OUR KEYNOTES and FEATURED SPEAKERS PARTIAL LIST of ...· Jayne Gackenbach ·Video Game Play as...

OUR KEYNOTES and FEATURED SPEAKERS PARTIAL LIST of ...· Jayne Gackenbach ·Video Game Play as Nightmare
OUR KEYNOTES and FEATURED SPEAKERS PARTIAL LIST of ...· Jayne Gackenbach ·Video Game Play as Nightmare
download OUR KEYNOTES and FEATURED SPEAKERS PARTIAL LIST of ...· Jayne Gackenbach ·Video Game Play as Nightmare

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Transcript of OUR KEYNOTES and FEATURED SPEAKERS PARTIAL LIST of ...· Jayne Gackenbach ·Video Game Play as...

REGISTER NOW!You can register by going towww.asdreams.org/2011,where you can register and pay online with a charge card or obtain a download-able mail-in registration form. Become an IASD member on the website as wellto take advantage of the members discounted registration fee. Please book yourlodging early and directly with the Rolduc conference center by contact-ing them at email info@rolduc.com or by Telephone +31 (0)45 5466 888 and asking for the IASD Conference subscription rate.You will be given a confirmation form and instructions to fol-low. DO NOT use the Rolduc web site for room reservations;since all the rooms are blocked for IASD it will show as soldout.

THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDYOF DREAMS is a nonprofit, international, multidisciplinaryorganization dedicated to the pure and applied investigationof dreams and dreaming. Its purpose is to promote an

awareness and appreciation of dreams in both professional and public arenas;to encourage research into the nature, function, and significance of dreaming;to advance the application of the study of dreams; and to provide a forum forthe eclectic and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and information. IASD isopen to anyone who studies, explores, or works with dreams. Membership rep-

resents over 35 countries and people from all disciplines. 2011 IASD Dream Art Exhibition A juried exhibition of dream-inspired art will be on display in the Cloister within Rolduc, with areception on Sunday evening. Thanks to the generous ongoingsupport of Nancy Richter Brzeski and other contributors,Dream Art Awards will be granted to works on display.Continuing Education (CE) Credits are offered for selected ses-sions. The International Association for the Study of Dreams(IASD) is approved by the American Psychological Associationto sponsor continuing education for psychologists. IASD main-tains responsibility for this program and its content.

Dreams and Cultural Diversity (Conference Theme)Bart Koet, Peter Balde, Dick Schluter, and Ilse Bulhof Special Symposium On

the Famous Dutch Author and Dream Researcher Frederik van EedenWillem Fermont Dreams, Diversity and DarwinismOlaf Gerlach-Hansen Dreams and the UNESCO Conventions on Cultural


Research TrackMark Blagrove Dream Stage and Content Association of Oxytocin and

CortisolMark Blagrove The 57 Day Dream-Lag Effect, REM and Stage 2 DifferencesLaura Cariola Analysing The Latent Linguistic Structure of American-

English and German Dream NarrativesAnton Coenen Do Dreams Have a Meaning?Barbara DAmato A Study of Psychic Loss in the Dreams of Adult Adopted

WomenDaniel Erlacher Lucid dreaming: Induction, Application and TimeTadas Stumbrys, Melanie Schdlich, Steffen Schmidt, Franc Paul Lucid

Dream Induction: Methodological IssuesMarcel Fischer Intrapersonal Conflict and DreamsJayne Gackenbach Morning After Dreams of Video Game Play

Versus Meditation/PrayerJosie Henley-Einion Assessing the Day-Residue Effect Using

Independent JudgesJrgen Hoppe NREM Parasomnias: Physiology and Subjective ExperienceCaroline Horton Autobiographical and Episodic Memory Sources of DreamsBob Hoss, Ernest Hartmann, David Kahn, Caroline Horton Evidence of

Emotional Influence on Dream ContentMalgorzata Holda Age Differences in Attitudes toward DreamsMalgorzata Holda Dream Recall as a Function of Keeping a Dream Diary Filip Kovacevic Interpretation of Dreams: A Lacanian ApproachTamar Kron Dreams of Men in the Shadow of Continuous Life-Threatening

AttacksAlja Lah Dialoguing with DreamsCase StudyJosie Malinowski Do We Dream to Process Emotional Waking Experiences?Jonathan Marquez Dream Journaling and Self-Awareness in SportEva Murzyn Cognitive Factors and Dream ContentGeoffrey Navara Exploring Intimate Relationships with DreamsDanielle Pearson The Dream Content of Women FootballersPerrine Ruby Do the Brains of Dreamers and Non-Dreamers Differ?Michael Schredl Dreaming in Patients with Sleep DisorderCarlyle Smith The Use of EEG to Enhance the Study of Dream MentationGregory Sparrow The Effects of Morning Meditation and Dream RelivingKatja Valli Threatening Dream Content of PD Patients with and without RBDUrsula Voss Dream Reports of Congenitally Paraplegic and Deaf-Mute

PersonsAntonio Zadra Content Analysis of Men and Womens Worst NightmaresAntonio Zadra Content and Frequency of Sexual Dreams

Clinical TrackDeirdre Barrett Using Hypnosis to Work with Dreams*Barbara Bishop Exploring Metaphors of Addiction in Non-Drug User Dreams

Robert Bosnak Clinical Dream Incubation and Body AwarenessJayne Gackenbach Video Game Play as Nightmare ProtectionMarc Hebbrecht The Supervisory Aspects of the DreamBrigitte Holzinger How to Overcome Nightmares: Lucid Dreaming George Leute Bringing the Dream to Life*Catherine Lombard Exploring Dreams in the Psychosynthesis ContextGeoffrey Navara & Susan Lollis The Embodiment of Dreams*

Dreamwork Practices TrackWalter Berry Drawn into the Dream*Alysa Braceau Dream Practice - Lucid Dreaming: Connecting with Your

Dream Energy*Rose Cleary Post-Apocalyptic Images and Pre-Traumatic Stress*Layne Dalfen Solution Oriented Dream Decoding: Therapeutic Dreaming*Layne Dalfen, Scott Sparrow, Harry Bosma, Nicoline Douwes Isema Dreams

and the InternetHeloisa Garman Dreams: Theater of Our Inner World*Bob Haden Mapping Dreams*Rana Halprin Dream Messenger in the Body of Soul*Bob & Lynne Hoss Dreamwork and Energy Psychology: Dream to Freedom

Technique*Pia Keiding Tibetan Dream Yoga*Susan Marie Scavo and Bill St Cyr Unfolding the Soul: Archetypal

DreamworkGunhild Lorenzen Shamanic Dream Journeys, Their Creative Expressions*Athena Lou and Roger Martinez Secrets of Interactive Dream Group

Dynamics*Cyndera Quackenbush Imaginal Stone: Dreaming with Eyes Open*Christiane Riedel Loving and Sexual Scenarios in DreamsGunnar Sundstrm The Ullman-Approach of Group Dreamwork *Nobby Thys Dream Constellations *Dimitri Halley Dreaming Beyond Self: Shared DreamingFrank Pascoe Shared Dreaming within Intimate Human RelationshipsRavil Sadreev Dream Yoga in the Practice of Lucid Dreams

Morning Dream GroupsSheila Asato and Judith White Embodied Imagination Ann Aswegan Artful DreamingRobert Gongloff Exploring the Heart of the DreamCurtiss Hoffman Developing the Intuition in Group DreamworkVictoria Rabinowe Expressive Techniques for Multicultural DreamgroupsChristiane Riedel French Language Dream GroupBarbara Roukema-Koning and Rita Dwyer Dream PilgrimsMichael Schredl Listening to the Dreamer (German)Sven Doehner Vocal Sound-Work with Dream Images

Arts and Humanities TrackRebecca Laverriere, Laura Atkinson The Wings of Transformation*Ann Bengtsson Mandala Drawing Techniques for Understanding Dream

Symbols*Ann Bengtsson, John Corbett The Fascinating MandalaJean Campbell, Janet Garrett, Laura Atkinson, Massimo Schinco, Jeremy

Seligson Entrained with the Heartbeat of the Earth

OUR KEYNOTES and FEATURED SPEAKERSCharles D. Laughlin, Ph.Dis Emeritus Professor ofAnthropology and Religion atCarleton University, Ottawa,Canada. Also trained in neuro-science, he is the co-author ofseveral books, includingBrain, Symbol and Expe-

rience. His ethnographic research includesUganda, Tibetan Buddhist monks in Nepal, and theNavajo people of the American Southwest. He is apractitioner of Tibetan dream yoga, and specializesin alternative states and religion.

Prof. Dr. med. EckartRther studied Medicine, Phi-losophy and Psychology inMunich, Montpellier (France)and Hamburg. He is a special-ist in Psychiatry, Neurology,Psychotherapy and Sleep Medicine.

Robert Bosnak, PsyA is aDutch and American Jungianpsychoanalyst, who studiedlaw and criminology at LeidenUniversity and analytical psy-chology in Zurich. He haspracticed in Boston and Syd-ney, and currently in Santa

Barbara/Los Angeles. He developed embodiedimagination, which is applied worldwide by thera-pists and artists. His books have appeared in over adozen languages. He is a Past President of IASD.

Featured Speakers IncludeStanley Krippner, PhD: TerrorAfter Combat: Identifying andTreating PTSD Nightmares inWar Veterans. Dr Krippner is pro-fessor of psychology at SaybrookGraduate School, researcher andauthor/co-author of over 30 books, aPast President of IASD, recipient ofthe APA award for Distinguished Con-tributions to the InternationalAdvancement of Psychology and theAshley Montague Peace Award.

Victor Spoormaker, PhD: TheRole of Disturbed Rapid EyeMovement in Sleep in theDevelopment of PosttraumaticStress Disorder: Insights fromNeuroimaging Studies. Hereceived his PhD at Utrecht Universityin the Netherlands and continued toresearch nightmares in relation toPost Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) in Utrecht and Oxford. He iscurrently at the Neuroimaging Depart-ment of the Max Planck Institute ofPsychiatry in Munich, and is theauthor of a book on Dream Incuba-tion and Creativity.

Jaap Lancee: Cognitive Behav-ioral Self-Help Treatment forNightmares. He currently conductsresearch on dreams at Utrecht Univer-sity. His main professional interest isself-help intervention for nightmaresbased on cognitive restructuring(imagery rehearsal therapy). He mod-erates four web sites on sleep,dreams, and nightmares.

Bas Klinkhamer: presenting aworkshop on The Search for theDuality Between Ego and Soulin the Dream. He is co-owner ofthe Dutch Institute of Applied IntegralPsychologys and in 2010 created thefirst, very popular, television programon dreams in The Netherlands.

The following is a partial list of primary presenters and presentations (with abbreviated titles) subject to change without notice. Periodically visit our web site forupdates. Experiential workshops