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2. Pablo Diego Jos Francisco da Paula Juan Nepomuceno Mara de las Remedios Cipriano de la Santssima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso , born on 25 th october 1881 , in Mlaga 3. Pablo Ruiz Picasso Spanish painter, naturalness French - became one of the masters of fine arts of the twentieth century, it was still sculptor, graphic artist and ceramist 4. HIS ART In childhood, reproduced episodes of bullfighting, the subject of his first book "The Matador", an oil painting on wood, executed when the artist was eight 5. NEW HOME, NEW PASSION . Picasso arrived in Paris in October 1900, the city he immediately adopted it as their new home, the core of all production forefront of artistic and cultural 6. CUBISM Cubism was created by Pablo Picasso. This artistic movement emerged in the twentieth century and is considered the most influential of the period. With its geometric shapes represented, most often, for cubes and cylinders, the Cubist art broke with the aesthetic standards that primavam for perfection of forms in the search for realistic image of nature. This unique and true to nature, so appreciated by Europeans since the Renaissance, led to this new form of expression in . which a single object can be seen from different angles at the same time 7. BLUE PERIOD The Blue Period Picasso took place between 1901 and 1904. The name comes from the color that dominated the gamut of paintings. Had its origin in the suicide of his friend Carlos Casagemas on February 17, 1901, which left the Picasso full of pain and sadness 8. ROSE PERIOD The Rose Period was entre1904-1906. Picasso was happy in his relationship with Fernande Olivier whom he met in 1904, being one of the possible reasons why he changed his style of painting. Harlequins, circus performers and clowns appear frequently in the Rose Period. The Harlequin, a character usually depicted with clothes comic printed chess, became a personal symbol for Picasso 9. GUERNICA This painting was done with black and white representing the feeling of rejection (rejection) to the Nazi attack a small town espanhola.Retrata people, buildings, and animals born by heavy shelling Localization German force under the control of which was an ally of Hitler Franco, head of government in Spain 10. THE BEGIN OF A NEW ERA Les Demoiselles dAvignonDespite the success of the Rose Period, he decides to abandon this style, attracted by the sculptures of the Iberian Peninsula and Africa, is when he painted "Les Demoiselles" d'Avignon, pioneering work of modern art. His work goes on to suffer the intense influence of the Arts Greek , Iberian and African, constituting protocubismo, which preceded the Cubism movement