Overview of Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter


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  • 1.Facebook: Terminology, Tactics and Best PracticesBy Danielle Brigida
    National Wildlife Federation
    brigidad@nwf.org@starfocus or @nwf

2. There areOver 100,000 non-profit Pages on Facebook
3. An average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events
4. Page, Group, Profile
5. Facebook Page
Must have an official rep as an admin
Communicates broadly (comments, posts)
Posts and pages are available to everyone
Anyone can Like your page
Admins post under the page name
Tabs and Insights are available
6. Facebook Group
Closed space for small groups
Offer more privacy settings and options
Members must be approved or added by other members
They are notified by default
Collaborate through chats, photo albums, docs and group events
No insights or tabs available
7. Close Up On Groups:
8. Facebook Profile?
Violates Terms of Service
No analytics
Cant test
They may not want to friend you
9. Understanding Terminology
Status Update your friends with links, photos, or info
Admin person who runs a page or group.
Wall Public messaging on your profile
News Feed
Insights Facebook page analytics
Tagging Type the "@" symbol. Select the friend, page, event, group or app you want to tag from the drop-down menu.
10. Engagement Tips

  • Ask questions they can answer

11. Use @_name to mention other pages/people 12. Post colorful/interesting photos 13. Create a landing tab (using iframes)