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Outsourcing & India Reni James Sara Chopp Shwetha Sabu Chris Arwady

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Outsourcing & India. Reni James Sara Chopp Shwetha Sabu Chris Arwady. Introduction. Management Processes. Quality of Service. “When it comes to quality is perception reality?”. Language Skills. 333 million Indians speak English. As a result, India has a large BPO industry. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Outsourcing & IndiaReni JamesSara ChoppShwetha SabuChris Arwady

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Image from: http://www.outsource2india.com/why_outsource/articles/managing_outsourcing.aspSource: 3Quality of ServiceWhen it comes to quality is perception reality?

Image from: http://telecomtalk.info/trai-qos-benchmark-should-be-shown-on-telecom-operators-website/19278/Source: 4Language Skills

333 million Indians speak English. As a result, India has a large BPO industry.The National Knowledge Commission reports only 1% of Indians use English as a second language.This is allowing other countries, like China, to successfully compete with India in Voice based outsourcing.The British Council attributes the high demand for English proficiency to the lack of quality education.An increase in English proficiency of Indian citizens, in addition to a greater understanding of American culture and more neutralized accents is critical for Indias sustainability.These changes are necessary in order for India to continue to compete against other countries in the rapidly growing BPO industry.Image from: http://www.burlingtonpresswebservices.com/content/Web_Design_101/wrong_designer.aspSource: http://www.bpmwatch.com/columns/english-language-skills-haunts-bpo-growth-in-india/5SecurityThe EU does not consider India to be a data secure nation, restricting Indias outsourcing business and the flow of sensitive data.New Delhi requests a change in status in order to boost trade in Indias IT-BPO industry. New Delhi is using the bi-lateral trade agreement to argue for the free flow of services in order to boost outsourcing of low-end jobs from Europe and high-end jobs from the United States and protect exports from this work. For sustainability, India must ensure privacy protection of data.

Image from: http://egov.eletsonline.com/2012/04/new-delhi-demands-data-secure-nation-status-for-india/Source: http://egov.eletsonline.com/2012/04/new-delhi-demands-data-secure-nation-status-for-india/6Qualifications of Outsourcers

The current ESO industry in India earns $7-9 billion.India is gaining new customers for the outsourcing of design engineering projects. This has the potential to achieve $55 billion in revenues over the next 7 years.New outsourcers have the ability to reduce production costs by 30-40%, as well as to reduce the design cycles.This will diversify Indias current ESO industry beyond aviation and defense, which includes a potential 4% growth in the engineering and industrial services industry. This will create greater opportunity for job growth, as well as greater demand in Indias domestic market.

Image from: http://www.infrawindow.com/news/engineers-india-bags-refinery-expansion-project-of-bpcl_4474/Source: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/tech/ites/indias-engineering-outsourcing-market-may-touch-55-bn/articleshow/5237845.cms?intenttarget=no7Diversification

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Standpoint of Labor

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