Overcoming fear- Does Fear Actually Exist?

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Overcoming Fear… Wait Does Fear Actually Exist?

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Transcript of Overcoming fear- Does Fear Actually Exist?

  • Overcoming Fear Wait Does Fear Actually Exist?
  • So check this out fear is oft en a misunderstood energy. Excitement and fear are the same feelings physiologically, right? Take this scenario. Have you ever been in a serious situation where you should have been afraid, but were totally calm?
  • Most people talk about such an experience as being in slow motion, having super human strength, a sixth sense or guardian angel.
  • In those serious and sometimes life- threatening situations, being afraid would be understandable, right?
  • How can it be though, that if you were afraid you knew exactly what to do and remained calm, had a guardian angel or sixth sense? What if it wasnt actually fear but instead you were MORE AWARE? Let me explain
  • Think about this, when a child gets ready to hop in the swimming pool for the first time, or on the first day of school, what does a parent say to the child, Dont be afraid.
  • Consider thismaybe that child wasnt afraid, but just excited but couldnt in her/his young mind, label that feeling or emotion. So, when the parent says to him/her dont be afraid, she goes, oh, its fear I am feeling.
  • Later, as she grows up, whenever theres a feeling, resembling that excitement, or an unknown situation or experience, she thinks, Im afraid. See??? She was conditioned to have fear and be afraid when what she was experiencing excitement.
  • Excitement is by its nature an expansive energy; its a BIG emotion. Big emotions, are bigger, than what our minds can compartmentalize because they are expansive for a reason, right?
  • They are to clue us to what is possible, to signal to us, that there is MORE than what we can see with our eyes or touch with our hands to light the fire in us, right? We are NOT supposed to be able to box the bigness of who we are.
  • Imagine right now, you stretching out your energy stretching out to all of the lives of the people who desire to connect with your gifts What is possible is so much more GRAND than what you can label. With that said, it feels a lot right? YAY! Thats the power of you!
  • The rub is that later, whenever that feeling of expansion comes up, instead of just allowing the big energy to be there, we shut it down as fear and close all the possibilities of having, being or doing more. This is just one example of how excitement can be mis-identified and entrained to be fear.
  • So when you think of something you truly desire, do you feel big and expansive, like, OMG? Most likely, that is just excitement, not fear. What if what we think is fear, is just excitement, so much excitement, that we are energetically overwhelmed by it?
  • There is this awesome quote by Fritz Perlshe states, Fear is just excitement without breath. Fritz Perls
  • fear just breathe an ask a question.. Is this fear or excitement do I feel expanded, like WHOA
  • Conversely, what if what we think is fear, was really, just greater awareness designed for our benefit, or internal angel, or sixth sense for those serious and/or life or death situations?
  • No matter what the label is, you will be able to distinguish fear from excitement with your detector of truth, so YAY!
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