PacMan, meets Braid, meets Limbo, meets poetry =

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Transcript of PacMan, meets Braid, meets Limbo, meets poetry =

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  • PacMan, meets Braid, meets Limbo, meets poetry =
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  • Quick Facts Platform: XBLA + PSN + PC + IOS + Android + Tablets Genre: Survival Platformer Huge solo mode and up to 4 multiplayer! Target: cross age, from casual to hard core Focus: large appeal, immediate fun Due Q4 2011 Death is ALIVE!
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  • The Game : RIP You are the Reaper Play Death and be the good guy Save humans from damnation Each soul needs you to be saved Even death has superpowers Gather Powers and be a super hero Simple + Addictive
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  • Solo Gameplay Save dying souls Avoid damned ones Finish fast and get rewarded Special Challenge Maze Survival stage Bring Them All ! Etc. Adventure mode +10 chapters +100 levels (2 DLCs) Replay each level with new Powers
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  • Multiplayer Local Death match Against AI or friends Network Up to 4 online Voice chat with Death!
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  • XBLA/PSN Features XBLA is the best sale channel, period Free trial version 16/9 HDTV FULL 2D (!) +60 Leaderboards ! 2 playable expansion packs/DLC (included !) Achievements inside Wallpapers, Theme & Pictures Voice chat
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  • Pohlm Studio has been specialising in downloadable games from the beginning. We have developed specific tools to ensure initial sales and overall title performance. Free trial version Who doesnt want to play for free? The free trial is a double edge blade. We know how to tease without giving out too much. Upsell Take every opportunity to reward the player and encourage buying the game or associated DLC. Expansion packs & other DLC Included in the initial production, easy to integrate in the release schedule, easy to integrate in your communication schedule. Publisher support More sales for you, Faster recoup, Less risks
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  • Hasta los Facts Its a great game! Runner up of the Microsoft Dream.Build.Play Winner and Jurys pick at E-Magician Runner up at De-Day in Bejing Hasta la Muerte on Windows Phone 7 published by Microsoft
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  • The Team Studio founded in 2006 Core team of 12 professionals Complete team:18 to 25 Experienced team Based in Southern France Multiplatform in house Pohlm engine Licensed developer:
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  • XBLA Facts 300.000 units sold per week (average 2010) Currently 366 games total, generating over $12 million revenue per month Average of only 1,5 game released per week Average sales per game: 160.000 units (first 12 months) Some game sales (in units): PacMan: 510.000 (released 08/2006) Limbo: 770.000 (released 06/2010) Braid: 580.000 (released 08/2008)
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