uS Senate rejectsgun backgroundchecksWASHINGTON: The US Senate hasrejected a bipartisan plan to expandbackground checks for gun buyers,dealing a sharp blow to PresidentBarack Obama's campaign to curb gunviolence after the Newtown schoolmassacre. Despite emotional pleas fromfamilies of victims of the Newtown,Connecticut, shootings and broad publicsupport nationwide, the plan to extendbackground checks to online and gun-show sales failed on a 54-46 vote onWednesday, six votes short of the 60-vote hurdle needed to clear the Senate.Speaking from the White House onWednesday, Obama blamed theblockage of the legislation on a"minority" in the US Senate, marking itas a "shameful day for Washington"."The gun lobby and its allies willfullylied about the bill," he said, adding thatthe proposal "represented moderationand common sense". The amendmentnegotiated by Democrat Joe Manchin ofWest Virginia and Republican PatToomey of Pennsylvania was seen asObama's best hope to pass meaningfulgun-control legislation after theDecember massacre of 20 children andsix adults at an elementary school inNewtown. AgEncIES

    Video footageshows Bostonbomb suspectBOSTON: Investigators have spotted aBoston Marathon bombing suspect fromsecurity video taken before two blastsripped through central Boston onMonday, a US law enforcement sourcehas said, in what is potentially thebiggest break in the case yet. Noarrests had been made, and thesuspect in the video had not beenidentified by name, two US governmentofficials said on Wednesday. Policeconsidered making an appeal to thepublic for more information at a newsconference, a US government sourcesaid, but the FBI cancelled that newsconference after delaying it severaltimes, Boston police said. Thebombings, as well as subsequentreports that someone tried to mail asuspected ricin letter to US PresidentBarack Obama - the second report ofsuch a letter in two days - have createda climate of uncertainty in the country.Earlier the FBI had said there was noindication of a connection between thericin letters and the Boston bombattacks. The federal courthouse inBoston was evacuated amid reports asuspect for Monday's bombings at theBoston Marathon was due to appear incourt, but officials said they cleared thearea because of a bomb scare. AgEncIES

    fBI arrestsMississippi manin ricin letter caseCORINTH: A Mississippi man accused ofmailing letters with suspected ricin tonational leaders believed he haduncovered a conspiracy to sell humanbody parts on the black market andclaimed "various parties within thegovernment" were trying to ruin hisreputation. Paul Kevin Curtis, 45, wasarrested Wednesday at his home inCorinth, near the Tennessee state line.Authorities were waiting for definitivetests on intercepted letters that wereaddressed to President Barack Obamaand Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss.Preliminary field tests can often showfalse positives for ricin. Ricin is derivedfrom the castor plant that makes castoroil. There is no antidote and it's deadliestwhen inhaled. An FBI intelligencebulletin obtained by The Associated Presssaid the two letters were postmarkedMemphis, Tenn. AgEncIES

    SEjONG: South Korean soldiers

    walk through smoke as they take

    part in an anti-terror and security

    drill at the Integrated Government

    Complex on Thursday. AgEncIES

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  • newsNFriday 19 April, 2013

    08 Smuggling is a cancer for national

    economy. Interior Minister Malik Habib


    THE Supreme Court (SC)disposed of suo motoproceedings followingthe withdrawal of a noti-fication by the govern-ment on allowing life

    time protocol, security and perks to the for-mer premiers and former interior ministerRehman Malik.

    A five member bench of SC which waspresided over by the Chief Justice of Pak-istan (CJP) iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhryresumed the hearing of the suo motu caseon unprecedented security protocol andperks and privileges for former Prime Min-isters Raja Pervez Ashraf and Yousaf RazaGilani on Thursday.

    The CJP said that drinking water wasnot available to the people, therefore, al-lowing security protocol and perks to theformer premiers and former interior minis-ter was a burden on the national exchequer.

    The interior secretary did not appearbefore the court despite the courts ordersand the CJP expressed displeasure on thisaccount.

    The Attorney General (AG) said effortswere being made to contact the interior sec-retary but his phone has been switched off.

    The CJP remarked said that the PM is-sued notifications regarding the security

    protocol, perks and privileges on March,15. This can only be done through legis-lation and not through notification, headded. However, the AG said legislationwas not necessary in every matter.

    The court summoned the interior sec-retary in the meantime. Later, the CJP toldinterior Additional Secretary Tariq Lodhi,We have not called you. Court had sum-moned the interior secretary. if he can notcome then he would be arrested.

    in reply to this, the additional secretarysaid, ill try to contact him again.

    However, the CJP said, Dont lie. Tellus what the interior secretary has to sayabout the March 15 notification. Why was

    an order given to allow security protocoland perks and privileges to former interiorminister Rehman Malik?

    in the meantime, interior Secretarykhawaja Siddique Akbar appeared beforethe court.

    The CJP welcomed him by saying thatif the interior secretary does not complywith the orders of the court he should besent to jail.

    You have made it your routine and thisattitude amounts to contempt of court, headded. The interior secretary tendered anapology and said that this would not be re-peated in the future.

    The CJP replied saying, Review your

    attitude. A full bench is sitting here. Readsection 6 and when you return after serving6 months imprisonment then we will see.Enough is enough. Whenever you are sum-moned you come up with some excuse. Thebench is assembling for the second timedue to your attitude.

    The interior secretary was read out thecourt order, which said that if all was doneby him, then under what law had he donethis.

    The CJP remarked, We are readingyour summary. Generally security shouldbe provided to all the people of the country.Extra security should be provided to thosewho need it. How can life time security

    protocol be given to a former interior min-ister? Explain it. Otherwise action will betaken against you.

    interior secretary said notification inthis respect has not been issued so far.

    The CJP remarked that the former inte-rior minister had also denied all this and thesame reply has come from him.

    The interior secretary said this was amatter of wisdom and intelligence.

    Justice Ejaz remarked, We are alreadyconvinced of your intelligence. How youmust have done all this.

    The interior secretary said RehmanMalik had remained on the front line in thewar on terror; therefore it was necessary toprovide him with security.

    it was done so at the bidding of hisprivate secretary Javed iqbal, he added.

    The CJP remarked, Why are you ac-quiring three services from NADRA for alife time. A person is appointed interiorminister for three months and you are readyto provide him with services for a lifetime.

    The interior secretary said the formerprime minister wanted to launch an electioncampaign, therefore, security should beprovided to him.

    At this, the CJP remarked, How muchmore burden do you want to put on this na-tion. A tablet is not available for headacheto the masses and Rs 270 million will nowbe paid for Maliks security.

    Life time security, perks to former ministersa burden on national exchequer: CJP

    13 percent rise indefence budget 2013-14 proposedISLAMABAD: The defence budget pro-posal for the financial year 2013-14 hasbeen prepared, which envisages overall 13percent increase, taking the total defencebudget allocation to Rs627 billion, localmedia reported. The ministry of finance andplanning commission in a meeting heremulled over the budget allocations of vari-ous ministries including the ministry of de-fence.Adviser ministry of finance, Asad Aminpresiding over the meeting approved a 13percent increase in the defence budget2013-14, taking the total allocation toRs627 billion as against the 2012-13 budgetallocation of Rs545 billion, which was laterraised to Rs570 billion. AgEncIES

    eCP to give votingrights to overseasPakistanis


    The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP)has decided to give the right to vote to over-seas Pakistani and the decision will be imple-mented through a presidential ordinance.According to news reports, the decision wastaken in a meeting held in islamabad onThursday with Chief Election CommissionerFakhruddin G Ebrahim in the chair.Briefing reporters after the meeting ECPSecretary ishtiak Ahmad said the commissionhad finalised the draft for the ordinancewhich would be sent to the Law Ministrywithin two days.He said talking to the CEC, the president hadexpressed reservation over the security of theleadership of political parties and the candi-dates.He also directed the CEC to personally en-sure that political leaders and candidates con-testing the upcoming elections be providedcomplete security.Ahmad said the commission had written tothe provincial governments asking them toensure foolproof security for all politicalleaders as well as the candidates. He said the ECP will meet on April 25 to fi-nalise the security measures to be taken atpolling stations.


    Taliban leaders living in Qatar have held noAfghanistan peace talks with US officialsin the Gulf state for more than a year andsee no prospect of any soon, Taliban sourcessay.

    A team of envoys from the islamist in-surgent group flew to Qatar in early 2012 toopen talks with the US government, whichhas laid a greater emphasis on negotiationsbefore a handover of security to Afghanforces in 2014.

    Among the most prominent membersof the delegation in Doha is Tayeb Agha, theformer chief of staff to the Talibans reclu-sive leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar.

    But more than a year later, the negotia-tions held in March 2012 have not been fol-lowed by further meetings, Taliban sourcesfamiliar with the matter told Reuters.

    Many of the Taliban leaders living inQatar now appear to spend their time pur-suing private family activities.

    Many can be seen at the shopping mallsof the gas-rich Gulf Arab state, pushing trol-

    leys loaded with merchandise and with theirchildren in tow. There has been no contactfrom the US with us at all this year, saida Taliban source under condition ofanonymity. No date had been set to restartthe talks, he said, declining togive any further details.Talks among the UnitedStates, Pakistan and theTaliban about a possi-ble Afghan settle-ment have madescant progress inthe past few years.The Taliban sus-pended the talks inMarch 2012, sayingWashington was giv-ing mixed signals onthe nascent Afghan rec-onciliation process.RESILIENT

    Taliban had asked for the exchangeof prisoners and recognition as a group, butas far as i know there have been no moretalks, said Mohammed Himat, counselorat the Afghan embassy in Doha, told

    Reuters.The talks in Doha between the Taliban

    and the United States in 2012 had takenplace at a US military facility, he said.

    Afghan officials have not held formaltalks with the militants, who were

    toppled by US-led forces in2001 in the wake of the

    Sept. 11 attacks on theUnited States but haveproven resilient aftermore than a decadeof war.

    The kabul gov-ernment has said itwants to start talks

    with the Taliban toend the conflict before

    the planned departureof most foreign combat

    troops by the end of 2014.Last month, Afghan Presi-

    dent Hamid karzai flew to Doha andheld talks with the emir, Sheikh Hamad binkhalifa al-Thani, in an effort to speed up theopening of a Taliban representative officein Qatar where further talks could be held.

    karzai had initially resisted Westernplans to grant the Taliban an office in Qatar,concerned that it would give the movementpolitical legitimacy and reduce his controlover the direction of any future talks. Buthe endorsed the proposal in late 2011 underpressure from his allies.

    Other countries who had also offered tohost the office were Turkey and Saudi Ara-bia, Himat added.

    However, an Afghan government offi-cial familiar with the peace talks said SaudiArabia was not an ideal option as it wasseen as having strong ties with Pakistan.

    Afghan officials have long accusedPakistan of backing the Taliban or toleratingthe movements leaders presence on its ter-ritory in the hope of using the force as proxyto influence events in Afghanistan.PAKISTAN DENIES THE


    Nasrullah Stanekzai, an advisor tokarzai in legal affairs said that the openingof a Doha office for the Taliban would helpAfghanistan engage in direct peace talkswith insurgents and limit Pakistans influ-ence on the process.

    Taliban in Qatar see no early peace talks with UsHYDERABAD : Students celebrate the end of exam season by sprinkling ink on each other on Thursday. InP

    Judiciary wants rule of law,supremacy ofConstitution: CJP


    Chief Justice iftikhar MuhammadChauhdry said on Thursday that the judici-ary had only one aim, to maintain rule oflaw and the supremacy of the constitution.The mounting numbers of cases reflect thetrust people have in the judiciary, headded.At a full court meeting of the SupremeCourt in islamabad, Chief Justice iftikharMuhammad Chauhdry reviewed arrange-ments of tomorrows international JudicialConference.The CJP said in his address that theSupreme Court benches outside islamabadhad reduced the burden of delayed cases.The higher court concluded that over fivethousand cases had been heard during thelast three months.This deserves appreciation, he added.

    Talks among the United states, Pakistan and the Taliban about a possible Afghan settlement have

    made scant progress in the past few years.

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    Friday 19 April, 2013

    Constitution guarantees equality to all citizens.

    Prime Minister Hazar Khan Khoso

    PESHAWER: Cricketer Shahid Khan Afridi addresses an election corner meeting at Khyber Agency on Thursday. InP

    Security clearedlamination paper for 0.3m passportsbeing arranged: DG


    Special arrangement are being made to pro-vide security cleared lamination paper for atleast 0.3 million passports to ease up thepressure of backlog, immigration and Pass-port Director General Zulfikar Cheema saidon Thursday.While giving a detailed briefing to WafaqiMohtasibs probe committee on passportimbroglio, Cheema said this would help usissue up to 10,000 passports every day. The directorate has also prioritised is-suance of passports, keeping in view the ur-gency to travel for medical treatment,studies and jobs, he added.The DG said various initiatives had beentaken to improve the situation so that thesuffering of people could be mitigated.

    LHC requested toappoint prosecutorin drone attacks case


    The government on Thursday appealed tothe Lahore High Court to appoint a prose-cutor in the US drone attack case.LHC Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial re-sumed the hearing of drone attack case.During the hearing, the petitioners lawyertold the court that the drone attacks on Pak-istani soil were against sovereignty and se-curity of the country. He said further thegovernment only issued condemnatorystatements in this regard.The federations counsel, Deputy AttorneyGeneral Yasmeen Sehgal told the court thatUS drone attacks were a sensitive matter ofthe state, therefore a judicial prosecutorshould be appointed in this regard. Thecourt adjourned the hearing until May 21.

    Lal Masjid report tobe made public: SC


    The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Thurs-day rejected a petition to keep the LalMasjid report confidential and ordered thatit be made public.A three member bench of the apex courtheaded by Chief Justice iftikhar Muham-mad Chaudhry heard the Lal Masjid suomoto case. The Lal Masjid Commissionhad requested that the report be made confi-dential but after evaluating the report thecourt ordered for it to be made public.The report will be provided to all those whorequest for it and the apex court orderedthat copies be given to all members of thebench and the lawyer for Lal Masjid.The lawyer for Lal Masjid also informedthe court that his junior was receivingthreats and the bench summoned a replyfrom iG islamabad.

    PMl-n finalises nominations for 13 nA, 25 Punjab Assembly seatsnEWS DESK

    The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz hasfinalized names for 13 National Assemblyand 25 Punjab Assembly seats of Lahore.Of the 13 candidates for national seats,seven are repeat election contestants.

    At least nine candidates, who won fromtheir constituencies in the previous provin-cial elections, have been replaced in thefinal list. As per details, PML-N chief andformer premier Nawaz Sharif, former Pun-jab chief minister Shahbaz Sharif and hisson Hamza Shahbaz will contest election inthe constituencies of NA-120, NA-129 andNA-119, respectively.

    PML-Ns returning candidates for na-tional constituencies include MuhammadRiaz Malik, NA-118; Hamza ShahbazSharif, NA-119; Sardar Ayyaz Sadiq, NA-

    122; Muhammad Pervez Malik, NA-123;Sheikh Rohail Asghar, NA-124; khawajaSaad Rafique, NA-125; and MuhammadAfzal khokhar, NA-128.

    Mehar ishtiaq Ahmad, who was elected toPunjab Assembly in 2002 and 2008 elections,has been fielded in NA-121 instead of MianMarghoob Ahmad. The former Lahore mayorand former Lahore Transport Company chair-man khawaja Ahmad Hassan has been chosenfor NA-126 over Umar Sohail Zia Butt.

    Sohail Shaukat Butt has been pittedagainst contestants from other parties inNA-130, a largely rural constituency of La-hore, where PPPs Samina khalid Ghurkiwon the last ballot. Similarly, the formerAnarkali nazim Waheed Alam khan hasbeen handed a ticket for election to NA-127constituency. Alam is said to have beenawarded a ticket in line with the partys pol-

    icy to accommodate workers. This seat waspreviously won by advocate ChaudhryNaseer Ahmad Bhutto.

    Former premier Nawaz Sharif after a pe-riod of 17 years will be taking electoral test forNA-120. Bilal Yasin, nephew of Begum kul-soom Nawaz, had previously bagged this seat,but now he is in for a Punjab Assembly seat.

    Former Punjab chief minister ShahbazSharif will be vying for NA-129 and twoprovincial constituencies of PA-159 and PA-161. in the last elections, PML-N had lostNA-129 seat to Tariq Shabbir Mayo of PPP.

    in the finalisation of the candidates forthe 125 Punjab Assembly seats of Lahore,former provincial minister Chaudhry AbdulGhafoor, Dr Saeed Elahi (who had defeatedPML-Qs Moonis Elahi in the last election),Muhammad Naveed Anjum, ijaz Ahmadkhan, Haji Allah Rakha, Dr Asad Ashraf,

    Rana Muhammad iqbal khan, AjasamSharif, Hafiz Muhammad Nauman andWaseem Qadir have been dropped out.

    Ticket holders for provincial con-stituencies of Lahore include khawajaimran Nazir from PP-137; MushtaqMughal from PP-138; Bilal Yasin PP-139;Majid Zahoor PP-140; Mian Mujtaba Shu-jaur Rahman PP-141; Hamza ShahbazSharif PP-142; Chaudhry Shahbaz AhmadPP-143; Ch Bao Akhtar Ali PP-144; Wa-heed Gull PP-145; Malik Waheed PP-146;Mian Mohsin Latif PP-147; Akhtar RasoolPP-148, Rana Mashhood Ahmad khan PP-149; Mahar ishtiaq Ahmad PP-150; TauseefShah PP-151; khawaja Salman Rafiq PP-152; Ramzan Siddique Bhatti PP-153;Zaeem Hussain Qadri PP-154; MianNaseer Ahmad PP-155; Ch Yasin Sohal PP-156; Rana Tajammal PP-157; Malik Ghu-

    lam Habib Awan PP-158; and Saiful Mal-ook khokhar from PP-160.

    Mushtaq Mughal, Majid Zahoor, HamzaShahbaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Bao Akhtar,Waheed Gull, Ch Akhtar Rasool, SyedTausiq Shah and Malik Ghulam Habib Awanare the ones who have replaced winners inthe past. Ch Akhtar Rasool and GhulamHabib have joined PML-N defecting fromPML-Q and PPP, respectively.

    Sources say the party cleared the finallists after a detailed analysis of all the aspi-rants. The party has however dropped anumber of previously-elected legislators inview of their poor performance, complaintsagainst them by party workers, lack of con-tact with party men. Few of them have beendropped out on charges of corruption. Cer-tain others have not been awarded ticketsin view of their lackluster star appeal.


    WiTH hardly anychance of makingalliances or note-worthy seat ad-justment in the

    Punjab and elsewhere in the country,the PML-N is all set to take a solo fightin the upcoming general elections.

    With the final battle-lines almostdrawn between the parties and contest-ants having almost finalised their can-didates, it seems that the PML-N isnowhere near joining hands with anyother political party in the Punjab. TheUnification Groups 30-plus memberssupported its government throughoutits five year rule, but the N gave themshort shrift. Now, the Unificationgroup, like most other parties rangingfrom Ji to the Like-minded, is foundcursing the N leadership for thisgreat betrayal. But it was actually outof its home base where N neededpartnerships gain those crucial extraseats and it did make an effort to getinto alliances in khyber Pukhtunkhwa(kP), Balochistan and Sindh. But theseefforts have all come to naught.

    in Balochistan, one has reliablylearnt, the PML-Ns talks with AkhtarMengal failed to make any headway de-

    spite a desperate last-minute push fromits leadership. Shahbaz Sharif person-ally visited Quetta last week for talkswith Mengal, but failed to achieve any-thing tangible. Two days later, the PML-N sent another delegation, led by itsinformation secretary Mushahidullahkhan, yet the result was ditto, as leadersat both end shied away from making anyannouncement with regard to the talks.

    The PML-N, the sources disclose,demanded about half the share out of11 National Assembly seats fromBalochistan. That Mengal rejected. Thesources further reveal that the party hadreached an understanding of sorts withPukhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party(PkMP) chief Mahmoodchakzai on acouple of seats in the Pushtun domi-nated areas of the province.

    Likewise in Sindh, the PML-N wasbanking on Ji and PML-F to make someheadway in the province. But despiteseveral rounds of talks with these two,nothing came off it. The PML-F, thesources said, said nothing doing, andfielded its own candidates in all the con-stituencies, not sparing even Ghous AliShah, the senior most N leader in Sindh.

    Even the last ditch effort by Shah-baz was not very heartening for N.True to its reputation of tilting towardsthe right, the PML-N seemed more in-terested in forging an alliance with Ji

    in and around karachi, with the inten-tion to cut into the MQM vote bank.But after failure of talks over seat ad-justment with the Ji in Punjab, theprospects of cooperation between thetwo in karachi were minimal.

    in kPk, the PML-N has not beenseeking any cooperation with anylocal party so far. The PML-N leadersare not sure whether the party will beable to field candidates from all theconstituencies in kPk, Balochistanand Sindh without any seat adjust-ment with a local or regional party.The main cause of concern for them:how this lack of political cooperationwill translate at the hustings? The po-litical analysts say, the PML-N isbanking on local political forces towin some extra seats that could beuseful in making alliances then toform the government at the centre.But that is only a fond hope, and theconsequences may yet make N re-gret its inability to stitch allianceswith indigenous political forces insmaller provinces. interestingly, thePTi, the Ns main competitor in thePunjab, is also on its own. So an in-teresting equation is developing be-tween the two arch rivals. Even thePPP, apart from a soul mate in thePML-Q in the Punjab, is going to relyon its own strength.

    Security at Imran Khansresidence beefed up


    On the directives of caretaker interior Minis-ter Habib khan, the security around the resi-dence of Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf (PTi) chiefimran khan has been beefed up.islamabad inspector General (iG) Police BinYamin along with DSP khursheed khan andSHO Fayyaz Ranjha held a meeting withkhan on Thursday and exchanged views onsecurity matters.Following the meeting, the number of policepersonnel at the residence of the PTi leaderwas increased from six to 16.PTi information Secretary Sheerin Mazarihad demanded strict security for khan.More than 100 enraged PTi workers onWednesday night protested against the unjustdistribution of party tickets in khyberPakhtunkhwa at the residence of khan andthe PTi Secretariat in islamabad. Window panes of the secretariat weresmashed by the enraged workers.The protesters also broke the main gate of theresidence in Bani Gala and entered the house.The protesters also tried to enter the familyquarters but the personal guards of khancalled in police and pushed the enragedworkers out of the house.khans spokesman Naeemul Haq held thefederal interior minister responsible for thesituation. He said security was not providedto khan by the federal government despitethreats to him.Talking to reports, Mazari condemned theincident and held the caretaker governmentand the interior minister responsible for theincident. She also demanded the ministersresignation.

    PML-Ns solo flight may have its consequences

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    CFriday, 19 April, 2013

    10Musharraf has clearly taken the

    running for president, the wrong

    way. Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi

    THE PML-N, JUi-F and Jiremain tightlipped overthe ongoing attacks onpoliticians and electiongatherings. Shahbaz

    Sharif has somewhat belatedly remindedthe caretakers of their duty to provide se-curity to all. The leadership of the threeparties has however consistently re-frained from condemning the terrorists.What is the cause behind this highly un-usual silence when the ECP, caretakerset up, politicians from various partiesincluding imran khan and civil societyorganisations like HRCP have all con-demned the perpetrators in no uncertainterms? Are these parties reluctant to crit-icise militants on account of some sortof doctrinal affinity with them?

    This may be one explanation for thereticence. JUi-F seminaries have con-tributed to the proliferation of the Tal-iban. The Ji disagrees with the TTP onlytactically of while sharing its ideals.Both religious parties want to achieveaims common with the terrorists throughparliamentary way. The PML-N hasbeen accused in the past of having a softcorner for the militants, even strikingelectoral alliances with their legal rein-carnations. There was in fact a notice-able slowing down of attacks in Punjabafter Shahbaz Sharifs appeal to the ter-rorists to spare the province ruled by hisparty. While the Punjabi Taliban contin-ued to issue statements in the name oftheir group, the Sharifs denied that anyorganisation with that name ever existed.

    is the silence caused by a beliefthat that the losses suffered by PPP andits erstwhile allies would strengthenthe position of the PML-N, JUi-F andJi in the elections? This too could beone of the reasons. The PPP has re-stricted Bilawal from public activitiesand there is hardly any party frontranker out in the public addressing ral-lies and gatherings. This is all the morenoticeable in Punjab, which has to electmore than half of the National Assem-bly members and where the PPP hadhoped to be able to form the next gov-ernment. Not that better campaigningwould have given Zardaris party moreseats than in 2008 as its image has beenbadly tarnished by bad performance.

    in Sindh, the stronghold of thePPP, the PML-N has allied itself with

    Pagaras PML-F. Despite the incum-bency factor that would go against thePPP, the party is still likely to emergeas the largest single winner if all itsleaders with a feudal-cum-tribal cloutcontinue to remain with it.

    The PML-N may be hoping to ben-efit from ANPs discomfiture in khyberPukhtunkhwa. Not that the two have notbeen bedfellows in the past but now thePML-N has a different strategy in view.That it had recently tried to reach anelectoral understanding with Ji andJUiF shows it is seeking a differentroute to power in the province this time.The understanding with the two partiescould not be reached on account of thedemands considered over excessive bythe PML-N leadership but the threecould join hands after the polls. Even ifthe PPP and ANP perform badly thistime in the province, the PML-N facesa potent challenge from the PTi. Thetwo religious parties would again proveto be hard bargainers with any of thetwo seeking their support.

    in karachi, the PML-N hopes tomake an entry with the help of the re-ligious parties. As the MQM remainsa major competi-tor in the city, itmatters little tothe PML-N and itsallies if attackscontinue on itscandidates.

    in Balochistan,neither the PPP northe PML-N haveany mass base. Thelatter pins hopes onthe Baloch nation-alists while bring-ing into its foldwhatever tribalchiefs are willingto join hands.

    There is how-ever a more im-portant reasonalso behind the PML-N, JUi-F and Jidisplaying unconcern regarding mili-tant attacks on the secular trio.

    The establishment thinks a newtype of ruling alliance would be helpfulto it in the coming years after the Natoforces leave the area. With the US-ledtroops out of the region, Pakistanwould once again be on its own to dealwith the terrorist groups. Whether thereis longer civil war in Afghanistan, ofwhich there is a good possibility, or aquick Taliban victory which seems lessplausible, the Pakistani militants nowoperating from their FATA sanctuarieswould pose a problem that any govern-ment will have to deal with singlehandedly without foreign support.What is more they would also com-mand a strategic depth in Afghanistan.

    When the US had a presence inthe region and was helpful to Pak-istan, the establishment was contentwith a government with secular cre-

    dentials, pro-US leaning and willingto fight the terrorists. With the UStroops withdrawn and US funds dry-ing up, the establishment would desirehaving a government able to negotiatewith the TTP when required.

    The establishment would have pre-ferred imran khan but with the mo-mentum that the PTi leader had createdreceding over time, it is now lookingfor other partners. Mian Nawaz Shariffits the specifications but has a streakthat makes him somewhat unreliable.He has a tendency to amass all powersin his hands and in the process take onthe military leadership, if needed. Butwith the JUi-F and Ji sitting on oneside of Nawaz Sharif and a pro-estab-lishment Pagara on the other, an idealcontrol mechanism is in place.

    As the TTP leadership continues toindulge in terror attacks as a policy ofchoice, it is also felling the heat in thetribal areas. The Swat valley where themilitants had set up their emirate is outof their control. They can still detonatea bomb here and there, albeit after a lotof costly preparations, which explainswhy they are quite infrequent. Bajaur

    where the TTPhad virtuallyended the writ ofthe state is out ofits hands. Theagency is moret e r r o r i s m - f r e ethan Peshawar.This has givenconfidence toBadam Zaree, ani n d e p e n d e n twoman candidateon a general seat,to take part in theelections.

    The army hasfreed most of thekurrum Agencywhile it is fightingthe terrorists in

    khybers Tirah valley. There is mean-while a pressure from the tribal peoplefor peace that led to the recent peaceovertures from the TTP. With the UStroops gone and there being no excusefor jihad, the pressure from inside thetribes will multiply on the militants.

    The establishment has long toyedwith the idea of bringing militants intothe mainstream. it claims it has doneso in the case of Hafiz Saeed and theDifa-e-Pakistan Council. Many chal-lenge the assertion as unrealistic.

    The least the establishment wantsis to persuade the TTP to stop attacksinside Pakistan and hopes that onceparties like the PML-N, JUi-F and Jiwho are acceptable to the TTP are inpower the task would become easier.The way the three parties are acting in-dicates they are game.

    The writer is a political analyst anda former academic.

    Aziz-ud-Din AhmadEditor

    Lahore Ph: 042-36375963-5 Fax: 042-32535230Karachi Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208Islamabad Ph: 051-2287273 Fax: 051-2850505 Email: [email protected]

    Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

    musharrafs leash has finally been pulledThe general without clothes

    Politicians under attack

    THE news of a terror strike here, a suicide bombing there has become a routinematter for most of the citizens; however, recent strikes on the political cadreclearly show where things are headed. The three-way response the civilian

    government succeeding in managing the menace in a few troubled areas of late; the armypushing the terrorists into a corner; and most importantly a disapproval of their violentideology by the public to the militants violent methods has assured that they wont beable to achieve their agenda. However, they can still disrupt countrys business, just asthey did with attacks on politicians in the past few days.

    As political parties have ramped up their campaigns for the elections on 11 May, itmakes them vulnerable to such attacks. With centre-left parties like the ANP on apronounced hit list of these militants, the situation gets even more serious. These attacksdo have the potential to derail the democratic system in the country, a concern voicedrightfully by imran khan the other day. The democracy in the country is not as strong yetto withstand such attacks on its foundations but giving in to the ideology of violencewould only ensure that the country is headed towards doom. Standing up against thisdark path is the responsibility of the state, which being in the hands of caretakers thesedays, might be a little difficult but not impossible yet. While they are not mandated tomake any strategic decisions, they still have to maintain law and order. Matters haveworsened so much that the CEC had to write a letter to the ANP leaders explaining thatthe CEC had not ordered any security to be withdrawn tasked with the partys members.However, the ineffectiveness of the security measures calls for more stringent and foolproof security. The situation in Balochistan is even worse, where shutter down strike wasobserved in many cities the other day after an attack on Sanaullah Zehris convoy.

    Surprisingly, most of the politicians appear to have a united stand on the issue.Holding the government and the security forces responsible for the politicians safety andsecurity, PTi has demanded that all political parties and leaders must be provided withadequate security, a demand that appears to be justified considering the number of suchattacks that have taken place all over the country, a number that is so alarming that theHRCP was forced to say that these terrorist attacks on politicians may sabotage electionprocess. However, the caretaker Cabinets decision to seek armys assistance in thisregard could offer the much needed reprieve from these attacks and help restore law andorder to a peaceful state so that the election process goes ahead without any mishap.

    WHEN the ex-dictator Pervez Musharraf returned to Pakistan as the caretakergovernment took charge, many speculated that it smacked of a deal andthat all major players, political parties, the army and most importantly

    the aggrieved judiciary, were going to let him contest the elections. The man, who fornearly a decade wore the two crowns of president of the islamic Republic of Pakistanand the Chief of Army Staff, could not claim that he had not been forewarned. Thejudiciary appeared to have extended his leash in the cat-and-mouse game being playedon the labyrinth that the former general had constructed for himself. When Musharrafwas granted protective bail in four of the cases against him in the Sindh High Court, atactical move by his lawyers who knew the three other high courts were dead setagainst him, it appeared that his long announced return would at least allow him thedignity honour of contesting elections and perhaps winning a seat to the NationalAssembly from the Chitral area.

    But the ex-generals luck was bound to run out. There were too many cases againsthim and as he found out when his nomination papers were rejected in three of thefour constituencies he planned to contest from the judiciary was not willing to abideby whatever deal had been struck in the holy lands to allow him to return. With a lotof hype spun on his expected return in karachi, the city in which he allowed a freereign to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and his local bodies system hadapparently delivered, there was barely a crowd worth speaking of for those whoremember the martyred Benazir Bhuttos return to the country in Octo