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  • 1. WHOISOXFAM AUSTRALIA? HELPING O THERS WHEN THEYRE IN A TOUGH SITUATION IS WHAT WE DO BES T. WHATS MORE, WEVE BEEN WORK ING WITH COMMUN ITIESTOHELP THEM BUI LD LAS TING SOLU TI ONS TO TH E PROBLEMS THEY FACE SINCE 1953. FIND OUT MORE AT WWW.O XFAM.ORG. AU Okay, you might not want that crown we use to fight poverty. Most gifts When you buy a rice bank, calf, and I might be exaggerating a bit Youre in the catalogue are already located in cattle manure, chicken, chicken family, thinking, "Listen, Im just looking to buy a the country where we are working, so duck, fishing ponds, piglet, start a small great gift with real reward." But as you theyre not impacting on our global business or three little pigs, youre flick through the pages and peruse the footprint eitherl helping fund programs that give people incredible life - changing gifts, remember a livelihood. When you purchase an Oxfam Unwrapped that by choosing to purchase a gift from gift card, your tax-deductible donation Or you can help Oxfam act quickly in this catalogue, you will be joining will fund a range of projects that your times of emergency by buying an hundreds of thousands of others, all of gift represents. For example, when you emerger,cy hygiene kit, a mossie net, whom have contributed to ending buy gifts such as a goat, a couple of a canoe, a water-quality testing kit, a injustice and world poverty. goats, a goat family, farmer education, donkey or a solar light You can also a farmers pack, food basket, fruit trees, support our campaigning by purchasing seeds, "Two ducks, a pig and a goat" or Fairtrade education, save a river or our Im glad you asked. When you buy an a veggie garden, youll be contributing GROW card. Oxfam Unwrapped gift, your donation to our agriculture projects. helps support Oxfam Australias life- Or, if you purchase an Aboriginal health changing work around the world. And the card, Aboriginal womens circle, an person for whom you are buying said gift aeroplane, Aussie Rules footy, breakfast rece ives a sensational gift card for a child, clean water, a cooking stove, explaining how their gift is helping others. midwife essentials, orphan care, safe refuge for women, water for a school or a well, you will be funding our health projects. To support our education projects, you just need to purchase the gift of a Straight Talk card, guitar lessons, notepads Oh you I We dont actually ship goats or and pens, literacy classes or toys. any animals overseas, but all Oxfam Unwrapped gifts are real items that2
  • 2. AND THIS IS HOW YOU OlDER A CARD THREE CHOOSE OlDER WRITE IN AND ACAID YOUICAID YOUICAID YOU"IE There are many to choose from. Theres an orde r form at Youve bought your card, DONE the back of t his catalogue. now you just need to Some are cheap Not only have you You can also ord er online. Its quick, personalise it. and others will found th e perfect re qu ire deeper easy and saves Oxfam Aust ra lia money. Oxfam ca n have t he gift for the person pockets. But Simply go to www.oxfamunwrapped.com.au card delivered to you. who has lots, but every single gift E-cards are ava ilable online too . O if yo u order online, r, yo uve also foun d wi ll chang e th e Or you ca n order over the phone on sim ply type out a the perfect wa y to life of so meo ne FREECALL 1800 034 034 messa ge to be printed help those with a livin g in po verty. [Mon to Fri, 9a m to Sp m AE ST]. ins ide, then well send it little. Now thats a directly to your recipi ent. gift with real reward. You can even head int o an O xfam Shop and buy a card in-store. To locat e your Every card also includes nearest store call lBOO 03l! 034 or an explanation about t he go to www.oxfamshop.org.au role your specific gift plays in fi ght ing povert y, so your rec ip ient will know just how good a cause it is. IUYACAID. SEND IT TO AFIIENDOI LOVED ONE. YOUR DONATION HELPS FUND OXFAM"S WOIKAIOUND THE WORLD.Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people sho uld be aware that th isdocument may contain images or nam es of people who have since passed away. ORDER ONLINE AT WWW.OXFAMUNWRAPPED .COM .AU J
  • 3. c GOAT FAMILY Whats better than one go at th at can provide orphan s in Mozambique with nutritious milk and an educati on? Four goats. Goat family- UW90AIASKET CUNNING PLOTOF GOOD Ev eryone loves vegetables and this car d ha s some rig ht on the cover.If you, like most of us, think a hamp