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www.outdoorfabrics.com | Do you have a patio or backyard lounging area that could use a few accessories? Try putting to use a few new outdoor pillows to make your space more comfortable and inviting.

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2. Decorating Outside If you have a patio or backyard that is going to seed and collecting weeds and muddy shoes, you should think about transforming your wasted space.What you need is a place for your entire family to hang out and enjoy your yard or patio all year long. Think about installing an outdoor kitchen or a lounging space. Add an awning so you can sit in your yard even when its raining or snowing.Page 2 3. Lounging Furniture Lounging furniture is useful and it allows you to relax in your backyard without having to sit up temporary camp chairs to sit.Add a dinning room set or even a couch and some chairs with comfortable pillows and cushions. Outdoor furniture, especially pillows and cushions, needs to be specifically made for staying outside. This means weatherproofing them to withstand the cold , heat and rain. Page 3 4. Ordering Weatherproof Pillows To save time, you can order pre-weatherproofed pillows made with special outdoor fabric.The fabric you order will be specifically made to withstand weather that would normally ruin typical indoor pillows. The fabric can withstand heat without fading and rain without mildewing or molding. The fabric comes in just as many colors and patterns as regular fabric, but with the added benefit of being made for the outdoors.Page 4 5. Making Weatherproof Pillows If you want to try your hand at making pillows for your outdoor furniture, you can do that too! Simply order weather proof fabric online. Then, you can add to and upholster the pillows yourself.Page 5 6. Caring for Your Outdoor Fabric Just because your pillows are covered with weatherproof fabrics doesnt mean you should neglect your furniture accessories. In order for your pillows to last as long as possible, you need to clean them regularly. For typical outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella, you should make a mixture of natural soap and water to wash off any dirt. For tough stains, use a little bleach, soap, and water. Always air dry and never apply any heat to the fabric.Page 6 7. Accessorizing Pillows and cushions are the perfect way to accessorize your outdoor furniture.The best thing about outside accessories is that theyre water resistant, fade - proof, and easy to clean unlike some other fabrics.If you already have a table, chairs, or couch, adding some comfortable padding can make lounging much more enjoyable.Page 7 8. Can You Keep Your Pillows Outside All Year Long? Most outdoor fabric for pillows and cushions is pretty hardy. It can stay outside for cold and hot weather and still remain undamaged.While the weather may not damage your fabric, it will wear it down a little and make it more likely to deteriorate and fray.However, if your furniture is uncovered, you might want to think about bringing in your pillows during heavy rain and snow storms.Page 8 9. Reupholstering Old Pillows If you have existing pillows, when was the last time you reupholstered them?Shop today for quality outdoor fabric to reupholster your old pillows and cushions.You may be in need of a change if: Its been several years since your pillows were reupholstered. Youve made design or color scheme changes. Your pillows are not covered with weatherproof fabric. Page 9 10. Make Good Use of Your Patio and Back Yard! Reupholster, order, or make your new pillows right now in any color or pattern you want. Dont let your space go to waste. Fix up your yard and patio today to start enjoying the weather from a comfortable lounging spot throughout the year.Page 10 11. For more information http://outdoorfabrics.com 800-640-3539Page 11