ORCID iDs in the Academic Publishing Workflow: ORCID and the Publishing Community

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ORCID and the Publishing Community Laura Paglione, ORCID High-level presentation about ORCID and features of interest to publishers. See related presentations: https://orcid.org/about/events/orcid-implementation-workshop-publishers-sept-19-2013

Transcript of ORCID iDs in the Academic Publishing Workflow: ORCID and the Publishing Community

  • 1.orcid.orgContact Info: p. +1-301-922-9062 a. 10411 Motor City Drive, Suite 750, Bethesda, MD 20817 USAORCID iDs in the Academic Publishing Workflow Implementation Webinar for PublishersSeptember 19, 2013Facilitator: Laura PaglioneTechnical Director, ORCIDL.Paglione@ORCID.orghttp://orcid.org/0000-0003-3188-6273

2. ORCID and the Publishing Community Laura Paglione, ORCID ORCID iDs in Submission Anna Jester, eJournalPress ORCID iDs in Publication Ingrid McNamara Rebecca Barr Nature Publishing Group ORCID iDs and CrossRef Karl Ward, CrossRef 19 September 2013 orcid.org 4 Todays Agenda 3. ORCID and the Publishing Community POLL: Is your organization already an ORCID Member? 19 September 2013 orcid.org 5 4. The research community has lacked the ability to link researchers and scholars with their professional activities. What is the problem? Discoverability within and across databases Author, grantee, and faculty record management Output tracking Research reporting and impact assessment 19 September 2013 orcid.org 6 5. The ORCID organization is international interdisciplinary open not-for-profit community-driven We collaborate with researchers and organizations across the research community to provide a registry of persistent identifiers for researchers and scholars. Who we are 19 September 2013 orcid.org 7 6. Benefits to the community An ORCID iD is A unique and persistent identifier Can be used throughout career Used across professional activities and affiliations Is independent of platform Embedded in works metadata System interoperability (discipline, organization, country) Reduced reporting workload for researchers Automated repository deposition Supports institutional reporting and evaluation 19 September 2013 orcid.org 8 7. 0 50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 250,000 Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Website OAuth Growth since launch 19 September 2013 orcid.org 9 ORCID has issued over 275,000 identifiers since our launch in October 2012 8. Registry use is international 22 countries with over 10,000 unique visitors 61 countries with over 1,000 unique visitors Support for multiple character sets Content in Spanish, French, English, and Chinese Country Visits % US 164,436 17.3% China 82,871 8.7% UK 59,216 6.2% India 48,569 5.1% Spain 45,469 4.8% Italy 40,514 4.3% Brazil 39,982 4.2% Germany 37,782 4.0% Japan 32,821 3.5% Australia 31,265 3.3% France 25,237 2.7% Canada 22,096 2.3% Iran 16,053 1.7% Russia 15,549 1.6% SouthKorea 15,449 1.6% Sweden 14,859 1.6% Egypt 13,835 1.5% 19 September 2013 orcid.org 10 9. ORCID Members 11 Currently, ORCID has 82 members, from a broad cross- section of the international research community Publishers* Aries,'Copernicus,'Elsevier,'EDP'Sciences,'eLife,'Epistemio,'Hindawi,'Infra=M'Academic' Publishing,'Journal'of'Bone'and'Joint'Surgery,'Karger,'Landes'Bioscience,'Nature,' Peerage'of'Science,'ScienceOpen,'Springer,'Wiley' Associations* American'Astronomical'Society,'American'Chemical'Society,'ACSESS,'AAAS,'American' Geophysical'Union,'American'Mathematical'Society,'American'Psychological' Association,'American'Physical'Society,'American'Society'of'Microbiology,'American' Society'of'Civil'Engineers,'Association'for'Computing'Machinery,'IEEE,'Modern' Language'Association,'OSA,'Royal'Society'of'Chemistry' Funders* US'Department'of'Energy,'US'Food'and'Drug'Administration,'Japan'Science'and' Technology'Agency,'US'National'Institutes'of'Health,'UK'National'Institute'of'Health' Research,'Wellcome'Trust' Universities* and*Research* Organizations* Boston'Univ,'CalTech,'Chalmers'Univ'Technology,'Chinese'Academy'of'Sciences' Library,'CERN,'Cornell'Univ,'EMBL'(EBI),'FHCRC,'Glasgow'Univ,'Harvard'Univ,'IFPRI,' KACST,'KISTI,'MIT,'MSKCC,'National'Institute'of'Informatics,'NYU'Langone'Medical' Center,'Riga'Technical'Univ,'SUNY=Stonybrook,'Univ*Oviedo,'Univ*Zaragoza,'Univ' College'London,'Univ'Cambridge,'Univ'Hong'Kong,'Univ'Kansas,'Univ'Manchester,' Univ'Michigan' IDs* ResearcherID,'Scopus' Repositories* and*Profile* Systems* Altmetric,'ANDS,'AVEDAS,'British'Library,'Copyright'Clearance'Center,'CrossRef,' DataCite,'F1000'Research,'Faculty'of'1000,'figshare,'Impact'Story,'Knode,'OCLC,' PubMed'Europe'(EBI),'Symplectic,'Thomson'Reuters,'berresearch,'' ! Aries Copernicus Elsevier EDP Sciences eLife Epistemio Hindawi Infra-M Academic Publishing Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery Karger Landes Bioscience Nature Peerage of Science ScienceOpen Springer Wiley 10. What we offer Other IDs ResearcherID Scopus Coming soon: ISNI Research Information Systems (CRIS) Research Institutions Funders Governments ORCID Account Account Settings Manage Permissions ORCID Record Biography Research Activities Workflows Manuscript submission Grant applications Dataset deposition Patent applications Graduate thesis submission Student/staff onboarding Single sign-on Membership renewal Conference registration Repository updates The ORCID Registry 19 September 2013 orcid.org 12 11. 19 September 2013 orcid.org 13 Integration Flows http://orcid.org/organizations/integrators v Get a users iD v Get data from a record v Enable import v Link to your system v Create ORCID iDs 12. 19 September 2013 orcid.org 14 Current Integrations http://orcid.org/organizations/integrators/current 13. 19 September 2013 orcid.org 15 Integration Chart http://orcid.org/organizations/integrators/integration-chart 14. Q3 Launch Multi-Assertions WG Launch UI in Spanish, French, Chinese New Features: Affiliations,Account Delegates Q4 Complete multi-assertions requirements Host October Outreach Meeting New Features: Funding/Grants What is coming 2013 Roadmap 19 September 2013 orcid.org 16 15. Standard: One organization joins. Option for basic or premium benefit levels. 20% discount for non-profits and 75% discount for start-ups. Consortium: One lead organization coordinates membership and technical implementation with group participants. Fee based on number of organizations in the group and benefit level for each. 10% discount for groups of 5 or more. Nation: One lead organization coordinates membership and technical implementation with group participants. Fee based on number of connection points, with a minimum of 10. How to join http://orcid.org/about/membership 19 September 2013 orcid.org 17 16. Our website: http://orcid.org Membership: http://orcid.org/about/membership Integrating iD: http://orcid.org/organizations/integrators Subscribe to our blog http://orcid.org/newsletter/subscriptions and follow us @ORCID_Org on Twitter Join us at the ODIN codesprint and the ORCID meetings http://odin-project.eu/2013/08/01/update-on-codesprint-and-1st-year- conference/ https://orcid.org/content/orcid-outreach-meeting-october-2013 Contact theORCID Executive Director l.haak@orcid.org More information