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XPO Group Services Include:

IT & WEEE RecyclingWe specialise in the secure disposal and recycling of IT and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Your equipment will be handled safely and securely, and being an AATF, we produce Evidence Notes for all WEEE processed on site.

Your unwanted equipment will be professionally shredded in our WEEE Recycling plant and can shred a large variety of electronic equipment.

Product Destruction Product destruction is particularly useful to

companies that do not want their products re-appearing in the marketplace. We can shred all types of products in our shredding plant, which can help companies maintain product and brand integrity.

We can destroy the following: Uniforms, ID badges & passes, End of life products, Counterfeit Goods, Faulty products

IT RemarketingWhen looking to get rid of your redundant or unused IT equipment, we can offer two remarketing options:

Buy back: As your IT department upgrades to new technology, we offer to buy back your redundant IT hardware or assets. This helps your budget concerns by offsetting some of the cost of the upgrade.

Rebate: When considering parting company with your redundant hardware, but wanting something back for it, another option would be for us to sell the equipment on your behalf and give you an agreed percentage back from the sale of the item(s)

in the form of a rebate.

Data Destruction Our Hard Drive Shredder can provide you with

on or off-site shredding and can shred hard drives to 4mm, which meets the requirements of most government departments around the world and complies with the Secure Destruction of Confidential Materials BS EN 15713:2009 code of practice.

Other methods of destruction include; Crushing, Degaussing and CESG approved Data Erasure

IT Relocation We can provide a wide range of IT Hardware relocation and IT storage services that will ensure companies moving experiences are stress-free and taken care of.

With our experience in IT hardware relocation will enable the transition to be completed safely and securely with a minimum of downtime.

We support any move in the Midlands and offer the following: -PAT Testing-Equipment Testing and reinstallation-Data Backup-Data Destruction and Erasure-Asset Tracking

We can also assist you in the closure of your office, we will leave the office free of all IT equipment and office furniture, leaving you to return the premises to your landlord in good order.

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E-Tail Managed SolutionsWe can cater for all electrical and electronic products, allowing you to sell direct to the customer, without the hassle of setting up and managing several online platforms.

Increase your selling platforms without any hassle, access more customers and sell to them directly.

Excess InventoryWe can purchase surplus stock and take it off your hands. We will then sell it on for you, ensuring maximum return on these items. We can work with you to tailor your requirements for this surplus stock, we determine a resale price with you, whether you want to sell at a lower cost quickly, or higher cost over a longer period of time.

Producer Compliance Scheme ServicesIf you are an importer, a manufacturer or you sell equipment that is dependent of electricity or electronics for its main function, (excluding domestic lighting) this is classed as EEE, you are therefore likely to be a B2B, B2C or B2B/B2C producer and need to be a member of a Producer Compliance Scheme.

We aim to reduce the cost of compliance by providing a complete one stop shop solution.(Our PCS Services will be trading under WEEE.co Compliance). As an AATF (Approved Authorised Treatment Facility) we have our own on site facilities to collect, weigh, categorise and treat WEEE. For more information about PCS Services and how we could reduce your costs please contact us.

Manufacturer/Producer Services

Returns Management/Reverse logistics XPO can deal directly with your customer/end-

users. We can issue and handle RMA’s for you, as well as handle the whole returns process, including repair and repacking. We handle stock coming into our warehouse as carefully as stock leaving our warehouse. We prepare items going back into stock, refurbish any items that require this and recycle where necessary.

Refurbishment As Microsoft Registered Refurbishers we are able to provide top quality refurbished PC’s, including a genuine copy of Windows. We are also able to upgrade items and test faulty items.

Any items we receive back are cleaned and tested, then refurbished or upgraded as necessary.

Assembly & Rework You can reduce cost on import duty by having your final assembly done in the UK, meaning you are as competitive as possible. We can help complete imperative rework requirements to ensure you are on time and your product is presented exactly as your quality standards would expect.

Re-use & Trade in Schemes XPO IT Services Ltd, wherever possible, aims to

reuse any items that are returned to us, and we can offer this service to you, meaning you can encourage your customers to return old items without any hassle to you

You can receive a rebate back on these items, as well as knowing you are doing your bit for the environment. You also receive full reports on anything we receive for your records.